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Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internet Consortium (MAGIC) II

MAGIC II  Principal Investigator:  Yvan G Leclerc

Mailing address:
AI Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493

AIC Program:  Perception

Project home page at

   Project Description

The MAGIC-II information system was based on a very general paradigm in which high-performance computing, storage, and communications are used to provide rapid access to data that have to be processed expeditiously and delivered quickly in order to provide value to end-users. Applications that use this paradigm arise in a variety of situations including military operations, intelligence imagery analysis, and natural disasters. These applications share a requirement for access to real-time data sources and to large volumes of stored data, the existence and locations of which may not be known in advance. They also require a large amount of processing to transform the data into useful information, and they may have high-performance as well as lower-speed and mobile end-users.

SRI International was one of a number of institutions that formed the Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internate Consortium (MAGIC). These included Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US Geological Survey EROS Data Center, University of Kansas, Minnesota Supercomputing Center, and Sprint TIOC.

Early in the project, the MAGIC II system, including SRI's TerraVision, was demonstrated to Vice-President Al Gore in the Old Executive Office Building in DC.

This project was a follow-on from the original MAGIC I effort.


Name Title E-mail
Bletter, Nat Alumnus
Iverson, Lee A Alumnus
Leclerc, Yvan G Alumnus
Reddy, Martin Alumnus

GeoVRML is an extension to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML97) to support geographic applications.

TerraVision is a distributed, interactive terrain visualization system developed by SRI International. It allows users to navigate, in real time, through a 3-D graphical representation of a real landscape created from elevation data and aerial images of that landscape. All data can be distributed over the Web and support is provided for overlaying GeoVRML 3D models.

tsmApi Library
The Tile Set Manager (TSM) Application Programming Interface (API) is an Open Source library of high level C functions for reading, writing, and processing the terrain data used by the TerraVision terrain visualization application.

  • Reddy, M. and Leclerc, Y. G. and Iverson, L. and Bletter, N. TerraVision II: Visualizing Massive Terrain Databases in VRML. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Special Issue on VRML), vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 30-38, 1999.  [PDF, Details]

  • Leclerc, Y. G. and Reddy, M. TerraVision II: Using VRML to Browse the World, in Data Visualization, St. Louis, MO, Oct 1997.  [PDF, Details]

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