Coordination of Distributed Activities

Dr. Karen L. Myers (PI)
Dr. Peter Jarvis
Mr. Thomas J. Lee

Project Overview

The scope and complexity of planning large-scale tasks generally requires cooperation among multiple planners with differing areas of expertise, each of whom contributes portions of the overall plan.  Effective coordination among distributed planners requires timely communication of relevant information to ensure overall coherence of activities and to the compatibilty of assumptions.

The CODA system provides targeted information dissemination among distributed planners as a way of improving coordination.  CODA enables each individual planner to declare interest in different types of plan changes that could impact his or her local plan development.  As users develop plans within a plan authoring tool, their activities are monitored, with changes that match declared areas of interests being forwarded automatically to the person(s) who declared interest in them.  In this way, distributed planners can receive focused, realtime updates of plan changes that are relevant to their local planning efforts.

System Availability

CODA operates on IBM PC compatible hardware running the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems (95, 98, 2000, and NT). For information on downloading a copy of CODA, send email to


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Development of the CODA system has been funded by DARPA's Active Templates program through contracts F30602-97-C-0067 and F30602-00-C-0058 under the supervision of Air Force Research Lab - Rome.

Last modified: April, 2002