Papers and Other Information about 3DIUS/RCDE

Please note that the RCDE (RADIUS Common Development Environment) is the US Goverenment version of SRI's 3DIUS. It served as the development environment and delivery infrasturcture for the RADIUS (Research and Development for Image Understanding Systems) project. It is one of two development environments recommended for use on current DARPA Image Understanding Program contracts (DARPA IUE is the other).
  1. ``The Site-Model Construction Component of the RADIUS Testbed System,'' Proc. ARPA Image Understanding Workshop, Palm Springs, CA, 1996.
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  2. ``The RADIUS Common Development Environment,'' RADIUS: Image Understanding for Imagery Intelligence, Oscar Firschein and Tom Strat (Eds.}. San Mateo (CA): Morgan Kaufmann. 1997.
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  3. ``Using RADIUS Site-Models without the RCDE,'' Proc DARPA Image Understanding Workshop, New Orleans, LA, 1997.
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  4. The RCDE User's Manual
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  5. The RCDE Programmer's Reference Manual
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3DIUS/RCDE Hardware Requirements

Sun Microsystems:
3DIUS/RCDE runs on all SPARC and UltraSPARC workstations under Solaris 2.5 and 2.6. The UltraSparc workstation with Creator3D graphics is the preferred configuration. Processor upgrades and ``Sun clone'' workstations that use the HyperSPARC CPU are not supported.
Silicon Graphics:
3DIUS runs on Indigo2, Onyx, Octane, and O2 systems under IRIX 5.3, 6.2, and 6.3
We have found that a two-screen configuration with a resolution of at least 1280x1024 pixels is the most convenient. This allows the user to completely devote one screen to image display.
At least 128Mb of RAM memory and 500Mb of swap space are needed for good performance.
250Mb of disk storage is needed for the system, plus an additional 400-2,000Mb for sample datasets. For best performance when working with large images, it is preferable to have the disk(s) attached directly to the workstation through an Ultra-Wide SCSI controller, rather than accessed over a local-area network.

3DIUS/RCDE Software Requirements

Due to the fact that 3DIUS/RCDE is distributed as an executable core image that contains the entire Liquid Common Lisp Development Environment, SRI requires a confirmation that there is a valid license for the Liquid Common Lisp Development Environment (Version 5.0 or later) for each workstation on which 3DIUS/RCDE will be used. In the United States, licenses for Liquid Common Lisp are available though Xanalys Inc., 95 Sawyer Road, Three University Park, Waltham, MA 02453, (781) 392-1600. For international sales and pricing, please e-mail:

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