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People @AIC

Name Title E-mail
Acharya, Girish Engineering Director
Agrawal, Moti Computer Scientist
Altman, Tomer Scientific Application Programmer
Billington, Richard Senior Software Engineer
Bolles, Robert C Program Director
Burns, Brian J Computer Scientist
Byrnes, John Senior Computer Scientist
Caspi, Ron MetaCyc Curator
Chaudhri, Vinay K Program Director
Chitti, Yasmina Senior Web Architect
Chow, Ed Senior Computer Scientist
Connolly, Christopher I Principal Scientist
Connolly, Kelli M Alumnus
De Candia, Thomas Software Engineer
de Salvo Braz, Rodrigo Computer Scientist
Eriksen, Michael A Senior Software Engineer
Freed, Michael A Program Director
Freitag, Dayne Program Director
Fulcher, Carol A Scientific Database Curator
Garvey, Thomas D Associate Director
Gerdin, Douglas E Computer Facility Manager
Gervasio, Melinda Senior Computer Scientist
Hartnett, Daragh P Senior Software Engineer
Heller, Aaron J Principal Scientist
Holland, Tim Software Engineer
House, Naomi Publications Supervisor
Israel, David J Program Director
Jenkins, Jason Senior Systems Administrator
Jones, Chris Sr. Software Engineer
Kalmar, Paul Computer Scientist
Karp, Peter D Director, Bioinformatics Research Group
Keifer, Kellie Operations Director
Keseler, Ingrid M Senior Scientific Database Curator
Kothari, Anamika Scientific Datatabase Curator
Krummenacker, Markus Bioinformatics Scientist
Latendresse, Mario Computer Scientist
Lee, Tom J Senior Research Engineer
Lenz, Wilma Administrative Assistant
Lopez, Vicenta Administrative Assistant
Lowrance, John D Program Director
Martin, David L Senior Computer Scientist
Mi, Huaiyu Senior Biologist
Muezzinoglu, Tulay Software Engineer
Murdock, Janet Computer Scientist
Myers, Karen Program Director & Principal Scientist
Nepple, Barbara Librarian - AIC/CSL
Niekrasz, John Computer Scientist
Ong, Quang Scientific Application Programmer
OReilly, Ciaran Senior Computer Scientist
Overholtzer, Adam Interaction Designer
Paley, Suzanne Computer Scientist
Perrault, Raymond C Director
Rohwer, Richard Senior Computer Scientist
Sasseen, Robert V Senior Software Engineer
Sheleg, Robert P Associate Systems Administrator
Spaulding, Aaron Computer Scientist
Subhraveti, Pallavi Scientific Programmer
Uchida, Yusuke International Fellow
Vincent, Regis Program Manager
Waldinger, Richard J Principal Scientist
Wang, John Senior Computer Scientist
Weaver, Daniel Systems Biologist
Wessel, Michael A Computer Scientist
Wilkins, David E Senior Computer Scientist
Wolverton, Michael J Senior Computer Scientist
Yeh, Eric Software Engineer
Yin, Min Senior Software Engineer

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