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00:00:010.92 (s)good morning
00:00:043.84 (s)if we are going to go ahead and in this women will be joining us
00:00:0810.46 (s)shortly this is a subcommittee oversight investigations second hearing on professional military education specifically today officer in residence here me
00:00:1917.88 (s)on may twentieth outside witnesses discuss the ninety six goldwater nichols act we formed or military by institutionalize in what we call doing this we also discussed the efforts of the nineteen eighty nine skelton panel review ptime to ensure the join has become became part of the military culture through its officer education system
00:00:3819.16 (s)today we're looking at the six senior schools the ptime enterprise to work colleges and it does so cause of the armed forces the schools are meant to focus on developing strategist and teaching strategy national military military and resources in later here is well here from the comma dogs and deans of the intermediate angrier schools
00:00:575.92 (s)and we'll see also invite a combat commanders to appear those who employ the graduates of these institutions
00:01:0413.52 (s)and they could also be involved in these discussions today or yeah was the senior leadership of the so you ptime schools included carla's commander's record or in some cases predators and they're joined up by the academic we want to hear from mr whether
00:01:185.22 (s)i guess you must i appreciate uh the opportunity a good morning to our witnesses and
00:01:243.26 (s)we deeply appreciate you being here today or service tarnation
00:01:286.16 (s)opening here on also professional in residence education featured outside experts to offer a range
00:01:351.58 (s)a thoughtful suggestions
00:01:375.02 (s)well it's always useful here suggestions from intelligent observers and that by current operations
00:01:4314.44 (s)it was also learn from those face with the day-to-day reality managing a professional military education system we have such people here today the common of the military service enjoyed see your colleges
00:01:5814.46 (s)these institutions of the top of the p. m. d. system each of our witnesses has had a unique career path even so the wrote your positions slides predominately with operational assignments rather than academic close
00:02:145.94 (s)that successful officers come from the operational part of their respective services is no surprise
00:02:2011.08 (s)but i wonder how each of you adjust to the particular challenges of running an academic institution a faculty chairs the right to exercise academic freedom and students are encouraged to think creatively
00:02:325.76 (s)in short the witnesses believe their careers prepare them to be nurturing educators
00:02:385.42 (s)i'm also just are interested in your suggestions on recruiting and retaining the best back
00:02:444.14 (s)you have the tools you need to recruit and retain high quality faculty teaching
00:02:493.56 (s)i find students military services send s.
00:02:536.30 (s)can you offer an academic environment attractive to the high caliber faculty we see h. r. institutions
00:03:006.28 (s)finally i have to ask if military service sustaining the best used for military senior service colleges
00:03:0711.84 (s)the military services each have their own unique service culture in part of that culture is a view of the value a professional military education is that culture reflected in the quality of students
00:03:1911.70 (s)department consortium senior military professional education institutions if they distinguish collection of academic excellence in all aspects of national security diplomacy strategy
00:03:317.68 (s)we provide experienced having to military officers a year two we think at taxpayers expense should be fine schools
00:03:403.06 (s)ayse investment worth it to them and the nation
00:03:431.30 (s)i believe it is
00:03:453.28 (s)i would like to get your thoughts on the record next year
00:03:503.14 (s)thank you ms whitman we're pleased to be joined
00:03:5411.32 (s)and by uh perfectly karen ike skelton formerly the chairman of the skelton you know ladies and you know we broken microphone
00:04:179.46 (s)you know scale i'm going to hold for for about an hour yeah
00:04:347.34 (s)we we could use this old book like skeletons booked
00:04:426.58 (s)thank you for it yeah this is german uh this women thank you very much for
00:04:492.82 (s)doctor decision on on this hearing
00:04:521.56 (s)i want to compliment uh
00:04:553.02 (s)doug snyder and the ranking member on
00:04:585.92 (s)uh holding hearings on the subject which as you may know is there in they're to me
00:05:051.44 (s)through the years
00:05:071.94 (s)the history back and uh
00:05:101.52 (s)nineteen eighty two
00:05:135.18 (s)uh richard quite a member of the armed services committee held a series of hearings in his
00:05:194.78 (s)somebody which was the predecessor of this subcommittee
00:05:250.66 (s)um
00:05:260.98 (s)on
00:05:281.48 (s)what david jones
00:05:291.00 (s)air force
00:05:312.46 (s)she to have literature the joint chiefs of staff
00:05:341.88 (s)uh said publicly that he
00:05:386.52 (s)joint chiefs of staff gives to have a device it was very critical of the needless to say he became up uh
00:05:451.60 (s)uh i don't the uh
00:05:483.64 (s)military folks the pentagon said that he was very very right
00:05:521.78 (s)uh after
00:05:552.08 (s)richard like to uh the uh
00:05:583.40 (s)hearing he retired in charge there and who is
00:06:023.28 (s)uh one of those rare staff members that
00:06:069.46 (s)uh yeah should be completion in stone because he is and what he did here convince me to get involved with the same issue
00:06:162.98 (s)this this legislation abolish the joint chiefs of staff
00:06:191.76 (s)which i know very well
00:06:234.48 (s)if you're passing legislation three times a house over
00:06:281.24 (s)four years the
00:06:305.16 (s)chairmanship of the senate change john howard very cool water and
00:06:365.00 (s)go utterance and um yeah their the legislation we that the conference
00:06:411.26 (s)uh testing
00:06:430.56 (s)later
00:06:444.66 (s)goldwater nichols act which was not well received among most
00:06:491.00 (s)of the uh
00:06:516.42 (s)ulcers of of all services with few exceptions like in training and a few others
00:06:580.50 (s)um
00:07:001.74 (s)following good uh
00:07:031.88 (s)at the behest of large there
00:07:056.56 (s)i cheered panel on professional education build on well we're nicholson working on
00:07:130.48 (s)uh
00:07:143.62 (s)join education and we ended up with a series of
00:07:180.52 (s)uh
00:07:192.62 (s)you own hearings uh are we
00:07:223.24 (s)uh came out with phase one phase you know all that is
00:07:262.84 (s)uh try to reestablish rigor we found
00:07:292.60 (s)uh that the various for college is uh
00:07:331.64 (s)very and
00:07:371.32 (s)uh complexity
00:07:381.60 (s)and and difficulty
00:07:416.36 (s)um then arrange we're way behind in two l. raise credit at turning red and he agrees in
00:07:482.62 (s)um there for so long way to go
00:07:515.82 (s)it came around enemy army was could be a plus the pretty well
00:07:571.20 (s)best was and maybe
00:07:592.80 (s)uh by far and it didn't go there
00:08:034.48 (s)uh to get remote but it was for some reason
00:08:083.78 (s)this is the premier of in nineteen eighty eight
00:08:131.92 (s)well fast forward to today
00:08:163.82 (s)if you were colleges are including the national right here
00:08:211.58 (s)have they fulfill
00:08:232.02 (s)their main purpose in life
00:08:270.54 (s)and
00:08:291.82 (s)what is the main purpose well
00:08:326.62 (s)mention it is to create strategy strategic thinkers
00:08:411.60 (s)everybody the graduate room
00:08:432.38 (s)year school is not going to be
00:08:463.14 (s)a strategic thinker but they'll understand it hopefully
00:08:500.48 (s)um
00:08:501.62 (s)but i also think that
00:08:536.94 (s)it is that there should be a great deal of rigor they should study every bit as hard as i did in law school
00:09:010.62 (s)uh
00:09:024.16 (s)and of course of being a product of also that
00:09:074.56 (s)did the case method uh and i think that might not be a bad idea for
00:09:122.48 (s)uh battles campaigns
00:09:155.36 (s)conflicts to be in a case by case basis you do at least a
00:09:211.26 (s)uh some of that
00:09:242.22 (s)but i question whether your turn uh
00:09:271.82 (s)ayse strategies
00:09:305.68 (s)and b. whether being recognized and taken care of and put in the right slots
00:09:370.54 (s)or not
00:09:383.34 (s)i have the concern about and i have expressed that that
00:09:422.50 (s)uh that's level within the military
00:09:463.14 (s)and that whole that those
00:09:500.98 (s)mentioned
00:09:522.04 (s)people who are great strategist
00:09:574.38 (s)can be guided by you to the right decisions on staff's
00:10:024.02 (s)and even commands where they can use the strategic room
00:10:072.14 (s)rather than being shown on the side
00:10:112.56 (s)in be discouraged
00:10:144.06 (s)i've seen instances of this and it to see it bothers me a great deal
00:10:190.54 (s)um
00:10:221.06 (s)we are
00:10:243.98 (s)we have been blessed two years with outstanding thinkers
00:10:292.14 (s)but we have more end up being
00:10:332.26 (s)utilize as they should be
00:10:363.22 (s)i think it's it's up to you to identify
00:10:401.46 (s)those rare breeds
00:10:422.80 (s)and to make sure that the following assignments
00:10:451.62 (s)allow them to
00:10:491.72 (s)encourage them to
00:10:512.56 (s)make contributions to the best of their abilities
00:10:543.98 (s)um this is serious time these very serious times and
00:10:592.64 (s)uh you know if your family school
00:11:026.74 (s)it's not going to do it because it's wonderful to have a family participate in activities
00:11:107.54 (s)but you're trying to turn out and you should turn out and then later make sure that they get the right slots with him
00:11:183.70 (s)the military would they be joiner within the service
00:11:222.60 (s)that's a sure i can not stress that
00:11:253.00 (s)stronger and am now so thank you for your
00:11:292.00 (s)for your intellectual
00:11:311.84 (s)ability abilities for your leadership
00:11:343.86 (s)again let me come from doctor snyder is looking for
00:11:382.92 (s)of this series of hearings timely
00:11:423.92 (s)and uh in the for our country thank you
00:11:487.90 (s)but is german for very thoughtful comments all work through the decades knowing these very important uh subject coordination
00:11:5736.74 (s)our witnesses today we read bulgaria called you know six maybe uh come about those two college of the armed forces major general rubber celia united states air force come about the national war college revel james twice got the message maybe present the middle or college peter general robert williams united states army come about the army war college major general more for so i suppose it could force commandant of the spots that are coming out the there were college so my filter you know six marine cord record the marine corps for college um i i will so we will put the timer on you gentlemen in the same as we made part of the record when you see the red light
00:12:353.70 (s)uh go on we're not one issue choose you should feel free to um
00:12:3923.20 (s)continue save if you need to that the channels we have with six oh yeah we decided we want to have all get together here we thought that would be good for all of uh if you all go ten minutes is a five find a school be an hour before we get any questions we hope will stay was in the five minutes and uh that uh will begin with you and this was like don't want like you also been hearing as this said your written same as we part of the record and stuff already have those members
00:13:0333.86 (s)like you know good morning morning uh churn skelton is chairman uh the doctors better that mr. whitman doctor center thank you very much for the opportunity to be here today and based on your opening statements uh i know that uh you really get it what we're trying to accomplish that our schools i've been the commandant at the end us ecology our forces for eighteen months now and i've observed uh two classes so that six hundred and forty that students are fellows in work with uh just under one hundred that faculty members i'm extremely proud of the institution
00:13:3724.28 (s)use uh my written statement is used as part of the record so i have three takeaways from that statement that i would like to make the first one is uh the point is that i can't is unique we are the only senior service school that teaches economics and this translates into an appreciation of resource constraints are students learn to develop a national strategy will consider uh considering the realities of resources
