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Research and Applications - Artificial Intelligence

by Raphael, B., Chaitin, L. J., Duda, R. O., Fikes, R. E., Hart, P. E. and Nilsson, N. J.

Technical Report
Institution: Stanford Research Institute
April 1971.

Note: Project 8973 Semiannual Progress Report 7 October 1970 to 31 March 1971
From the Nilsson archives – SHAKEY papers


This is a semiannual progress report about a program of research the field of Artificial Intelligence. The research areas discussed include automatic theorem proving, representations of real-world environments, problem-solving methods, the design of a programming system for problem-solving research, techniques for general scene analysis based upon television data, and the problems of assembling an integrated robot system. Major accomplishments include the development of a new problemsolving system that uses both formal logical inference and informal heuristic methods, the development of a method of Automatic learning by generalization, and the design of the overall structure of a new complete robot system. Eight appendices to the report contain extensive technical details of the work described.

  1. “A Heuristically Guided Equality Rule in a Resolution Theorem Prover” by Claude R. Brice and Jan A. Derksen
  2. “Reasoning by Analogy as an Aid to Heuristic Theorem Proving” by Robert E. Kling
  3. “STRIPS: A New Approach to the Application of Theorem Proving to Problem Solving” by Richard E. Fikes and Nils J. Nilsson
  4. “A Language for Writing Problem-Solving Programs” by Johns F. Rulifson, Richard J. Waldinger, and Jan A. Derksen
  5. “Failure Tests and Goals in Plans” by Richard E. Fikes
  6. “ISUPPOSEW – A Computer Program that Finds Regions in the Plan Model of a Visual Scene” by Kazuhiko Masuda
  7. “Robot Communication between the PDP-15 and the PDP-10” by B. Michael Wilber
  8. “Fortran Display Package” by John Bender

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Associated Projects

Shakey IV

Research and Applications – Artificial Intelligence

The fourth project centered around Shakey as a platform for investigating AI problems.

AIC Personnel

Name Title E-mail
Bender, John Alumnus
Brice, Claude R. Alumnus
Chaitin, Leonard J. Alumnus
Derksen, Jan Alumnus
Duda, Richard O. Alumnus
Fikes, Richard E. Professor, Stanford Univ.
Hart, Peter E. Chairman, President and Founder, Ricoh Innovations
Masuda, Kazuhiko Alumnus
Nilsson, Nils J Alumnus
Raphael, Bertram Alumnus
Rulifson, Johns F. Alumnus
Waldinger, Richard J Principal Scientist

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