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The Change Log:

The Change Log is a file that is updated by the authors whenever any change is made to the tsmApiTM source code. This file documents everything that has ever changed in the tsmApiTM, including the date of the change, the filename and function changed, and a description of the change. This is therefore the place to look to get an in-depth understanding of any new API changes.

New Features in V2.3:

Version 2.3 of the tsmApi adds a number of new features, improvements over old capabilities, and a bunch of stability patches. One of the main improvements is the inclusion of full Microsoft Visual Studio workspace and project files to easily build the library and tsmUtils programs under Windows. There has also been some improvements in the file filters and the GeoVRML output code (thanks to Mike McCann). Support of PNG images has been added. Support for managing sky terrain datasets and floating datasets (implicit ellipsoid DEM at arbitary elevation).

New Features in V2.1:

Version 2.1 of the tsmApiTM saw a number of major changes and improvements. First of all, the library is now released under the OSI-branded Apache Open Source license. The library now outputs GeoVRML 1.0 compliant GeoLOD versions of TerraVision datasets. We have also completely re-engineered the dataset generation routines to be far more efficient, support more input file formats, and enable the simple plugging-in of new file format readers.

New Features in V1.3:

  • Distribution now comes with the ungif library to provide support for reading GIF images. This means you need to add -lungif to your link line for tsmApiTM programs.
  • DPSS read connections now spawn a requester thread that request tiles only ever n seconds. This delay can be defined with tsmSet().
  • Added code to provide DPSS fault tolerance. This will spawn a looping reconnect thread to try to find a server again if it goes down.
  • Improved and extended VRML generation support
  • Database now has support for representing map images and models that are associated with a GeoSet. These are now read and updated by tsmUpdateDatabaseFromServer in addition to OI and DEMs.
  • More robust tspec reading routines
  • PyramidUrls files no longer need to specify the number of entries on the first line. This number (if present) is ignored and we simply read all of the lines in the file that begin with a double-quote (").
  • New function, tsmReadImage, which can read PPM, GIF, and JPEG/JFIF format images from local disk or over http.
  • Removed a lot of old obsolete code from the library
  • Enable reading of OI and DEM tiles from an http server using a CGI script installed in the server's /cgi-bin directory.

New Features in V1.2:

Version 1.2 is the first public release of the tsmApiTM library. This was released under the tsmApi Public License (now changed to the Apache license). This version contains a major revamping and documenting of the VRML generation code. As a result, the process of creating VRML versions of terrain datasets is now much simpler, robust, and memory-leak-free. It is hoped by releasing our VRML generation source code that this will foster further innovation into the representation of geographic databases in VRML. As of version 1.2, we have also provided a tutorial on How to Create GeoVRML Datasets Using the tsmApi.



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