00:14:0210.46 (s)and this was recently highlighted that our joint land there see um simulation held annually at the work college buddy icaps students were recognized for their um
00:14:139.10 (s)bringing all elements of power to their diplomatic informational military and economic in so they really bring this up hours and understand resource
00:14:2352.66 (s)that point two i want to make is a german skelton you spoke to navy flags well before i was appointed to um i task and i remember clearly your state is saying you want your students to work as hard as uh you did in law school not resonate with me as well as your story about the the shoe shine what is the difference between the three dollars shining a five dollar shine its attitude so i express both of those comments to each class as they and i staff and so the second point is i kept is a challenging and rigorous academic program it's natural generals uh i calf many uh senior officers say when folks are sent i like that only a lot of reading if you do it it's a great time to work on your handicap student show up in find out it's a lot of reading in your going to do it and there's no time to work on your handicap so this is not be old school i staff
00:15:161.82 (s)our students are graded vigorously
00:15:1825.10 (s)uh based on class contribution not participation but they're contribution to class are also graded on indepth research papers for everyone other courses they take in faculty members evaluate all students through every exercise this gives us the ability to hand out an undergraduate uh warden also to recognize about twelve percent of our graduates as distinguished graduates based on their g. p. a. and leadership contributions
00:15:4413.32 (s)okay anecdotally or the department of homeland security's education officer came in looked at our curriculum uh saw how is being presented in c. said that it was uh equal to her p. h. d. program that she is completely right now
00:15:5833.18 (s)also a stanford university professor after examine our curriculum so we're perhaps the finest senior education as senior executive development course in the nation minus the finance we teach economics but we don't teach finance also during our industry studies in the field trips where i participated i watch senior executives after being uh um interviewed are discussed having discussions with her icaps grad our students say for these guys know more about us then we know about us in our folks ask tough questions in america like manner
00:16:322.14 (s)so there is rigor but i can't
00:16:345.98 (s)point number three is we're still true our charter is bernard groups that he was a small school in touch with industry
00:16:418.74 (s)we're still uh true to be in touch with industry but we are not adverse to change or growth we're constantly evolving
00:16:503.76 (s)i kept provide the relevant education for today strategic environment
00:16:546.58 (s)and trends don't you always ask are often ask the graduate have a conversation with general marshall
00:17:0214.34 (s)well i feel after observing six hundred and forty students not as you said not all of them are going to be that you need strategic leader but i think over ninety percent of my graduates not only can have a conversation with general marshall but i understand that conversation
00:17:1613.64 (s)they can politely challenge challenging and they could continue to help them to develop uh his strategic thought and then and they could capture that thought put it in clear concise writing and be able to communicate to others something i think is very important or commanders
00:17:3131.84 (s)again example of uh that they have that um conversation each for the past fifteen years we've had the national security strategy exercise for our students look forward ten years and create a national strategy it and at the conclusion of two weeks this exercise read about two sixty distinguished visitors at the three and four star ranked in uniform in industry in in government again again that part is b. v. participants say can we please come back these folks are really great so i do think we're producing strategic leaders
00:18:0321.04 (s)so in summary i'm proud to the commandant um energized by the students i'm inspired by the faculty time a strong believer that one person can make a difference so next week one week from today we will graduate three hundred and twenty individuals will immediately go out with the sophistication needed to operate at the strategic level and soon consumed strategically themselves
00:18:2511.18 (s)an example would be in uniform general and dunwoody who's now the first uh female forced on united states army in government documents is better thought leader for government for decades
00:18:3612.18 (s)in business industry check huber is now the c. e. o. on star what i international fellows uh investor u. s. f. l. it i day is now united arab emirate says about the united states
00:18:492.78 (s)so uh this is not you asked about um
00:18:5314.56 (s)a preparation for coming to us and i would say uh because of on the use the quote that the life of law is not logic experience and i translate that it's experiences important being the commandant president of one of these uh college
00:19:080.50 (s)um
00:19:1048.10 (s)so it is my uh experience operational either i think makes a difference is a new set of eyes it's very easily to operate in an academic environment of academic freedom because i comes down to um moral courage and moral leadership in doing what is is right and so i feel i am prepared be the commandant and i'm probably the commandant i'll be happy to answer any of your questions and also that um herman skelton i do get involved when i see those unique people with the right energy and intellect to follow on to make sure they they are placed in the right uh environment are talk to their service and also but my biggest concern is more with be uh government employees are often go back to their original job so i talked all um leaders i come through for about place in the next uh job
00:19:583.76 (s)so we have to take any further questions thank you very much can still
00:20:0424.32 (s)karen skelton interns nighter converse in and and members of the subcommittee i want to thank you for the opportunity to address the education of the men and women protecting representing our country in my written testimony i address my vision for the national war college the quality of its faculty the composition of the student body in a rigorous curriculum i would like to know a few key points from yet
00:20:2923.58 (s)it is an honor and a privilege to service come out of the national war college nasa workage prepares future generations of america's top military and civilian leaders through a course of study that enhances student knowledge of the national security issues sharpen their analytical abilities and focus specifically on the successful formulation and execution of grand strategy
00:20:5312.22 (s)we also stressed that happens bratt an adaptive mine needed by senior policymakers in military commanders above all we encourage students to hone their critical thinking skills
00:21:0621.28 (s)in my opening our remarks i'd like to emphasize three points first it is important to recognize and preserved the unique mission of each more college second national work colleges focus on grand strategy is critical to producing leaders who can deal with the national security challenges of today and tomorrow
00:21:286.80 (s)third the leadership organization of our senior service colleges are not broken in some would suggest
00:21:354.60 (s)ensuring j. t. needs to at all the work colleges is important
00:21:404.96 (s)but it should not detract from the specialized excellence that each provides
00:21:4612.24 (s)when chairman skeldon drastically county of joint is in j. c. any years ago he was careful to ensure that people did not interpret that as one national you know if one service
00:21:587.90 (s)we recognize that join his function bass when it's synthesize the past each service brought to the table
00:22:077.02 (s)well we look for ways to improve j. p. m. me i ask you preserve the specific mission of each work college
00:22:142.90 (s)that that each i just harder to accomplish
00:22:185.34 (s)but then after work college is the national security strategy missions that must be preserved
00:22:2416.48 (s)each of the three critical composites of the college faculty student body in curriculum has unique joint combine inter-agency composition there is no particular service or agency lands through which problems are view
00:22:4013.10 (s)equally important or washington d. c. location means we can attract hot p. m. e. d. u. s. government students and faculty it also means that our students have tremendous access
00:22:549.00 (s)to the highest echelons of our three branches of government are most now think tanks and the entire washington's diplomatic corps
00:23:035.34 (s)with the exception of our sisters college i cap i'm aware of no other institution
00:23:093.58 (s)government or private it has these critical assets
00:23:136.88 (s)finally i challenge does that suggest the leadership organization in our senior service colleges are broken
00:23:2019.88 (s)leading the college requires the same senior leadership skills required for any large and complex institution dedication condition inability to integrate the very best the j. p. and he is being academic world can offer students and envision to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow
00:23:4112.60 (s)a com or not must remember that these are high degree organizations index of military civilian government and academic environments constraints flows from their diverse city
00:23:5414.04 (s)i would be concerned by any line of thinking it fails to take into account are unique strengths as an institution that combines the best of the civilian academic world with senior government and military expertise
00:24:0924.56 (s)we bring together the next generation of our country's military and civilian leaders along with their international peers four program of study that has a unique capacity of allowing them to interact intensively with one another over a ten month period and come to grips with the key issues that they won't confront as they rise to positions of greater responsibility
00:24:3441.82 (s)this you experience is essential added value that t. v. institutions like the national war college bring to the education of our future leaders it is not replicated in private sector universities the critical essential element in achieving our unique mission in professional is professional diversity the diversity in our leadership in our faculty in our student body on in our curriculum well academic professionals help guide curriculum development understand theory maintain academic rigor our professional practitioners bring a sense of operational reality it can be applied to the theories we teach
00:25:166.24 (s)weenies institution requires a careful blending eight balance of these two forms of education
00:25:238.74 (s)where we will find a success the chairman scalping you in your subcommittee chairman snyder and we believe the schools all see
00:25:3210.04 (s)the chairman thank you again for this opportunity to testify on vital national security issue education of our future national security leaders
00:25:440.74 (s)that what
00:25:452.40 (s)good morning mr chairman
00:25:4822.40 (s)chairman snyder equipment and german names of the oversight investigations committee i thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today top professional military education in our ninetey especially or senior level course the work of the team at the naval war college in providing career long educational opportunities related to the mission the median serving the people of this nation
00:26:115.06 (s)the united states naval war college will celebrate its one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary in october
00:26:1623.50 (s)from the tumble beginnings in the structure which been in newport four house colleges build an international reputation professional military education with alon and i in nearly every corner of the globe our founder grab most even be loose set of true course for educational success by choosing an approach based on focused on holistic study of war it's prevention and the statesmanship impact with boat
00:26:4011.28 (s)we envisioned active learning by students in fact l. t. on seminal strategic issues in the collegiate environment one hundred and twenty five years later those traditions remain at the center of the colleges approach to education
