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Current Version: 2.3   (2 Aug 2002)

The Tile Set Manager (TSM) Application Programming Interface (API) is an Open Source library of high level C functions for reading, writing, and processing the terrain data used by the TerraVision terrain visualization application. The library acts as an abstraction layer between the application program and the terrain data:

The terrain data consists of: a multi-resolution hierarchy of elevation and image data (tile sets), tile set specification files storing details about the tile sets (tspecs), and databases that collate the names and locations of all the tile sets and tspecs (TSM databases).

The tsmApiTM offers the following facilities and functions:

  • Complete Data Interface: routines are provided to read and write all of the terrain data for TerraVision.

  • Data location independence: a single interface is used to access data that could be stored on local disk over http.

  • Generation of Data: tsmApiTM offers functions to process source elevation and image files to produce the multi-resolution TerraVision tile sets. Currently tsmApiTM supports the following formats:

    Imagery data: USGS DOQs, TIFF, GeoTIFF, JFIF/JPEG, GIF, PPM, PGM
    Elevation data: USGS 7.5-minute DEMs, DTED Level 0, raw binary grids

  • Logging: various statistics about tile reading and writing can be generated using the NetLogger format, from LBNL. This allows logging of events to a file, a port/host, or the syslog.

  • GeoVRML Support: the tsmApiTM library includes a fully re-enterant parser/writer for the VRML97 grammar. Functions are also provided to generate GeoVRML 1.0 versions of TerraVision datasets.

  • Coordinate Conversions: a few functions are available to transform between various geographic coordinate systems, e.g. Lat/Long, UTM, Geocentric.

  • Portability: currently, tsmApiTM has been compiled under IRIX, Solaris, Linux and OSF; and it should be possible to compile under other platforms also.

  • Open Source: as of version 2.0, tsmApiTM is released into Open Source under the Apache license.



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