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HARP: Human Augmented Reasoning through Patterning

HARP  Principal Investigator:  John D Lowrance

Mailing address:
AI Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493

AIC Program:  Representation and Reasoning

   Project Description

Our goal was to transform intelligence/policy analysis and decision making by a unique revolutionary concept that incorporates multiple perspectives with shared awareness and recognition of simple, complicated, complex and chaotic situations. We developed a dynamically adaptable, productive environment for human and software agent collaboration with an open sustainable architecture that incorporates: 1) faster, smarter, and more integrated structured argumentation tools that provide analysts more time for analysis, while improving rigor and introspective thinking about the analytic process, and 2) tools for structured policy development that do for the policy analyst what structured argumentation tools have done for the intelligence analyst.


Name Title E-mail
Boyce, Thomas A Director of Knowledge Development
Harrison, Ian W Alumnus
Lowrance, John D Program Director Emeritus
Murdock, Janet Senior Computer Scientist
Murray, Ken S Senior Computer Scientist
Rodriguez, Andres C Computer Scientist
Thomere, Jerome F Computer Scientist
Yeh, Eric Computer Scientist

Angler is a tool that helps intelligence/policy professionals explore, understand, and overcome cognitive biases, and collaboratively expand their joint cognitive vision through use of divergent & convergent thinking techniques (such as brainstorming and clustering).

SEAS: Structured Evidential Argumentation System
SEAS is a tool to aid analysts in reasoning about potential opportunities/crises. It records analytic thinking in structured arguments, provides a collaborative environment in which multiple analysts can simultaneously contribute to arguments, and retains a coproate memory of the evolution of analytic thinking over time.

  • Murray, K. and Lowrance, J. and Appelt, D. and Rodriguez, A. Estimating Similarity among Collaboration Contributions, in Third International Conference on Knowledge Capture, 2005.  [PDF, Details]

  • Murray, K. and Lowrance, J. and Appelt, D., and Rodriguez, A. Fostering Collaboration with a Semantic Index over Textual Contributions, in AI Technologies for Homeland Security, Papers from the 2005 AAAI Spring Symposium, AAAI Press, no. SS-05-01, pp. 99-106, March 2005.  [PDF, Details]

  • Andres Rodriguez, Thomas Boyce, John Lowrance, Eric Yeh. Angler: Collaboratively Expanding your Cognitive Horizon, in International Conference on Intelligence Analysis, 2005.  [PDF, Details]

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