TextPro is an information extraction system. It has been under development for approximately two and a half years, and has been extensively tested, and applied in a competitive software evaluation. It offers high performance in terms of speed and ease of domain-specific development, and is particularly well suited to information extraction tasks such as name-tagging.

TextPro has been used in several applications. It formed the basis of SRI International's name recognizer in the 1998 DARPA/NIST-sponsored Broadcast News spoken language system evaluation, (look for the results for the system sri-ie1, to see an example of its performance) and as the natural-language processing component of the SRI Maestro multimedia analysis and cataloging system.

TextPro got its start as classic guerrilla software. I developed this program for the sheer fun of Mac hacking, and building something I thought was both fun and useful. Its development received only very small amounts of support from the government and SRI International. It didnt't take it very long to evolve into a fairly substantial system with about 25,000 lines of code. Its original purpose (aside from pure hacking pleasure) was to serve as a testbed for the Common Pattern Specification Language, whose development was encouraged by the TIPSTER Contractor Architecture Working Group. Many ideas from the TIPSTER architecture have been adopted by TextPro.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer TextPro as a free, unrestricted download. I am currently working on a means to make the system available to people in the research and educational communities. Please bear with me while I work this out. Thank you for your understanding.

Douglas E. Appelt
October 10, 1999