00:26:5235.24 (s)we carefully apply a very wide aperture perspectives disciplines in cultures to the study of war and it's prevention we continue to seek to prepare our senior level students for the challenges and responsibilities of higher command and staff in a certain ambiguous and often surprising world we aim to help prepare them push for to level leadership not simply there next duty station we do that principally by incorporating in m. discipline habits of pop to a strategic level in and by helping them home in their ability to critically think and write about the associated complex issues
00:27:2815.68 (s)we are confident our approach which highlights an executive perspectives in a seminar centered environment requiring an appreciation alternative viewpoints and the synthesis of complex ideas using multi disciplinary tools is precisely on target
00:27:440.80 (s)we expect
00:27:4612.48 (s)application of principles to case studies a real advancing issues and require our students to provide written analysis of complex open ended issues grading clearly sustains the academic rigor
00:27:596.14 (s)three such endeavors we believe we can well judging for students are cheating required educational outcomes
00:28:0629.46 (s)the college of naval warfare is a ten month senior level p. in the program with g. p. in the face to designed to produce broadly educated leaders who possesses the strategic perspective underpinned by key analytical framework graduates will be able to apply disciplined strategic my good critical thinking the challenges in the mall by service mark latency a multinational environments about twenty percent of our student body is made up of international officers handpicked by their services
00:28:364.54 (s)students study three thirteen recourses in our core academic program
00:28:4126.26 (s)the strategy in policy course focuses on educating students to think strategically to develop a disciplined critical approach to strategic analysis understand the fundamentals of military strategy national policy and the relationships between them to appreciate the political uses a military power and to become familiar with the roles of both military and political leaders in policy formulation military planning the conduct of war and peace
00:29:0832.74 (s)the national security decision making course aims to prepare officer and government students to successfully change in a large complex organizations place to meet national security challenges in in certain international security environment the joint military operations course we're fines military officers critical in creative thinking skills under the umbrellas military problem solving especially the ability to evaluate a range of potential solutions to you'll structured problems and to function in volatile uncertain complex ambiguous environments
00:29:4243.32 (s)these courses along with three elective courses complement by two conferences and the speakers program form this framework for examination of national security e. strategic studies over the last two decades our educational approach and methodology has stayed on course however much else has changed first we have implemented a recommendation by the panel on military education of the one hundred congress today we have distinct curricula for senior an intermediate level courses are discrete courses with different focuses and outcomes that we have assumed a faculty to teach both levels i'm confident the distinction will remain entities courses will complement each other very well over the longer term
00:30:2513.58 (s)as our recent g. p. any certification showed that this places a greater workload on our distinguished faculty they have told me personally that they are very proud of the end result our culture is one of constant assessment
00:30:3911.56 (s)second our educational outreach expanded along with our mission has resulted decisions made by my direction use the chief of naval operations and i can tell you at my rough is four square behind this
00:30:5216.52 (s)the college is now responsible for all professional military education in the navy as a result the number of students we touch has grown from fifteen hundred and nineteen eighty nine two over twenty seven thousand today in residence programs a program from three hundred to almost six hundred
00:31:0925.80 (s)in my short time as president seven months on saturday i found the war college to be a professional graduate institution of the highest quality with faculty and staff members were satisfied they're doing move for work that makes a difference the students are highly motivated professionals many wipe off the front lines overseas we invite them and as we learn together about the serious business of war thank you mr chairman i'm happy to take any questions
00:31:361.66 (s)they can feelings
00:31:386.10 (s)terms calvin terms expire distinguished members of the subcommittee thank you for the opportunity here uh before you today
00:31:4513.60 (s)my name's mei general bob williams and i'm the commandant united states army war college at carlisle barracks i'm soldiers had the good fortune of being associated with education and training okay cadets soldiers more than thirty four years
00:31:5916.32 (s)i'm service instructor an assistant professor west point is commander two of the armies from air combat training centers as well as the armor school and center additionally i've had the great privilege of serving in the operational army both in peacetime and more
00:32:1612.16 (s)i feel well prepare the duties associated with com com sri here that it's an honor to be here today discuss professional development of our nation's student leaders at war college
00:32:296.60 (s)i started that the mission war colleges is the shape and about the senior leaders our nation will require
00:32:361.70 (s)army war college is unique
00:32:3815.18 (s)can talk contributions to prepare our students to deal effectively with complex on structured problems it's strategic security environments and we understand military advice when the application when power is part of a policy options
00:32:547.50 (s)we do this recognizing fully military activities are often only a part of the solution to complex problems
00:33:039.92 (s)or as we really ever changing security landscape particularly since nine eleven i believe that we will best and we do best serve the country through these men and women
00:33:139.58 (s)that we educate by achieving appropriate balance with it with faculty student body and the core curriculum like speak briefly
00:33:238.18 (s)these three areas i believe are the key feature assuring responsiveness a professional military education senior service level
00:33:321.20 (s)begin with backup
00:33:3411.12 (s)it is the center of gravity of the army war college and i'm pleased to report that artifact back need to set standards set by law and the chairman the joint chiefs of staff officer professional military education policy
00:33:453.74 (s)artifact the cheese i believe a powerful synergy between
00:33:498.82 (s)the melting of two cultures first our military officers have twenty two to thirty years of professional expertise in a lifelong
00:33:592.24 (s)uh experience of training and mentoring
00:34:022.02 (s)second on academic professors
00:34:057.90 (s)with their academic credentials for research expertise in their ability to publish i firmly believe student success is directly related
00:34:138.96 (s)to the assignment quality experience offers representing the joint u. s. forces and recruitment of high quality academic professionals
00:34:2221.58 (s)we recognize the value of assuring stability and key faculty positions and have instituted the professor united states army war college program to create a lack of a better word hybrid professionals that is to say military officers selected to pursue appropriate doctoral degrees return to the arm our army war college faculty
00:34:452.92 (s)even as we speak continuity we are willing
00:34:485.84 (s)uh to get about faculty just for ongoing operations for periods of six months to a year
00:34:554.74 (s)those faculty members return without valuable experience experiences enhances our curriculum
00:35:004.64 (s)and how to take car the challenge our operational forces facing in the field
00:35:0616.32 (s)balances equally important in the student student body if we are to meet the expectations for future strategically urge the war college experience works best is we have all pound with a cross section of those military officers who will be our nation's future operations
00:35:233.88 (s)we know that a joint student body representing all the services important
00:35:279.08 (s)and equally important is a mix of the branches that make up the core of the armies ability to execute it it's mentions across the spectrum of conflict
00:35:371.24 (s)we also plan
00:35:386.58 (s)so variance from n. s. a. c. i. another other branches of government and international officers into the student mix
00:35:464.32 (s)but a twenty first century reality is that we are never going to five along
00:35:518.18 (s)and so we've embark in a program at uh request at the direction of the chief of staff of the army to increase the number of international thousand student body
00:36:003.20 (s)well increase that number by twenty five percent this next year
00:36:035.00 (s)he's actually a lot at increasing at a hundred percent of course of four years
00:36:098.26 (s)this is not only important for u. s. officers to understand how to fight together it's important to prepare them for the affected coalition operations
00:36:184.52 (s)and therefore we need a diverse spark but perspectives to come from international dollars
00:36:236.62 (s)response of the same intellectual dialogue and challenges in the seminar that they will see in future bouncing space with each other
00:36:302.48 (s)students ought to be exposed and challenge
00:36:333.26 (s)how about nations other nations points of views
00:36:3710.24 (s)our national investment in these international student space large dividends differences former students as we all know are often promoted the highest ranks or military and civilian governments
00:36:486.78 (s)for similar reasons we believe we should be stronger with the with a greater inter-agency representation in the student body
00:36:567.08 (s)the our is to prepare students to understand how military power works in concert with other national elements of power
00:37:0313.46 (s)our seminars don't duplicate inter-agency dialogue explore the distinct cultures skills and attributes of other agencies our students learn perspectives of the spoil the diplomacy economics and information elements of power
00:37:189.82 (s)i understand other u. s. government agent not have the depth the personnel allow them to divert many for graduate level education
00:37:289.98 (s)that makes it topper to recruit inter-agency students and that makes it all the more important to incorporate inter-agency from the professional military education
00:37:386.10 (s)smart investment in our nation's ability to apply is commonly referred to as a whole government strategies
00:37:453.52 (s)one file comments about cheating down we were college curriculum
00:37:494.32 (s)in the face of accumulated to add the curriculum we sometimes risk
00:37:545.54 (s)diluting our focus on education slipping into training missions i will admit that to you here
00:38:005.40 (s)therefore our curriculum reviews are marked by continuous debate over breath versus step
00:38:0615.16 (s)and hard decisions about time devoted each subject contact time with faculty time to read reflect have to be made i feel mechanisms are in place for me as a common not to push back on signs but it does require our calls
00:38:229.92 (s)since the last study conducted by this committee the army war college is transition it's program of instruction to incorporate the study studies strategy of the central aspect of the curriculum
00:38:337.20 (s)army war college study as students study classic beers but they also study new strategies as well
00:38:4111.04 (s)are college must be adapted to the needs of the current and future five and we solicit feedback from the combat commanders service chiefs as we assess shape the curriculum on an annual basis
00:38:537.38 (s)ouija we seek to achieve balance between case studies in military history emerging doctrine such as the your regular walker doctrine
00:39:021.56 (s)going manual is an example
00:39:0429.04 (s)by providing a broader strategic level at the leadership ethics and cultural intersection with national strategy in enclosing i can tell you that today's army war college is much different than the one of like nineteen eighties is a dynamic institution apply significant role in preparing selected leaders responsibilities are strategically or sure reforms in the last twenty years and particularly yeah that j. p. m. need to set high standards and expectations for assessment and adaptation
00:39:349.52 (s)because the nation need to on resourceful as well as crazy strategic leaders are senior service colleges must themselves be actual resourceful in creating
