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AIC Seminar Series

Theory and Practice of Probabilistic Description Logic

Pavel Klinov[Home Page]

Notice:  Hosted by Vinay Chaudhri.

Date:  Friday, June 17th 2011 at 10:00am

Location:  EJ228 (SRI E building)  (Directions)


Combinations of Description Logic (DL) with probability are a theoretically appealing way to tolerate various kinds of uncertainty in OWL ontologies. This is especially important in areas where uncertain concepts or statistical relationships are inherent features of domain knowledge, for example, medicine. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a single, universally applicable probabilistic extension to DL that would enable accommodation of all important kinds of uncertainty, support plausible inference in all cases, and have good computational properties. As a result, a large variety of languages have been proposed, many of which have never been implemented or applied, or have been labelled as inherently intractable. In this talk I will present one particular probabilistic DL, called P-SROIQ, which, differently from first-order extensions to Bayesian or Markov networks, has a model-theoretic semantics in the style of standard DLs. Its distinct feature is that it allows for adding probabilities to any OWL ontology and, thus, supports a smooth reuse of classical (i.e., non-probabilistic) knowledge. I will explain novel reasoning methods, in particular, the probabilistic satisfiability procedure, which scale beyond a thousand of probabilistic axioms therefore making the logic a computationally practical formalism for a range of applications. Finally, I'll present our experience in using P-SROIQ to solve the long standing problem of finding all inconsistencies in a large medical expert system CADIAG-2.

   Bio for Pavel Klinov

Pavel Klinov is a Research Scientist jointly employed by Clark & Parsia and the University of Arizona. He first worked for C&P as an intern in Summer 2007 and then joined in early 2011 after defending his PhD at the University of Manchester, UK.

Pavel seems to have an unexplained inability to spend more than 3 years in one place. After graduating with MSc in Computer Engineering from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute he went to work in CERN, where he was basically a Java programmer. Being satiated of unbearably smooth life in Switzerland, he applied to a few randomly chosen PhD Schools in the US and got admitted to the University of Cincinnati, where his advisor was Dr. Lawrence Mazlack. Having spent 2.5 years there he was dragged across the Atlantic by Bijan Parsia and became his PhD student at the University of Manchester, working on probabilistic Description Logic (essentially continuing his initial work at C&P). It took him 3 years to graduate after which he moved to Boston. Now he works on various semantic stuff for C&P and ontology modularity for iPlant project in Arizona (supervised by Damian Gessler).

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