TerraVision Movies
The following MPEG files were generated by grabbing the screen to a movie file in real-time on an SGI workstation. They show live demonstrations of the TerraVision system operating in real-time, as well as some prerendered animation sequences.

Buzzing the MOUT Site (30 secs, 5.4 MB)
Ft Benning In this movie we fly over the MOUT site at Ft Benning, GA. We begin with only the 15 cm imagery, then as the flight path circles around behind the site we turn on the texture-mapped building models for the site, created using SRI's Cartographic Modeling Environment. We then fly over the buildings and circle back round for a view of the entire MOUT site.
Flight Through The Golden Gate Bridge (15 secs, 2.1 MB)
Golden Gate This MPEG movie flies over the city of San Francisco towards the Golden Gate Bridget to the north. The flight path takes you through the pylons of the bridge and to the Marin headlands. The bridge model was created by Planet 9 Studios.
From Space to Menlo Park (34 secs, 4.7 MB)
Space to SRI This movie starts off looking at the Earth from outer space. We then fly down into Menlo Park, CA. Once there, we overlay a 3-D model of the SRI International headquarters on the 1 m resolution terrain. Other versions:
Visualizing Air Turbulence (11 secs, 1.5 MB)
Clear Air Turbulence This movie is taken over the Colorado Rockies with an isosurface representing a clear air turbulence feature over the mountains. The turbulence model was created by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
Spinning Earth (11 secs, 1.6 MB)
Spinning Earth Set your world spinning! This is a simple animation where the viewer is up in space and spins around the earth to see it from all sides.
Visiting El Capitan in Yosmite Valley, CA (29 secs, 4.1 MB)
Yosemite Valley This movie starts off with a viewpoint along Yosemite Valley, looking from the West. We then fly down to the valley floor in front of El Capitan and then pan to look up the massive face of El Cap. This dataset is 2.1 GB in size and represents imagery of 1 cm resolution.
Flight over the United States (33 secs, 4.6 MB)
USA Dataset This flyover begins with an overhead view of the United States, then flies out to the San Francisco Bay Area over the Rocky mountains, turns around and heads towards Florida, and then curves round to Washington D.C. The movie was generated before TerraVision had support for the curvature of the earth.

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