00:39:4410.84 (s)we all know that education is an adaptive prop process one which will require continuous assess adjusted to ensure we are still getting it right i'm confident
00:39:561.36 (s)that we are on that yeah
00:39:5810.20 (s)i've terms i know i know that i've request my written statement be provided thank you for the opportunity to discuss this fundamental issue with the subcommittee and i look for your questions
00:40:100.70 (s)joe for that
00:40:118.80 (s)chairman skelton germans mitering ranking member within uh members of the subcommittee thanks for the opportunity to hear that five up here work college
00:40:2110.56 (s)like not try to capture the essence of our vision for the year were college in a senior professional military education version of the three our relevance relationship to renewal
00:40:326.66 (s)but relevant it right up front i spent my career as a pilot joint that foster in command or not academic
00:40:408.24 (s)however i believe i can identify closely with both the the students and they need to the general officers and senior civilian to employ our graduate
00:40:497.24 (s)like my other colleagues here today i've witnessed firsthand some of the tasks dilemmas strategic choices that our graduates thing
00:40:5714.06 (s)if i program it's remain relevant year work college education is clearly paragraph let's meet the needs of the joint in latency and multinational operations and not only mean today fight but also sorts malls and unpredictable is that maybe
00:41:115.18 (s)our curriculum probably down the presentation of theory with practical knowledge gained through the study of history
00:41:174.78 (s)personal experience and the experience of others for pretty strategic thinkers and leaders
00:41:227.76 (s)likewise relevance to me and balance faculty consisting of both distinguished academic experience war fighters to inspire educate our student
00:41:313.42 (s)many of whom are coming to school but off battle fields
00:41:359.78 (s)finally the well relevance requires that as a compliment to work credit joint curriculum each school to some part of the educational experience to service competency
00:41:453.98 (s)okay here what college competency of the air component
00:41:507.72 (s)oh i qualify be challenging curriculum shake the relevance of our program students hold the key building all important relationships
00:41:5915.62 (s)yeah workage college experience on building relationships in and out of the classroom between faculty and students and most importantly i'm building relationships among the students come from different backgrounds different services different agencies and different nations
00:42:157.06 (s)in addition to academic growth the relationships for doing shared common experiences were college can't do have lasting impact
00:42:223.50 (s)extract deal with complex issues throughout the remainder of their careers
00:42:274.80 (s)oftentimes in impact manifested in a phone call seeking a different perspective on a challenging issues
00:42:327.86 (s)other times the chance encounter with a trusted fellow graduate not hallway prior critical meeting or even more significantly is deployed location
00:42:419.76 (s)perhaps the most important of these relationships are those four for the international officers from forty five different countries make up almost twenty percent of the integrated student by
00:42:512.02 (s)pexa there were college
00:42:5417.78 (s)r for u. s. students maybe be uh duplicated in other graduate school settings this one cannot it seems to me in iraq and build a lasting relationship with os are selected by their countries to spend time this formative year senior professional military education united states
00:43:1211.40 (s)many of these international fellows want to hold the most senior positions in the nation's military and government cultivated these relationships has never been more important in today's interconnected and interdependent security farm
00:43:244.20 (s)importance of relationships is a difficult to quantify hard do not
00:43:294.62 (s)similarly difficult part five but just as important as the opportunity for renewal
00:43:357.18 (s)yeah what college experience must build energy strain enthusiasm for the difficult task that lie ahead for graduate in their family
00:43:426.70 (s)discovering that other students have overcome similar difficulty just dilemmas in their careers
00:43:505.98 (s)realtime from intense discussion and debate on the role of leadership command integrity and ask
00:43:577.78 (s)real comes from the students gaining confidence in their ability to crass strategy and joint multinational in here agency environment at the strategic level
00:44:057.04 (s)we know what comes from executing a demanding academic schedule built on a scaffold the stability and predictability that allow students time to reflect
00:44:136.24 (s)synthesize and discuss the material they study as well time to reconnect with their final support network
00:44:207.94 (s)finally we know what comes from developing a clear understanding of the importance of the contributions of graduates as senior leaders to the success of their units
00:44:280.86 (s)and their nation
00:44:3011.48 (s)i think again for the opportunity to step by any chance outline important contributions of relevance relationships the renewal the year work college success and the success spark rats look for your question like
00:44:421.66 (s)thank you for
00:44:4411.94 (s)oh good morning german snyder uh ranking member women distinguished members of the subcommittee i appreciate this opportunity to address the committee today discuss the educational achievements of your marine corps college
00:44:573.72 (s)as far and supported by the house armed services committee and its chairman
00:45:0121.40 (s)the twenty ninth coming on the marine corps an or and re ignited a renaissance different for special military education in the nineteen eighty that's still burns today in august of nineteen ninety it directed be can be mean the middle east group obsession trying to kernel to conduct intensive when you're study of the art of war and the profession of our
00:45:2314.68 (s)title of the of war studies program it was the precursor of today's morning for college that the colleges grown in size and scope yet remains true to original charter now has been a college for me committed
00:45:389.64 (s)two preparing the nation's next generation of strategic leaders confront the challenges of an increasingly complex volatile globalized world
00:45:4821.40 (s)to do so it employs a rigorous multidimensional curriculum presented by first-rate faculty with small but we room of high caliber highly competitive senior military officers and government officials both on the strategic well war the curriculum examines both traditional and irregular wars them up modes of warfare
00:46:109.90 (s)the instrument of national power as well yeah patients often hard power it employs historical analysis is arriving during lessons from history
00:46:218.36 (s)and apply them the critical issues existing in today's operational environment as well as those emerging on the strategic arrive
00:46:304.28 (s)it's true curriculum also reflects the culture of the service servicing which is born
00:46:346.66 (s)specifically we add dell adaptable expedition mindset that span their land be
00:46:422.04 (s)based in cyberspace spectra
00:46:446.98 (s)it also reflect were general james he conway coming on the marine corps or more accurately is commitment
00:46:521.16 (s)that we believe
00:46:537.52 (s)and human dimension war is the most critical element and the oldest creativity intelligence and warrior
00:47:012.10 (s)there are prime attributes
00:47:049.84 (s)the cost of the development quickly and creative thought the colleges and employs active but want learning methodology to include highly personalized in classroom instruction
00:47:142.64 (s)local domestic and international field studies
00:47:172.12 (s)practical application exercises
00:47:2015.40 (s)so selected scholarly research and professional five or really reading and reflection for made for the curriculum hundred goes a vigorous continuous a multilevel review and validation product process
00:47:3612.48 (s)the correct was taught by season factly comprised of military government in civilian professors so operators somewhat academic but all professional in the field of endeavour
00:47:493.68 (s)his head by expensive ads young faculty
00:47:531.46 (s)oh functional areas or
00:47:555.26 (s)regional expert and generate yet for as well as visiting guest speakers
00:48:0111.86 (s)do the colleges proximity the national capital region and our small size student for for mass access in your military inter-agency industry and academic leaders
00:48:133.06 (s)well maybe with on a one to one person basis
00:48:173.34 (s)with the most open intimate in informal discourse
00:48:203.96 (s)our guest speakers rival those the most prestigious universities
00:48:254.50 (s)well there's hope to have a commencement we have in the classroom on a routine basis
00:48:306.78 (s)well the educational experiences enhanced by the quality and diversity of the college's student population itself
00:48:3812.84 (s)well small the student body consists of top performers and selected by the respective service or agency whether exceptional operational in academic performance as well as their future potential for service
00:48:518.80 (s)the student body includes representative all four services both active and reserve components united states oscarc double government agencies
00:49:003.94 (s)well what the group as well a myriad of occupational specially
00:49:056.22 (s)like this mixture students were employed in inter-agency operations not just through instruction
00:49:113.74 (s)but also a personal observation in daily interaction
00:49:1618.12 (s)our vision for the war college is to retain the academic advantages inherent in being a small that we college specifically academic access facility and that's what we currently employ well aggressively going into a more robust educational institution
00:49:346.22 (s)jesus vision we recommend a program to expand the size and diversity of our student population
00:49:414.20 (s)to expand the size capability and diversity of our faculty
00:49:463.78 (s)and most importantly expand our academic outreach upwards
00:49:515.26 (s)well the college's educational experience cannot be replicated by any civilian university
00:49:5612.20 (s)we believe that can be have to increase interaction with leading it's a billion institutions as well as collaborative collaboration with the other military educational institutions here today
00:50:094.94 (s)mr chairman our graduate will dramatically different from that of their predecessors
00:50:147.06 (s)consequently the for college is dedicated it'll actually farming them the challenges ahead
00:50:223.84 (s)immensely reset before for the fight yet call
00:50:2613.84 (s)i'm convinced we using those objective it would be continued advocacy in support of this subcommittee will do so far into the future thank you for this opportunity to address the panel now before your question back
00:50:413.50 (s)have they hopefully
00:50:467.62 (s)but i was sitting at the beginning of six people that every question will come to of personal we're not going to do that well we will uh
00:50:546.62 (s)move it around so you don't have the experience is really so i wasn't the first one yeah um
00:51:017.28 (s)how of back i will watch that we're going to start when you just a little this way the room but i want to ask uh they uh
00:51:092.70 (s)for the following question this morning
00:51:127.56 (s)uh present barma about seven o'clock uh eastern time gave i did not see the whole speeches so i for of the
00:51:212.44 (s)uh be it would seem to be very well received
00:51:246.44 (s)speech so much anticipated speech calling for a new beginning and relationships between our nation
00:51:312.20 (s)and uh the world is from
00:51:346.40 (s)how old that speech impact what occurs on your all campuses in classes this week i was
00:51:4153.18 (s)answer thanks for for that question i i watch part of that this morning and that i will tell you uh knowing that the faculty like i do um is this to two are constant re assessment and we a faculty members were very well connected uh they're always out and about uh a faculty member for example who who teaches in strategy and policy uh is also our area specialist in the indian ocean pakistan india uh that he will be one know about the speech to he will have the tax three probably knows people connected with it and then when that when the faculty that is their curriculum review which in fact uh you know they're in the process of now for the next academic year at those kind of ideas will factor into
