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TerraVisionTM 5.1 - Tcl/Tk Version

Tcl/Tk TerraVision window

The Tcl/Tk version of TerraVision can run under practically any platform. We provide the system for Windows and IRIX. By using Tcl/Tk for our user interface, we gain a consistent interface across all of our platforms.
Navigation - Mouse controls and keyboard shortcuts
"File" Menu - Opening datasets and new viewers
"View" Menu - Viewpoint control and "Go to" options
"Settings" Menu - Rendering and navigation settings
"Paths" Menu - Creating, loading, and saving flight paths
"Links" Menu - Linking multiple viewers together
"OAA" Menu - Open Agent Architecture support
"Debug" Menu - Debugging tools and options
"Help" Menu - On-line help and web pages



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