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  • AIC-PRAiSE (at GitHub), for symbolic probabilistic inference.

  • AIC-expresso (at GitHub), for symbolic expression representation and manipulation.

  • C++ Machine Learning Template Library: a collection of templatized machine learning algorithms that can be used on any class providing a minimum example interface (which arrays and maps provide by default). Algorithms are decision trees, backprop neural nets, winnow and perceptron. Also contains utility classes for user-defined algorithms and data.

  • DetailLogger in Java: extends the log4j package to produce hierarchical debugging logs, which can be navigated with Emacs or Windows-based log visualizer Squirrel.

  • Hyper mv: a Perl script generalizing the Unix mv command allowing for pattern- or code-based destination generation (that is, you can specify a pattern or code that generates the new name for each of the files you are moving).