00:52:3437.02 (s)but how how they read work uh the curriculum so uh you can imagine if you can the network of people okay from our very distinguished faculty who who are who are doing the same thing and then they all bring need and to talk about the speak they do what they call bootstrap sessions you had as they reviews the curriculum for the next try masters uh uh uh teaching at week by week uh uh class by class it and so these faculty members will sit in a room for example and have the ad
00:53:1221.10 (s)often times he debate over what's going to go into this curriculum that's when and was kind of uh the information is kind of context that can be provided and and back to right into the development curriculum right up to a just a few weeks before they actually go and part of the students on the party which which really keeps things correct
00:53:362.00 (s)sure i would uh echo
00:53:392.26 (s)we have a wife subset uh
00:53:4218.10 (s)are they what i would add to it is uh even with his speech was uh ongoing the be blocking network was already alive with uh our network of graduates uh throughout the region there already and communicating with uh
00:54:0118.94 (s)faculty here to work college with that what they were how what they were perceiving the receipt of this uh speech was i anticipate that network to be alive and well here throughout this week to discussions to be uh had we will roll uh all
00:54:200.64 (s)uh
00:54:2110.74 (s)transcripts uh other discussions that uh think tanks come out with uh into our faculty uh our curriculum review here during the summer
00:54:332.86 (s)uh and when we get to this particular
00:54:3611.22 (s)phase in our curriculum with next year's class i'm sure they'll be the new information to roll into our our classrooms here has uh as as much
00:54:483.28 (s)progress is made in the in the months ahead
00:54:521.96 (s)but his is his speech here
00:54:550.60 (s)well
00:54:5611.60 (s)i guess i think this is a perfect time of the year for the to have this take place in the academic environment see order of you don't have uh so we're got graduation coming up onto and so you could have
00:55:089.50 (s)but i here you know not a full class remote right right so i could but i still have have an impact it comes it as i said the right time of the year where uh
00:55:1940.58 (s)like before we have twenty uh international fellows right now it i and i just took them up i think we have about that fifty percent of that are from the middle east muslim cut or muslim countries and and also uh an israeli um student now at the beginning the year it might be hesitant but now is we said academic freedom and uh the policy of non attribute view as we go through the year not only is their mind expanded but they become comfortable in the environment and they realize they do have the national fellows do have the freedom to speak openly about their opinions and the u. s. students have learned to accept these it's a very uh um fascinating process to see this awakening have
00:56:0043.82 (s)so uh it they have fertile minds to process this uh today is uh a picnic for the national fellows which i will attend and i will ask them what they thought of the comments but they we each seminar has one international fellow they will be question those what do you think about this uh and uh academic good directions without any fear of the attribute shins i think it's a perfect time and their minds are open and uh i have observed from two classes it's about this time year we want to get rid of our students because we've open their minds so much they are real pain uh and the fact that they challenge every assumption and openly discuss uh issues so i think the perfect time and be well received about
00:56:446.72 (s)well in fact back the uh college campus would be one the professors beaming with pride what they talk about the year
00:56:5250.22 (s)without coming to fruition that that is three in the background that they gave regarding islamic culture regarding uh previous campaigns of the regional studies that we did as well international travel to the asia pacific region uh typically india uh have proven true so there silently blushing students are strongly in all of it while they got it right and prepare us for what's coming up ended prepared us to address these issues from that they'll be continued the discourse and debate regarding what that means in the future how that's why uh what the policy implications more importantly what the military ramifications they need to be ready to implement when they go on to the next job at a service or combat command headquarters
00:57:4214.80 (s)or the curriculum of will continue we will continue and and that look at that as we do our curriculum reviews got previously and also it leads into the perfect the way the next year's we introduce our first and international follow
00:57:5813.74 (s)uh we have read coming on board one from france one from canada and most importantly brigadier general pakistan allow us to continue the discourse and debate following academic hear back but before
00:58:1214.98 (s)chairman uh on two accounts uh i didn't hear the speech number one but number two uh and here we're college they did graduate last thursday and so we we have no students there but that's that uh i think this is part and parcel to quite frankly one of the
00:58:282.68 (s)best class um
00:58:3136.56 (s)case studies if you will this whole entire year the whole changing of the government and thereby changing of the strategy the national security strategy the roll down to the national military strategy and how that all takes place spend an incredible academic get classroom in and of itself and this is but one other piece of that that as everyone has said will be rolled into uh next year and quite frankly not just the speech but the way that we've gotten to where we are from the bush administration where we are in bomb a demonstration uh throughout the entire year has been just an incredible academic uh
00:59:081.22 (s)groundwork if you will
00:59:1115.38 (s)the list so i i did have the up to to watch it this morning and uh i and the work i think presently the present had a number of major things obviously but to him that i took though of course wanted to almost and a willingness to listen and also
00:59:270.68 (s)uh
00:59:292.28 (s)c. s. was one thing
00:59:325.62 (s)but clearly also reconfirm that he will this administration will protect the american public
00:59:380.64 (s)uh
00:59:395.26 (s)i believe for us it will brass push our desire as we have had for some time now
00:59:451.86 (s)in the education of our strategic
00:59:470.58 (s)uh
00:59:494.70 (s)leaders to focus on and emphasis of all elements of national power
00:59:542.08 (s)good diplomacy economics
00:59:565.36 (s)uh information as well as part that we're experts in military component
01:00:021.92 (s)but clearly signals uh
01:00:055.96 (s)for us i think a new and emerging national security strategy with the course are academics
01:00:113.50 (s)as we and our course on far on saturday here
01:00:154.68 (s)uh with like a board and i just our curriculum has for
01:00:231.68 (s)thanks chairman um
01:00:2613.20 (s)german i think as a as a follow up from that when i ask in context of what we see today which is a very very dynamic purity time in our history but nationally and internationally with things changing constantly
01:00:4031.44 (s)how do how do you see your challenge of making sure that your schools can change in relationships of those external changes but also remain true i to making sure those fundamentals subject matters are being taught is still in the graduates from your institutions and also have you take see the lessons learned under current operations in incorporate them within that whole context making sure your graduates come out with that grounded strategic knowledge uh to the leaders our nation he's going in the future i'll start out with a general state
01:01:155.26 (s)sure i you're right uh to highlight the challenge of thought the school in
01:01:212.84 (s)in protecting uh some of the core elements
01:01:248.60 (s)in our educational requirements uh for example at the national war college uh we try to stay
01:01:335.76 (s)at the strategic level and i've got only ten months to work with
01:01:395.38 (s)uh we got a lot of ground to cover uh our students when they are show up
01:01:454.00 (s)uh or have all been operating at the operational level
01:01:5010.36 (s)uh their minds or or rather uh text and it takes several months to kind of on lock that and and make progress we we constantly get
01:02:011.28 (s)challenge with
01:02:021.44 (s)uh means that
01:02:0429.66 (s)commanders in the field would like to see in graduate so that they're ready to go as soon as they get anything new job most of these re requests are uh happy tactical and operational level and so i work with my faculty regularly uh to resolve house to best approach to requests of uh the combat commanders senior leadership
01:02:350.46 (s)uh
01:02:3610.92 (s)other agencies and that this particular new dynamic environment be incorporated in year curriculum somehow we usually find a way where
01:02:476.84 (s)easy to is already being discussed is just not useful centerpiece in the curriculum
01:02:553.72 (s)but with we can find how to best threat that new
01:02:591.08 (s)uh dynamic
01:03:016.50 (s)environment into our curriculum we will do so and will find the best course to to put that in
01:03:0821.76 (s)also a lack of turn out to be a pretty good uh option for our student body as well to get a more focused study on a particular concept so we we do use the elective opportunity is one to take on some of these new fields that are
01:03:304.04 (s)being uh asked for the colleges to uh invest in
01:03:352.52 (s)a good thanks a lot
01:03:3815.22 (s)and so i think we did the best way to answer your question is to go back to him t. be a question that the terms i suppose about two a speech for example in a mechanism that i yeah outline for you uh do how we can work things into our curriculum
01:03:545.76 (s)this is again a function of the faculty okay um and i give an example uh
01:04:0145.08 (s)at this point we're we're going into the nuclear posture review and so now i time is ripe for people who can talk to d. g. she's about uh nuclear deterrence in the new world and the interesting thing is we we have people that who have been constantly working is she's a kind of like the christian monks in ireland who preserved the the the sacred tax uh doing it uh the the middle ages and in fact did we have this expertise that this is not been permitted to atrophy and now that is needed we have been able to provide expertise to a variety of agencies and and government uh that folks have been asking for insertion get out
01:04:4732.12 (s)the other thing is back to the that that look at how the faculty gets out uh whatever a faculty members is that north korea about uh about a month and a half ago with the up of prided is it of the major foundation and and he he he works research our faculties costly publishing they're they're they are contributing costly and just same faculty they're going to roll into the bootstrap and and sessions and talk about the course from uh the other thing is four sample the one i was strike group commander at the ronald reagan strike but
01:05:1936.42 (s)before i even knew i was going to go to be present of the war college i knew be expertise is somebody professors actually ask them to come out like general steel was explained to come out to my strike group and talk to us about uh the the region of the indian ocean so so they got the benefit of coming out and talking with on the scene commander's about the current situation then flew off to visit their contacts in different places in the region and we got the benefit of the knowledge and then these are the same people who are going to roll this dish information into the distraction into the curriculum development
01:05:5635.42 (s)i can talk about uh thank you very much a question questions are of our curriculum was about that in the enduring tenets of war which is not changed in many many years however with that that we do little to capitalize on new and novel approaches coming out of the current operations that we can apply within our curriculum specifically we look back into history identify those principles apple and then apply them in modern scenarios in the the current study that are students or the operating in will upgrade is right
01:06:3219.12 (s)uh to drive those we go to multiple sources first and foremost the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff guidance through the learning objectives it he establishes and yearly special or is that is in large part these will be the most critical elements of the upcoming year that we begin to integrated or curriculum
