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Research and Applications - Artificial Intelligence

by Raphael, B., Chaitin, L. J., Duda, R. O., Fikes, R. E., Hart, P. E. and Nilsson, N. J.

Technical Report
Institution: Stanford Research Institute
April 1971.

Note: Project 8973 Semiannual Progress Report 7 October 1970 to 31 March 1971
From the Nilsson archives – SHAKEY papers


This is a semiannual progress report about a program of research the field of Artificial Intelligence. The research areas discussed include automatic theorem proving, representations of real-world environments, problem-solving methods, the design of a programming system for problem-solving research, techniques for general scene analysis based upon television data, and the problems of assembling an integrated robot system. Major accomplishments include the development of a new problemsolving system that uses both formal logical inference and informal heuristic methods, the development of a method of Automatic learning by generalization, and the design of the overall structure of a new complete robot system. Eight appendices to the report contain extensive technical details of the work described.

  1. “A Heuristically Guided Equality Rule in a Resolution Theorem Prover” by Claude R. Brice and Jan A. Derksen
  2. “Reasoning by Analogy as an Aid to Heuristic Theorem Proving” by Robert E. Kling
  3. “STRIPS: A New Approach to the Application of Theorem Proving to Problem Solving” by Richard E. Fikes and Nils J. Nilsson
  4. “A Language for Writing Problem-Solving Programs” by Johns F. Rulifson, Richard J. Waldinger, and Jan A. Derksen
  5. “Failure Tests and Goals in Plans” by Richard E. Fikes
  6. “ISUPPOSEW – A Computer Program that Finds Regions in the Plan Model of a Visual Scene” by Kazuhiko Masuda
  7. “Robot Communication between the PDP-15 and the PDP-10” by B. Michael Wilber
  8. “Fortran Display Package” by John Bender

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Associated Projects

Shakey IV

Research and Applications – Artificial Intelligence

The fourth project centered around Shakey as a platform for investigating AI problems.

AIC Personnel

Name Title E-mail
Bender, John Alumnus
Brice, Claude R. Alumnus
Chaitin, Leonard J. Alumnus
Derksen, Jan Alumnus
Duda, Richard O. Alumnus
Fikes, Richard E. Professor, Stanford Univ.
Hart, Peter E Chairman, President and Founder, Ricoh Innovations
Masuda, Kazuhiko Alumnus
Nilsson, Nils J Alumnus
Raphael, Bertram Alumnus
Rulifson, Johns F. Alumnus
Waldinger, Richard J Principal Scientist

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