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Further information about 3DIUS and its applications.

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3-Dimensional Image Understanding System

An environment for research & development of interactive, semiautomated, and automated computer-based image understanding systems

3DIUS is a programming environment that makes it easy to build image understanding systems, much as a high-level programming language facilitates implementation of algorithms. Its use can greatly reduce the time required to program new applications by eliminating the need to recreate commonly used functionality, such as high-speed image access and display, coordinate transformation, and mouse interaction with 3D objects. The powerful user interface of 3DIUS allows a smooth transition from human-guided image feature extraction to totally automated image understanding systems.

Cartography: 3DIUS provides the facilities necessary for image registration, cartographic feature extraction, orthophoto production, and special-purpose map generation.

3D Modeling: 3DIUS provides representations and semiautomated extraction procedures to build geometrically accurate models of the objects present in a collection of imagery. These models can be used to drive a high-end scene-generation system.

Planning & Simulation: 3DIUS provides feature extraction and scene visualization capabilities that are important components of systems designed for a diverse range of applications, including autonomous vehicles, military operations, medicine, and architectural planning.

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