01:06:528.18 (s)uh to ensure that we're dealing with the topical issues but not with on the curriculum all around and chasing the topic of the day
01:07:0014.70 (s)the other ways we do or through hiring faculty that are coming directly from operational backgrounds myself having just come out of a remote commands we're bringing the experience from that previous combat worth right through the uh
01:07:150.58 (s)well
01:07:1726.60 (s)secondly is through continual scaling getting of the strategic verizon by the professors reading research interacting with uh this they bank in study groups such as this digit vision grew be uh what we're fighting stutters is the what is on strategic verizon that we need paris student or and then incorporating that in a coherent methods that synchronize the rest core curriculum other ways in blue
01:07:4427.70 (s)routine interviews with combat component commander's service leaders yesterday i had the opportunity sit down and talk to attend done allowing does it matter spend com regarding is most critical issues as well as critical capabilities he's looking for from graduates from our work college other ways continuing the interview our graduates and their server supervisors see that the curriculum met the needs when they uh
01:08:123.06 (s)the four finally we also allow
01:08:1626.14 (s)academic white space uh we have a series of classical issues in modern warfare we purposely did not bill at the beginning of the year known knowing that critical issues will pop up during the year they would like to crap class for having a small faculty i have you organizational agility to put classes together fine leading edge expert come in and fill those those topics in the past have been
01:08:4312.58 (s)the repeal low don't ask don't tell what would be the implications for the military effect of a pandemic which chat app be very timely because several weeks later uh swine flu again read the headline
01:08:5612.80 (s)uh variety of topics we can ad and make sure that student as you walked out the door is is up to date is you can be before it begins next job nicer thank you don't i generally and
01:09:1018.44 (s)try i i i appreciate the question i think that i don't have a problem with saying crime the current student body at the tactical and operational with the seventy eight percent on common free so i have to we have experience if anything that's a challenge forced portion of the strategically
01:09:293.02 (s)in terms of saying current at the strategic level
01:09:3313.44 (s)we started uh we've always been like some of my colleagues here a source any think tank for lack of a better description for the department army the coke comms and various uh other issues united states
01:09:475.60 (s)there's enormous intellectual talent in the faculty and they often are call for their expertise
01:09:539.92 (s)uh in fact this last year i have had members of the faculty server on uh brigadier general determine masters team building the new strategy
01:10:0427.94 (s)uh for afghanistan as well as answering a call from my staff for strategist where i sent my director national security strategy for six months uh two is just in the building of the strategy for afghanistan by the way it's just six months months was over we sent the number two man from that department he's downrange right now so at any given time we look for opportunities to take our faculty and offer our faculty uh
01:10:324.66 (s)to work on some of the hardest problems the nation's facing at the strategic level
01:10:3711.84 (s)when they come back of course they see the faculty they inform the curriculum so that is enormously power the other part of your question though is how we protect the core from
01:10:504.96 (s)uh a whole host of requirements oftentimes the are
01:10:563.22 (s)look like training as opposed to education
01:10:595.72 (s)uh sometimes those things come through the c. j. c. s. that that military education committee
01:11:0621.84 (s)and we are all in attendance of those as well as our teams throughout the year and we have an opportunity to push back on those items so that we are required to put them on into the curriculum sometimes we and sometimes we lose but i feel confident mechanisms are in place for us to do what we need to do or i need to do is a comment on
01:11:2812.54 (s)uh i do not get that many requirements from the army that i would call training requirements apart from those kinds of things we would want to do anyway recently suicide training
01:11:416.60 (s)uh we take the time to important jab solely require and and and we're proud to do that
01:11:4813.64 (s)uh i hope i think your question but i think i think we have uh mechanisms in place to stay core which is to say we say the strategic level we're in the business business of allowing the students to master the strategic or
01:12:021.96 (s)and we have to stay focused on that
01:12:052.18 (s)like very much like foresight
01:12:088.10 (s)so thanks for the question uh the uh everybody it's done at least danced around a little bit where i'd like to go with this and that is
01:12:1614.18 (s)be balancing act of attention all always there between current answer the current topic of the day the foundations of leadership ethics strategies those things that need to be that the bedrock of of what we do and i think that
01:12:316.70 (s)pretty much in in many instances comes the people at this table to make sure that we have an advocate for pal
01:12:380.64 (s)um
01:12:4016.26 (s)the the faculty at least the deer were colleges about a third civilian or military in and uh airforce military in about a third uh joint military in here agency and and quite frankly coalition it as well and that an issue
01:12:568.30 (s)uh allows us to expand the the spectrum between the basic foundation current events add to that
01:13:0515.00 (s)be um a student that is uh we just heard you know many of them just came from uh on the war and and you try to extract them for me to tax the level of the operational level bring them up speech level uh i makes for a a
01:13:2011.54 (s)but frankly a uh a great dynamic within the clap itself with respect to making sure that the foundations of their and bounces correct i think that prices like frankly mostly uh me anyway so much
01:13:3350.46 (s)and the hall but yes i heard the question is is the presence speech affect your curriculum and how we maintain our core uh courses uh this is a dynamic uh period and it is a very compelling speech but uh that i kept we want to develop strategic leaders folks that can formulate strategy analyze strategy uh and not change strategy so i do this will become a uh case study to be international security studies in our strategic leadership courses as we challenge teaching work uh students through the socratic method and challenging the assumptions so we're constantly reviewing our curriculum in fact we're going to the formal process right now and we see what is relevant i see it becoming part of uh teaching package uses example and uh
01:14:249.52 (s)um case study but not as changing the curriculum you don't want us to chase policy speeches but learn how to um challenge interpret policy and develop policy
01:14:341.26 (s)i can share
01:14:360.96 (s)this is this
01:14:386.48 (s)on your comments and you're
01:14:4523.76 (s)ha as you can talk to him eight to turn around and terms that deployment and green people uh and have problem i and a major problem for any of in terms of deployment and if that means that mine have fewer officers to work training uh
01:15:091.10 (s)advanced
01:15:120.40 (s)uhhuh
01:15:152.70 (s)when i've i got a request from the theater
01:15:184.74 (s)uh for systems that might involve uh the polling of one of mine
01:15:2414.76 (s)faculty uh for that purpose immediately go to the dean sitting working directly about behind and i asked him can we support the united states army or this theater commander wherever the requirement comes from and not
01:15:395.64 (s)the great our primary mission which is the acacia students if we are charged with
01:15:453.62 (s)and if he comes back to me and says yes we can do that
01:15:495.86 (s)and i believe is it is part of my mission to support the operational institution one
01:15:5611.96 (s)so i think it's important that we do that otherwise to your real question i have trouble with that uh i usually have faculty members lining up in the hallways volunteering
01:16:091.00 (s)to do this
01:16:117.96 (s)uh because they fully understand as that has great educators they're adding additional tools to their okay
01:16:2012.02 (s)where the audience in the uh the constituencies that they have to talk to and so no i don't have a personal problem from them and i so far we have not had this right now
01:16:324.80 (s)we have gotten close a couple times but uh i hope i think your question ma'am uh
01:16:3729.50 (s)okay i have not had a problem with this amy on the and very differently well i think the question goes to uh deployments in expectations it uh the deployments affect all aspects of military life including uh family life that back when uh senator mccain and his classmates went to national defense university said a coming back from being p. o. w.'s this going to be an opportunity for you to relax to get back in touch with your family to regroup work on your help
01:17:0715.96 (s)uh programs no longer allowed that is i referred to in my opening statement it's a very rigorous academic program so we bring that folks in raid from the field whether be army navy air force bringing also many of our deployed civilians uh they're told the time
01:17:2439.54 (s)to catch their breath when really it's a very rigorous academic year and they don't often get to catch other bratt so um and also many if they're coming from out of the theater they may leave their families in their previous duty stations and so now you have a situation of um geo bashing as we call it uh um geographically isolated from your family so there are implications of that so what we do uh we are always time uh talking about post traumatic stress and looking for that in our students we have uh medical psychological help we have health and fitness so we do work on that basis and uh
01:18:0422.58 (s)of human any wounds seen or unseen and we have uh both types of ones come to uh um i kept so it's challenging in you work with them in your work with the families uh um that's a rigorous course of study and overall the military everywhere but is going to find challenges all the deployments that's a different perspective
01:18:273.70 (s)i mean if i can add that it's it's not just deployments but
01:18:325.12 (s)our schools in our in our faculty are sought after uh globally
01:18:373.26 (s)uh because of their expertise and so
01:18:4117.56 (s)whether being asked to go and deployed to support uh the army or can that commander we're just to come and help them with some research aspect quite often the schools in here national as well the first thing we look to see if we can support it
01:18:595.42 (s)with our ongoing activities at yeah at the college if if we can do that
01:19:053.38 (s)enhance is this faculties expertise
01:19:094.88 (s)uh we will do everything we can to support it because that faculty member will return
01:19:1515.70 (s)uh with value added uh and and increasing hasselhoff increasing twenty pakistan hundred percent or four years
01:19:310.64 (s)uh
01:19:336.84 (s)uh we have forty in the class of three hundred and forty i've never figured out that percentile we'll go to fifty next year
01:19:413.42 (s)uh and chief of staff you look at how we would
01:19:450.80 (s)go to any
01:19:465.58 (s)i would of course in the classroom uh currently everyone our seminars has partially to
01:19:523.06 (s)uh four international soon we go for
01:19:564.90 (s)uh again uh the desire is to open aperture
01:20:021.08 (s)as part of our
01:20:042.72 (s)cultural training
01:20:076.82 (s)and uh no better vehicle i think to do that and brings very successful ostrich from around the world
01:20:1410.90 (s)uh all nominated by co comms it comes through and in some cases uh you we are on all stations your army staff and they're they're sent us uh based on
01:20:263.28 (s)uh the g. three is just the decision of who will make it
01:20:300.62 (s)uh
01:20:328.48 (s)um i believe i'm sorry time i care area near q. bringing more um you com authors
01:20:409.94 (s)in in i mean uh eventually or are here i guarantee yeah constraints that you're you're absolutely right
01:20:515.94 (s)sitting on an issue here for for us but i read it is a matter of facilities and faculty
01:20:5819.64 (s)uh i'm okay for this last year to go to fifty but uh the the academic board have reported to me that beyond that we have to look at uh some otherwise uh before we increasingly for that there are no barriers beyond that that uh i think i i need legislative help on for sure
