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AIC Seminar Series

Leveraging knowledge diversity on the Web

Elena SimperlKarlsruhe University of Technology[Home Page]

Notice:  Hosted by Vinay Chaudhri.

Date:  2011-08-16 at 16:00

Location:  EK255 (SRI E building)  (Directions)


The information management methods and techniques that are at the core of essentially every channel one can use when attempting to interact with the vast ocean of information available on the Internet or elsewhere - be that Web search engines, news sites, eCommerce portals, online marketplaces, media platforms, the blogosphere or corporate intranets - are fundamentally based on principles that do not reflect, and cannot scale to, the plurality of opinions and viewpoints captured in this information. This constrains the quality and usefulness of the techniques applied to describe, select, filter, rank and display information that is intrinsically diverse, and hampers true collaboration. In this talk we will look into more detail into these aspects and present an approach towards diversity-minded information management bringing together semantic technologies, opinion mining and sentiment analysis, as well as social sciences, as well as a series of prototypical tools showcasing this approach in case studies in collaborative content authoring (at Wikipedia) and customer relationship management (at a global telecommunications operator).

   Bio for Elena Simperl

Dr. Elena Simperl works as an assistant professor at the Karlsruhe University of Technology in Germany. She has been active as a Semantic Web researcher for almost a decade, authoring over 75 publications, and serving as chair to several relevant scientific conferences. Elena has been involved in over 15 European and national projects in the field of semantic technologies, including Knowledge Web (EU FP6 NoE), TripCom (EU FP6 STREP), Salero (EU FP6 IP), LarKC (EU FP7 IP), Active (EU FP7 IP), SOA4All (EU FP7 IP), Service Web 3.0 (EU FP7 SA), INSEMTIVES (EU FP7 STREP), PlanetData (EU FP7 NoE), RENDER (EU FP7 STREP), among which she coordinated or is coordinating TripCom, Service Web 3.0, INSEMTIVES, RENDER and PlanetData.

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