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Urban Visualization
TerraVision can render VRML and/or GeoVRML models over the terrain. This screenshot shows TerraVision flying around a complex VRML model of the Washington DC mall area. Frame rates of 15-20 Hz were achieved using an NVIDIA GeForce2 card on a PII 450 MHz PC. Models by Planet 9 Studios. [648x551 pixels]
System Overview
This screenshot shows a number of TerraVisionTM II windows. There is the main window in the top-left, the Map view to the left showing part of the Yosemite Valley, a 3-D Viewer in the top-right with an overhead view of the Yosemite dataset, and another 3-D Viewer showing the earth with the Yosemite dataset embedded within it. [947x831 pixels]
Monterey Bathymetry Visualization
This image shows TerraVisionTM positioned over the Monterey Bay, CA, with a bathymetric (elevation below sea level) model displayed. This shows the deep underwater valley systems of the bay. 20 m bathymetric data are provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). [581x521 pixels]
Datasets Everywhere!
This screenshot shows TerraVisionTM with 8 different datasets loaded, all of different resolutions, e.g. 1 minute resolution for the globe, 25 m for the Bay Area, 1 m for Ft Irwin, and 15 cm for Ft Benning. All of these datasets can be stored on different servers and accessed over the web by TerraVisionTM. [579x519 pixels]
Multiple Datasets
Here we can see TerraVisionTM with 3 datasets. A low-resolution model of the earth, with a higher-resolution inset for the San Francisco Bay Area, and an even higher-resolution inset within that for the Palo Alto area. [580x518 pixels]
VRML Model of the SRI campus
In this screenshot we have 1 m USGS imagery and elevation for the Menlo Park area. We have produced a 3-D VRML model of the SRI Campus, with texture-maps automatically extracted from aerial imagery. This model is accurately overlayed over the terrain model. [654x543 pixels]
VRML Clear Air Turbulence Model
This view shows a close-up of a clear air turbulence model that was generated in VRML and overlayed on a model of the Colorado Rockies. Clear air turblence model produced by Don Middleton of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. [579x519 pixels]
VRML Wind Vector Overlay
This view shows an area of Southern California with a high resolution insert around the Camp Pendleton area and a VRML model of wind conditions for that region. The wind vectors were generated by David Cole of the Naval Oceanographic Office. [579x519 pixels]
High Resolution Data
This screenshot shows TerraVisionTM browsing a dataset with 15 cm resolution aerial imagery. At this resolution, cars are clearly distinguishable as well as windows in the buildings. [580x518 pixels]



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