The Act-Editor is a tool for graphically browsing and editing procedural knowledge expressible in the Act formalism. This formalism is capable of expressing the kind of procedural knowledge required by generative planners (e.g., SIPE-2) and by plan execution systems (e.g., PRS-CL).

The Act-Editor offers an intuitive user interface, based upon Grasper-CL, in which procedural components are represented as nodes and temporal relationships are represented as arcs. Users edit procedural knowledge through direct pictorial manipulation. The Act-Editor inlcudes a verification system that automatically checks predicates and objects, referenced by Acts, against dictionaries.

The Act-Editor is an integral component of SIPE-2, PRS-CL, and Cypress.

Installing the Act-Editor at Your Site


K. L. Myers and D. E. Wilkins,
The Act-Editor User's Guide: A Manual for Version 2.2, (PDF, 75 pages),
SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center, Menlo Park, CA, September 1997.
Abstract: The Act Formalism provides a medium in which to express knowledge about actions for both the SIPE-2 plan generation system and the PRS plan execution system. This document describes the Act-Editor, which provides a graphical user interface for creating and manipulating Acts. The document is designed for individuals who are already familiar with the Act formalism. The Act-Editor runs on Sun workstations with either Allegro Common Lisp 4.2/4.3 with CLIM 2.0/2.1, or Lucid Lisp 4.1 with CLIM 1.1., as well as Symbolics Lisp Machines.

K. L. Myers and D. E. Wilkins,
"The Act Formalism", Version 2.2,
SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center, Menlo Park, CA, September 1997.

Abstract: Provides a brief overview of the Act formalism, including a BNF grammar specification of Act.

D. E. Wilkins, K. L. Myers, J. D. Lowrance, and L. P. Wesley,
"Planning and reacting in uncertain and dynamic environments,"
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical AI, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 197--227, 1995.

Abstract: Agents situated in dynamic and uncertain environments require several capabilities for successful operation. Such agents must monitor the world and respond appropriately to important events. The agents should be able to accept goals, synthesize complex plans for achieving those goals, and execute the plans while continuing to be responsive to changes in the world. As events render some current activities obsolete, the agents should be able to modify their plans while continuing activities unaffected by those events. The Cypress system is a domain-independent framework for defining persistent agents with this full range of behavior. Cypress has been used for several demanding applications, including military operations, real-time tracking, and fault diagnosis.

D. E. Wilkins and K. L. Myers,
"A common knowledge representation for plan generation and reactive execution,"
Journal of Logic and Computation, vol. 5, number 6, pp. 731--761, December 1995.

Abstract: The ability to integrate sophisticated planning techniques with reactive execution systems is critical for nontrivial applications. Merging these two technologies is difficult because the forms of knowledge and reasoning that they employ differ substantially. The ACT formalism is a language for representing the knowledge required to support both the generation of complex plans and reactive execution of those plans in dynamic environments. A design goal of ACT was its adequacy for practical applications. ACT has been used as the interlingua in an implemented system that links a previously implemented planner with a previously implemented executor. This system has been used in several applications, including robot control and military operations, thus attesting to its expressive and computational adequacy.

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