01:21:237.60 (s)the constant you the you you want because the started before but how often do you all get together either formally or informally as a group
01:21:329.42 (s)um i i i'm new to this process i miss the meeting we recently had not sure i've been doing this for about fourteen months now um
01:21:428.80 (s)i i believe i would be correct in saying i've seen these guys about three or four times this last year four in various forms uh
01:21:5119.88 (s)about eight months ago my board of those are sponsored a symposium in washington all of them were invited to discuss c. m. e. and together we collectively decided to get together prior to the um the mac the joint staff meeting and uh don't call walsh the meeting at fort leavenworth
01:22:1218.02 (s)uh where we sat down and discussed issues ideas before we would go to that meeting in washington d. c. and i believe if i'm not correct them talking for here university i believe there are knowledge meeting of just others you should disable uh this coming fall
01:22:301.48 (s)opi ventured question
01:22:329.40 (s)well that's good i think so this is talked about this before but we i've heard since we started doing this look in stuff is heard also
01:22:434.10 (s)yeah there is variability among the services both in
01:22:493.30 (s)where the students that are at within their career
01:22:531.90 (s)uh the students some
01:22:566.30 (s)registers students clearly see being in one of these colleges of the crew have to move other not so sure
01:23:034.60 (s)the it's it's a big up the record course seems to get the best
01:23:092.30 (s)uh uh kudos for
01:23:1210.90 (s)both looking at this two before they get their back way with their but also figure out whether you don't have four in terms of yes we go this is going to help if we both as a fact remember and to say
01:23:231.92 (s)uh at least as a student
01:23:264.68 (s)um i'm i may be wrong it would just is just anecdotal things would be to you responsive
01:23:312.90 (s)you think there is variability among the services
01:23:3416.60 (s)in terms of how we go about selecting students but in fact leave for contributions you're also organizations and in how they look that were these critters are going to go after the students who graduated the factly the middle military about both you know have completed crew have all started
01:23:5257.86 (s)yeah i've i've i've discussed this topic uh often because i say their service cultures and so speaking from the the naval service there are times in your career where you need expertise s. c. technically whether be in the cockpit on amphibious ships are in submarines and so therefore you don't need somebody be thinking strategically at that point you need them to excel in leadership positions that see and that's part of our service culture in the navy that's how you uh evaluating promoted again through challenging leadership assignments and see where other services might not have that same requirement their culture is different but as you alluded to the marine corps um it's more difficult to get in residence senior level school that is to make coronas a smaller subset so i i don't think you can ever get uh uniformity across all the services as to the right timing uh and the right to measurement of career enhancement
01:24:5031.86 (s)i know that all service going to be career enhancing to go to i mean resin senior level school but you're not going to change the service cultures together uniform hand so that you can stamp across the board and i just look at my uh distinguish graduates and it's uniformly uh um it does spread amongst the services on on the on my distinguished graduates whether the army airforce navy marine corps um so once they get here they do excel you know uniformly but i think as far as promotion goes it's a service culture
01:25:257.40 (s)sure i would say that the national war college uh we rarely see a military student
01:25:343.32 (s)show up it doesn't need to our criterion
01:25:384.40 (s)uh they all succeed uh we they all
01:25:438.80 (s)most of them are uh either on a promotion list or get promoted they're at national war college uh i so i don't see
01:25:5319.32 (s)the experience coming to the national war college is is anything but a positive benefit to the military member uh when they're competing selected in it and the the national war college uh again the quality of student that the services are providing is high
01:26:120.78 (s)uh
01:26:147.76 (s)as i shared with you yesterday this being my second class experience the only thing i've seen struggled
01:26:2213.76 (s)in so doing the student list and has been sometimes with be on on on the side due to the op tempo using a little bit late getting there slate in but use i mean they always still it
01:26:364.96 (s)uh and the quality is extremely high just add the hall
01:26:4241.68 (s)shared with you those that are of no from a student how about faculty for for faculty we we are very s. lack yeah the services nominated and to the national war college who they would like to contribute for faculty that faculties interviewed screen and and evaluated recommendation is made to me through a a faculty hiring committee as to whether they need to standards are not interested in my question was about worth this was in the service what i've always for this service called for the people come do you think like um i've got a dead and increment factor here for year two is there variability most services with be when these uh
01:27:246.24 (s)what the military services assign faculty you minute of this telecon processor talk much people
01:27:317.74 (s)but do they perceive that then they have the their cruise enhanced by the effect remember for a computer right but most of them
01:27:3915.60 (s)have had any teaching background or experience and they they know what they're getting into and they seek out the national colleges away to begin the the broaden their uh their teaching uh credentials
01:27:5514.34 (s)uh so i think they come to this from all the services they come to the college fully aware of what they are they're they're p. it's is going to be international work i i don't think they look down on it and say
01:28:101.64 (s)and something negative
01:28:127.22 (s)uh they know they're getting into a teaching around and and most of them are already have uh at the
01:28:205.58 (s)at the p. h. d. levels of the rather senior in years in their service careers already
01:28:269.92 (s)and i think they look at it as a as a positive uh set of years to to spend in the remaining time that they are going to serve with their service here
01:28:3749.64 (s)uh i think dispute as a positive p. d. the people who come to the table colleges military faculty um may not have sought it out but it at some point in your career you could to the point where there is a lot of individual input into this you know where you're going with your life uh but uh for example uh one of our uh one of our military faculty it was just like at the beach area group commander so i think that is very positive sign that uh you know everyone's not going to go on to be chief of naval operations but i will tell you the people i talk to all uses you positive and feel like the really do meaningful work here's here's the so we we can help the person who just coming right off the flight line right up the thing in for example in our scratching policy we put we can put a very experienced um uh civilian professor
01:29:2714.54 (s)in with c. newer trashing policy professor okay but but the but the the point in that uh it with the person the people i've talked to remember we've been or seven months i talk a lot as a matter of fact be almost all users apologize
01:29:446.38 (s)uh i think you i think we have to look at our for spectrum work on chart kernels in a in a sort of unique way
01:29:511.88 (s)okay to answer your question
01:29:544.30 (s)uh colonel kernel common teaches united states army war college uh
01:29:593.40 (s)arnold between or twenty fifth and thirty year servers
01:30:033.90 (s)uh they don't come back to get promoted to general options
01:30:071.94 (s)i think that's very important say here
01:30:100.80 (s)uh
01:30:1113.46 (s)i would welcome lieutenant colonel senior lieutenant colonels and work your karlsruhe we're competitive competitive for brigadier general but perhaps for others second or third order effects of goldwater nichols
01:30:264.12 (s)is that when a student finishes of the work arch
01:30:309.94 (s)uh it's very hard for him to have him or her to have the time the discretionary time to serve eight two or a duty as an educator
01:30:413.38 (s)and the war college and still remain competitive
01:30:453.54 (s)uh in part because they need to go into joint quite often
01:30:493.54 (s)and we've actually had uh students that we like
01:30:530.58 (s)okay
01:30:541.38 (s)but if we kept them
01:30:564.34 (s)uh they would not be competitive for general option having said that
01:31:0119.32 (s)i believe that the kernel should do sure i don't i don't think we've had to drag anyone back to do this uh i think that there are point in their career and they want to get back and they want to be outstanding educators and their reputation institutions such and i'm very pleased to come
01:31:210.74 (s)uh
01:31:221.34 (s)have great maturity
01:31:247.28 (s)and i have experience and they said this job particularly well at this particular time in their career
01:31:321.36 (s)um so
01:31:357.74 (s)i think that the quality of my factly particular the military fact is absolutely outstanding i mean they are for racing
01:31:441.14 (s)uh and check
01:31:451.50 (s)i hope that answers your question
01:31:507.26 (s)so uh i would i would agree completely with uh journal and that the quality of the faculty is fabulous
01:31:574.52 (s)uh i would say that the um expectations
01:32:024.08 (s)of the fact the military faculty are different and they
01:32:071.46 (s)they run the full spectrum
01:32:0912.36 (s)um there are those that um as you for coming there knowing that probably the last assignment sometimes because they wanted to be sometimes because there timing in their in their career
01:32:2233.10 (s)um i have one data point we lost one faculty member this year is all and she got a great joined assignments here uh in the d. c. area basically what she wanted so it was looked upon favorably there we have five volunteers to get their p. h. d. to come back and teach uh at the year were college and so expand the uh the entire gambit we in this last uh brigadier general nomination board uh one of the people had been a faculty member and so i think uh i think it's it's not a uh
01:32:559.72 (s)you know well maybe in the past look that is the data and assignment i think i've looked at it say a uh uh valuable assignment to the service but
01:33:061.56 (s)they can contribute still
01:33:087.48 (s)depending no matter where they are in that spectrum whether their their career this might be their last assignment or whether they want to continue on
01:33:180.80 (s)uh server
01:33:204.38 (s)the president or universities maybe this policy that he he's willing to
01:33:252.66 (s)quite continuity capability
01:33:287.50 (s)so it's been a policy university well services to select the best and the brightest become struct or direct
01:33:3632.42 (s)at the various uh colleges that that uh there's some risk and that's in the you'll have an office for year maybe two years before he selected for commander for promotion but that's a will it uh wrists we're willing to is to get confidence that he arrangements was operational experience for myself as a director like peta diverse is yeah select this bill is uh the other marine will be coming on board this year emily coming out of the national war college was hand selected for this bill and and has a
01:34:098.38 (s)uh right potential for future service and uh promotion in fact among my sister colleges of the
01:34:1821.36 (s)uh particular work or school last two directors their reflect brigadier general during their tours they're showing the value that the marine corps with in education as an investment for the future among the other services that we have on that usair s. systems are not to officers air force all often which reflected the
01:34:3919.88 (s)uh command at wright patterson air force base on fire u. s. air force all behind me we decided to become the dean of academic uh because is academic proficiency and it is support for the school air force or excuse me the army similarly has given me uh operational
01:35:0019.76 (s)uh expert practitioners like for army officer was selected after touring afghanistan reworked at the current operation shop and as a uh active pilot i've been very impressed with the staff we've had them all services and could have ask for a higher quality faculty before with like if they
