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Reusable Tools for Knowledge Base and Ontology Development

KB and Ontology Development  Principal Investigator:  Vinay K Chaudhri

Mailing address:
AI Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493

AIC Program:  Representation and Reasoning

   Project Description

Under Rome Laboratory/DARPA sponsorship, SRI International is developing a generic knowledge base browsing and editing system, called the GKB-Editor. The GKB-Editor is capable of displaying and editing knowledge from a variety of frame representation systems (FRSs) in a uniform manner. The knowledge is graphically portrayed in terms of nodes and connecting arcs; the nodes represent individual objects from the knowledge base (e.g., classes, instances, values); the arcs represent relationships among the objects (e.g., class-subclass, slot-value, class-instance).

We are proposing to continue developing both the GKB-Editor and the GFP. The project will be conducted over a period of 24 months. We will perform the following three tasks for the GKB-Editor: (1) Interface the GKB-Editor to the World-Wide Web (WWW). (2) Develop a spreadsheet viewer for visualizing and analyzing information from many frames simultaneously. (3) Develop tools to facilitate user comprehension of complex knowledge bases. We will perform the following four tasks for the GFP: (1) We will develop a taxonomy of GFP operations that will assist the implementors in quickly attaining limited but useful functionality. (2) We will integrate networked remote procedure call capabilities into the GFP implementation. (3) We will extend the GFP knowledge model to encompass constraints and contexts. (4) We will develop GFP wrappers for an object-oriented database (OODB), for the Common Lisp Object System ( Clos), for the Classic FRS, and for the Algernon FRS.


Name Title E-mail
Thomere, Jerome F Computer Scientist

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