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Representation and Reasoning Program


The Representation and Reasoning Program conducts basic research in a wide range of topics within the field of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, this program has developed a numbers of software tools that support its research and greatly aid in the application of its technical results to new domains of application. Although the specific topics of research change as the field of AI matures and grows, this program has a long history of work in the following areas:


Many of the technological innovations that are attributable to the Representation and Reasoning Program were motivated by attempts to address the specific problems of various real-world domains of application. These domains include:


The Representation and Reasoning Program is typically engaged in multiple projects, both contracts and grants, supported by government and industry.


The Representation and Reasoning Program maintains a staff of approximately 10 professionals, supplemented by international visitors and students. Approximately 80% of these professionals have a Ph.D., reflecting its commitment to conducting basic research and developing ground-breaking applications.


The staff of the Representation and Reasoning Program regularly publish in books, journals, conference proceedings, and technical notes.

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