01:35:202.28 (s)um
01:35:230.76 (s)again
01:35:246.24 (s)take take it to another uh step in uh the chairman's question last about how we go about
01:35:311.08 (s)subtracting
01:35:3327.48 (s)the best in in august case here civilian faculty uh and what are the things that uh if we need to be looking at to to address and or is it things like uh ten year uh copyright pay been be able to keep their their government retirement uh research administrative assistant so what what what we need to be doing to attract and retain of the best and brightest some the civilians faculty
01:36:001.88 (s)yeah generally and start start with you
01:36:0315.24 (s)i i may i may call might be here speak up my when we start time we work hard very very hard to bring and uh counted civilian faculty as well um many are bother why former military officers you have received their terminal degree
01:36:194.86 (s)and so they serve us very well we also and i mentioned this um
01:36:2428.82 (s)have a program at the i said charming war college where we bring in those criminals in the twenty five to thirty year four crew have a particular uh pension for uh academics and being outstanding educators and we send them off to reversed uh work on her doctorate i currently have uh can officers that are never received a p. h. d. in my faculty i have five that are working on it and i have five they and
01:36:534.84 (s)professors who were a product of um
01:36:593.26 (s)we of course uh uh
01:37:0213.42 (s)advertise throughout the united states for openings that that come up and we do very well what state the standard professors of history uh former planners those kinds of leadership
01:37:1622.34 (s)uh but we are not competitive in uh a number of certain areas of as an example e. commerce behavioral scientists military sociologist we we do not pay competitively uh and i i mass uh didn't johnson if you'd like to add perhaps of that and offer up any insights into what we could do differently they'll
01:37:396.08 (s)okay so one of the things we five first nations
01:37:4625.52 (s)uh i have difficulty in basing energy like semex from a more liberal arts background that this is the place for that's to be at least like any of the other schools if we can get someone to interview at our speech and s. spaces and that we are all region quality for students in particular back the utility influence policy on occasion yeah
01:38:125.24 (s)we have a strong possibility of bringing those people to our and then with me
01:38:180.36 (s)it's
01:38:184.80 (s)working with in various disciplines will allow
01:38:260.62 (s)see
01:38:2713.10 (s)sure i would on that list you read off of uh just echo that that did there should be some work uh done on the copyright uh issue
01:38:417.30 (s)and that the new intense discussion it's out there i know that aspect some of the faculty it we
01:38:491.18 (s)if we hire in
01:38:504.26 (s)uh so yeah she we do need to do some homework there
01:38:550.56 (s)uh
01:38:5617.00 (s)we are fortunate again in the washington area to have uh a little bit of a draw on some of that high count it's out here just because this is washington people like to live and work around this this city and
01:39:1420.80 (s)teaching over national defense university is a pretty good job uh if that's what you like to do so that that is a draw we don't have any problems getting people to apply for an opening and to faculty at national defense university we usually end up
01:39:357.52 (s)willing at down and we've got a good solid doesn't every time to to draw from so we i believe we're getting
01:39:433.48 (s)uh top here talent with our civilian hires
01:39:476.68 (s)uh as i shared with you yesterday one of the things yeah i would like to see considered
01:39:5411.98 (s)uh for the national war college was you that uh kind of been endowed chair position to try to draw on the high policy uh
01:40:075.02 (s)national security agency talent that when folks leave those positions
01:40:1212.26 (s)it they have an opportunity to come over and teach it to national war college uh and we can tap into their their recent experiences in that would add a again to the
01:40:256.88 (s)to the uh that the college as far as becoming a pretty it national security strategy institution
01:40:335.52 (s)uh is so what are looking for that kind of in doubt chair possibility would be helpful
01:40:401.30 (s)hall
01:40:437.96 (s)we have many similarities with national college are location gives us a great pool of factly come from but to report from
01:40:5141.62 (s)but i one thing that the general feeling mentions accreditation we we are to have both our schools are credited we want to maintain our accreditation because why would a faculty member in d. c. want to work at a school that doesn't like given accredited master's degree because they can go to george mason georgetown george washington uh the other thing is to uh there's always um concern are we paying them equivalent to if they could go down to george washington and and things of that nature so are working on the tape uh tenure i don't think i would want to go down the tenure route because we don't want our um j. m. institute becomes stale and not have that ability to uh keep currency dot i cath um i've
01:41:3343.78 (s)factly members about ninety two members i because i three point five to one ratio thirty those are military forty five or title ten but i have an additional seventeen to nineteen are as civilians that are our inner agency factly chairs including um uh industry chair right now it's from i. b. m. and it was a very competitive process on a release and american express is sending their next uh industry um share so we have twenty chairs the can come from here agency uh everything from theme of the n. g. a. n. s. a. state department et cetera so we have a very uh dynamic civilian factly that way but i'll ten it's can be accreditations day and uh all the other points that
01:42:171.34 (s)bob pointed out like
01:42:208.82 (s)robust congressman thanks very much uh that's the topic of uh debate with our faculty and is a very timely let me begin by telling you what it's not
01:42:291.56 (s)it's not high salaries
01:42:311.92 (s)it's competitive salaries
01:42:330.88 (s)are important
01:42:3515.88 (s)but i didn't have not had a professor that be salaries than the deciding point of it when it's in the competitive range with other salaries in the in the area what it is is first ability any opportunity to teach can get in the classroom
01:42:513.40 (s)professors want to be in there with the students on a routine basis
01:42:5524.78 (s)this is that we try to remove as much administrative overhead from the faculty as possible uh move away and documenting each course to death and allowing more freedom of how they developed so this is how they run their classes and avoid micro managing their work in the classroom bring them up to spend time mentor and and working with a student
01:43:203.54 (s)uh secondly it's out to do research in their fields
01:43:2435.26 (s)they love their fields and i want to go deeper and broader into them the more we can give them opportunities through times did it do that whether that be sabbaticals short term research opportunities involvement in uh symposium panels lectures and expanding faculty development it's more benefit uh also having top not research facilities as we do it you were colleges is very beneficial expanding outreach is between research centers would be beneficial uh so they get timely information or fields
01:44:000.98 (s)uh the
01:44:027.60 (s)research assistance program we're looking at that currently again the freedom up and go deeper broader in their fields but for research
01:44:113.60 (s)two items that i would like to address that i think this
01:44:151.72 (s)extract more recruiting effort
01:44:172.26 (s)the first is to some degree
01:44:202.46 (s)both to look at the college yourself selecting
01:44:233.24 (s)they have perceptions about what we're colleges are
01:44:274.22 (s)and lack of academic freedom or lack of uh
01:44:3220.56 (s)the topic matter that they'll be able to cover they're still looking at the war our fathers were colleges not the work colleges of today we need to broaden our strategic communications more uh civilian institutions academic uh institutions and think tank so they know what we are about we have a broader pool to recruit from
01:44:538.04 (s)holy it is up to us then broaden that will win job announcements go out that they go to a broader perspective a broader reach
01:45:018.44 (s)and professors that we might not consider otherwise will come in and challenge the curriculum challenge other professors of new will thought
01:45:1013.36 (s)and thereby make it all better not continue to hire this from the same pool of uh professors that we may have in the past and that way i think we also brought educational opportunity for student like
01:45:2438.40 (s)therefore sign server uh it's not always been easy tire uh folks on the maxwell alabama but i will be honest for the and i've only been there year but it yeah i have not seen uh push back with respect to uh um to that in fact i've seen exactly the opposite and i don't know if it has to do the economy or what have you but we were just in the process a hiring uh a political economists this coming goes from one then is is harvard p. h. d. and and we get those kinds of people routinely in our faculty is littered with that kind of talent and so i i couldn't be more pleased with the folks that we have with people that we yet
01:46:0328.24 (s)part of what we can uh offer at uh maxwell it is not necessarily uh available everywhere else and say for maybe uh washington is we have all the schools there and we have the air force research institute there were people can go uh and do research and and uh publishing do those kinds of things that that many of them want to do and so i haven't seen it is an issue uh where i'm at uh and and i'm very pleased that we have
01:46:340.88 (s)i think so
01:46:360.70 (s)um
01:46:3756.66 (s)i i benefit from uh changes that most she'll charter put in place in the early seventies at we have a very vibrant uh civilian faculty as well as our military folks i for example are teaching side we have seventy civilian faculty and sixty four military but as an example and then we it to say six total some of which are doing research working analysis and might my an elected but my point is other twenty two strategy in policy faculty all our p. h. d. from some of our most prestigious universities uh i have the option obtain year uh put in place by admiral turner that were certified by the new england association schools and colleges and other schools have um uh taken our grand string our our strategy curriculum uh you know has a grand strategy course they're starting duke question put it in
01:47:3445.90 (s)all based on the newport strategy policy model uh i'm trying to hiring academic dean uh right now and that we're down to about the last six candidates uh any of them could really do this strong p. h. d. uh academic leader like we can help us a faculty that a vibrant it is series of cheers that we have in place that we're establishing regional chairs the faculty tell me it's also the unique student body uh they know they're not going to have to deal with a lot of nonsense from our from our students caesar meeting career motivated students for going places that are coming right off the front lines there's also a faculty development aspect of this uh which one of the my colleagues alluded to
01:48:2152.40 (s)we want to trimester system and so one of those trimester is at our faculty has the opportunity to go and do their own research and things and and do curriculum development and things like that um uh we yeah have a budget of our most uh so i think we spent over a six hundred thousand dollars on faculty develop are last couple years um i'm aware of the copyright issue i think it's a question a good policy uh we we we have to watch that carefully uh but uh but i think we're okay on that uh and uh and the fact that uh that we uh we just recently went to dot e. d. u. for example are are on the web it tries to dispel some of the of what's going on and and show people turn a light on some of the academic work we're doing for shoes conferences does the detractors where for to the unqualified faculty
01:49:140.76 (s)make sure
01:49:1625.96 (s)we are about to for this women are try real hard to miss this phone i think was we're going to need to leave we have a a a about the questions left uh week of your for almost two hours we almost will certainly have some questions for the record the questions go floor because we have this so you so we appreciate joe here they appreciated testimony and so i'm sure we'll have some follow up questions informally in the future your your path