Planning & Managing an Internet Service

By Pauline M. Berry


  1. Introduction to the Internet
  3. Internet Access - build or buy?
  4. Site Construction
  5. WWW Tools
    5.1 The Internet Connection
    5.2 Security
    5.3 Servers
    5.4 Web Browsers
    5.5 Web Authoring Tools
    5.6 More Product Information
  6. Internet Issues and Implications
  7. Full Course Index

5. Internet & WWW TOOLS

With exciting new web applications being released daily along with constant updates and enhancements to existing web software, it's next to impossible to keep up with all the latest Internet tools. I've tried to list a few options here and some good list and review sites.

5.1 The Internet Connection

The AlterNet product family
High-speed dedicated Internet Services {}
BBN InterNET Advantage Connection Service
Suite of consulting and support servies {}
Includes software, dial-up access, consultancy, email, etc {}
Conferencing and full Internet services {}

5.2 Security

ANS InterLock Services
Access Control, auditing etc. {}
Gauntlet Internet Firewall
Hardware and Software based application level firwall system. {} >SecureConnect
Includeds a secure internet router, etc. {}
Sidewinder 2.1
Offers 4 layers of protection {}
Site Patrol
Turnkey service combining hardware, software, installation, integration, monitoring, etc. {}

5.3 Servers

Internet Alpha Server Family
From Digital. Comes with Digital UNIX, TCP/IP, e-mail, Telnet, FTP, WWW, news reader {}
Internet Office Web Server
From CompuServe with proxy server support {}
Netra Internet Server
From Sun Microsystems. Web and Internet gateway server that provides scalable Internet access to NetWare clients {}
NetWare Web Server
Brings Web technology to NetWare 4.1 {}

5.3.1 Unix Servers

NCSA httpd
NCSA has released a server, known as the NCSA httpd {}
CERN httpd
CERN's server is available for anonymous FTP from {} and many other places.
GN Gopher/HTTP server
The GN server is unique in that it can serve both WWW and Gopher clients (in their native modes). This is a good server for those migrating from Gopher to WWW, although it does not have the server-side-script capabilities of the NCSA and CERN servers. {}
Plexus Perl server
There is also a server written in the Perl scripting language, called Plexus. {}

5.3.2 Macintosh Servers


Microsoft Windows and Windows NT Servers

A family of Web servers {http://www.process.soft}
From O'Reilly Assoc. A Windows-95 Web server that allows real-time data to be incorporated onto Web pages{}
HTTPS (Windows NT)
HTTPS is a server for Windows NT systems, both Intel and Alpha -- based. It is available {}
NCSA httpd for Windows
The NCSA httpd for Windows has most of the features of the Unix version, including scripts. {}
A simple, effective server for Windows writtten by Gustavo Estrella. Available by anonymous ftp from (or one of its mirror sites, such as, as the file, in the directory /pub/pc/win3/winsock. There is also a Windows NT version of SerWeb, available by anonymous FTP from as /pub/serweb/
Another Windows-based server, available by anonymous FTP from as /pub/net/winsock/

5.4 Web Browsers

Netscape Navigator (& Netscape Navigator Gold)
Probably the best at the moment {}
Internet Explorer
Microsoft's Web browser is serious competition for Netscape {}
NCSA Mosaic
A strong contender. Was first and greatest but now following Netscape's lead {}
Part of Quarterdeck's Internet Toolbox. A solid browser {}
Talent Communications' full-featured WWW browser that doesn't require a SLIP/PPP winsock connection in order to surf the web. {}

5.5 Web Authoring Tools

Microsoft's WYSIWYG HTML editor {}
HoTMetaL Pro.
A cross between a "true" html editor and a WYSIWYG application. Targetted at the serious professional {}
A nice WYSIWYG style editor Work with a preview of the page using menus and toolbars to do the editing{}
Netscape Navigator Gold
Same great features as found in the standard Netscape release plus web editing capabilities Cons: Lacks many important web editing features, including support for Netscape 2.0 extensions. Review
Spider 1.1
A well designed program that supports both Netscape and microsoft extensions {}
WebAuthor 2.0
Easy use and good at moving between Word and HTML formats {} to

5.6 More Product Information

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