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Composite Datasets

All of the above examples illustrate a single terrain dataset in isolation. It is our goal to be able to represent composite datasets, where we can hierarchically insert higher-resolution datasets into a global model. For example, we may have 100 km imagery for the entire planet, then insert 1 km resolution dataset for the conterminous United States, and then insert a 1 m resolution dataset for the Yosemite Valley. Another issue here is to move away from flat terrains and take the earth's curvature into account.


Composite Bay Area Dataset
This dataset contains a model of the San Francisco Bay Area using 25m resolution color imagery over a region of 156 x 220 km. Embedded within this dataset there is a 1m resolution inset of the Menlo Park/ Palo Alto area, covering 12 x 14 km. Each dataset contains 10 levels of detail, for a total composite dataset size of 193 MB.
Composite Earth Dataset
This dataset contains a model of the earth at 4 levels of detail, built using a low-res 1024x512 image. Embedded in the globe are two icons that link to the Colorado and Camp Pendleton datasets (see below for details). Page down through the various Viewpoints to see different locations around the earth. Each of the 2 datasets have 3-D atmospheric data overlayed: a Clear Air Turblence isosurface over Colorado and wind vectors over Camp Pendleton. This is a prototype example showing embedded datasets in a global model.



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