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AIC Seminar Series

What Goes Around Comes Around – Improving the State of Knowledge on the Web

Christopher ThomasKno.e.sis Center, Wright State University[Home Page]

Notice:  Hosted by Vinay Chaudhri. Note the non-usual day (Friday)

Date:  Friday, April 23rd 2010 at 4:00pm

Location:  EJ228 (SRI E building); WebEx 1-888-355-1249, 749045 (sound), (slides via Web)  (Directions)


In my talk I will present a method for growing the amount of knowledge available on the Web using a hermeneutic method that involves background knowledge, Information Extraction techniques and validation through discourse and use of the extracted information. We exemplify this using Linked Data as background knowledge, automatic Model/Ontology creation for the IE part and a Semantic Browser for evaluation. The hermeneutic approach, however, is open to be used with other IE techniques and other evaluation methods. We will present results from the model creation and anecdotal evidence for the feasibility of "Validation through Use".

Web 2.0 has changed the way we share and keep up with information. We communicate through social media platforms and make the information we exchange to a large extent publicly available. This information can again be analyzed and especially valuable parts can be highlighted or extracted as actual knowledge that can serve us in the future to better understand new information. We can look at the Web as a closed network of participating agents, both cognitive and computational. Given this simplified view of the web as a closed system, we can use the hermeneutic circle as a metaphor for knowledge dissemination on the web. Some knowledge is available explicitly, i.e. for machines to use, whereas many pieces of knowledge are only available in the form of text, multimedia files or even in the minds of the users. In order to complete the circle we need to gain access to this implicit knowledge.

In my talk I exemplify this circle of knowledge using background knowledge available in the form of Linked Open Data and open text corpora. The information extraction approach used is the Doozer system that automatically creates connected domain models/ontologies based on simple user input. The discourse and evaluation is exemplified by Scooner, a semantic Browser. I will give an in-depth presentation of my dissertation work with the Doozer Information Extraction system, but also talk about my efforts in Knowledge Representation, ontology creation and assessment of information quality.

   Bio for Christopher Thomas

I am a Ph.D. student in the Kno.e.sis center at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. Until 2006, I used to be a member of the lsdis lab in the Computer Science department of the University of Georgia in Athens. My Research encompasses different aspects of Semantics in Computer Science, from the formal, top-down approaches in ontology engineering to the bottom-up approaches of social knowledge accumulation that can be seen in Wikipedia and Tagging sites. My undergraduate studies include a BS in Computer Science from the University of Koblenz and studies in Mathematics, Philosophy and German literature at the University of Cologne, both in Germany.

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