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Interactive Manipulation with the EAI

The External Authoring Interface (EAI) allows programs external to the VRML browser to control the content in that scene. Here we show the use of a Java applet running in one frame of the web browser to control the VRML plugin in another frame. (N.B. this will only work under the Netscape web browser.)

Fort Benning, GA
A 3x2 km region around Fort Benning, with 15 cm resolution imagery. This dataset contains a total of 11 levels of detail, with a total dataset size of 166 MB. The imagery for this dataset is 18932 x 15533 pixels (JPEG compressed, grayscale).

The EAI Interface at the top of the web browser lets the user select between different terrain imageries, and also choose whether they want to display the building models or not.



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