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QuadLOD Terrains

Recently we have produced a number of custom VRML nodes in Java (e.g. QuadLOD and GeoTile) which explicitly manage all of the level of detail loading/unloading. QuadLOD performs on-the-fly loading and unloading of tile data, while GeoTile manages multiple terrain imageries and cultural features. These have the advantage that the user does not need to explicity click over regions to receive further detail; however, Java support in the current generation of browsers is not entirely stable and so these datasets can occasionally crash your web browser.

Colorado QuadLOD/GeoTile
A 233x206 km region encompassing part of Colorado state, with 30 m resolution imagery. This is the same dataset as above, except that we make use of the new QuadLOD and GeoTile nodes in order to provide fully automatic, progressive LOD.



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