Multimodal Maps: Demonstration

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What you are about to see is an unedited demonstration of a synergistic pen / voice interface to a distributed set of databases. This system is implemented on top of the Open Agent Architecture, a framework for allowing a society of software agents to cooperate and communicate in order to accomplish tasks for the user.


The user interface provides the following components: The map functionality, interface design, and classes of input data of the system presented here is based on a design by Oviatt and Cohen, used by them in a wizard-of-oz simulation system designed to explore complex interactions of modalities (Oviatt: "Multimodal Interactive Maps: Designing for Human Performance", forthcoming journal publication). The agent-based architecture used to realize Oviatt and Cohen's design is new, as is its application to travel planning.

Multimodal Interactions

Commands may be entered using handwriting, gesture or speech, and these modalities may be used together simultaneously.

Video illustrating combined modalities:



The work reported here would not have been possible without the inspiration of Sharon Oviatt and Phil Cohen under whose direction we worked for a year on a project (NSF Grant No. IRI-9213472) in which the combination of modalities contained in the interface presented here was crystallized and studied via simulations. Neither they nor their sponsors, of course, are responsible for the work presented here.

Adam Cheyer <>
June 1995