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00:00:009.48 (s)year two thousand and ten the market for members of the continuation of the second these efforts to improve the quality of life for our service members and their families
00:00:101.66 (s)our country as we know
00:00:132.08 (s)has the name conflict for nearly eight years
00:00:166.88 (s)service members and their families are bearing the brunt of multiple deployment with no foreseeable and insight
00:00:2418.20 (s)it's important that we uphold our responsibility care for those who volunteered to serve our nation in uniform your family given the sacrifice they're making in defense carnation it's been another challenging here are the subcommittee to support all the programs that were brought to our attention and thankfully
00:00:437.28 (s)second they did not have to deal with the dramatic increases to track your feet in premiums previously proposed by the department of defense
00:00:517.72 (s)secretary gates indicated a willingness to work with the committee to address the significant growth in military health care expenditures
00:00:591.60 (s)and while we could have included
00:01:022.32 (s)a provision that prohibits these this year
00:01:046.84 (s)that's a provision sends the wrong signal that we will be unable to sustain continued prohibitions on healthcare fees in the future
00:01:1216.36 (s)we need to work together not only with the department of tasks but with those who represent our military personnel and their families to find a fair and equitable solution that protects our beneficiaries and ensures the financial viability the military healthcare system for the future
00:01:308.32 (s)i appreciate the support mister wilson the ranking member in working together on this mark and some of the highlights of the bill includes
00:01:396.34 (s)a three point four percent pay raise which is o. point five percent higher in the president's budget request
00:01:4527.26 (s)this is the eleven consecutive year pay raises about d. c. i. in this race will further reduce the gap between military and private sector races from two point nine percent two point four percent from a high of thirteen point five percent during fiscal year nineteen ninety nine is she is the year of the military family and dispatch we have included a number of initiatives that are focused on military families
00:02:1315.74 (s)these include a pilot program first out internship transportation have a second privately owned vehicles to and from a non four and oversee area under requirement or the secretary of defense to study the appropriateness of the current housing standard
00:02:295.60 (s)these are just a few of the provisions that we have included to support our military families
00:02:3619.92 (s)the demands of the army any increase the non deployable soldiers are having an adverse impact on the army effort to reduce round time according to deputy chief of staff of the army this mark includes authorization for the army to increase its active duty in straight thirty thousand uh five hundred and forty thousand four hundred
00:02:572.76 (s)that is authorized for fiscal year two thousand ten
00:03:015.52 (s)over the past several years the subcommittee has maintain a focus on sexual assault and harassment
00:03:072.58 (s)and remains committed to significantly reducing
00:03:111.70 (s)sexual assault and harassment
00:03:131.06 (s)and the mark fields
00:03:154.32 (s)need the mark builds upon the current focus by senior military leadership
00:03:214.68 (s)and agent those efforts to reduce sexual assault and harassment within the department of defense
00:03:272.86 (s)the increasing the force of encompassing for structure
00:03:3018.06 (s)i've had an impact force changes have had an impact on the local communities that support them and therefore the markings of authorization of fifty million and department depends impact aid programs an additional fifteen million for local educational agencies directly impacted by force structure changes and brass
00:03:5119.42 (s)unfortunately the second he wasn't able to include the disability compensation provision that was included in the president's budget we do not have the mandatory octave to pay for this five point one billion proposal within the subcommittee that the democratic leadership is working with the committee and a resolution to the issue is expected
00:04:1216.12 (s)i appreciate so much the contributions of all the members of the subcommittee and comedian developing our market of course i would say the staff as well or we could not accommodate all the requests that were brought before except maybe we're certainly able to accommodate a sizable number of them
00:04:291.08 (s)this is a good mark
00:04:303.30 (s)and i appreciate the support of the ranking member mister wilson
00:04:3524.76 (s)to wilson do you have any comments that you would like to make a future woman but it is not a mature woman recommendations contained in the subcommittee report to the full committee for both of them open and very unusual bipartisan process has been a pleasure to work with you and you're dedicated to developing them also want to think we stuff members john shuffling in the j.
00:05:0060.00 (s)you've already highlighted the major points but i would like to highlight some of the more important recommendations mark i want to thank you for not only including and you're mark mei bill h. r. is eighteen sixty four to provide for three point four percent basically ways for the military but also for adopting a change to the matching on requirements to between the affirmative defense in this space for the shuttle gourd you challenge program and it was to them as soon as moment ago that as we're sitting here in pundits we see marching uh troops oh well the highlights from the as the vessel as the of it and so forth plus the spectral know where b. u. challenge problem comes along as um sitting there watching uh people would think that these are young people from the private italy's military high school a that when effectively all these wrestlers children who uh come from broken homes uh but um i'm sure woman they're going to chance
00:06:0071.20 (s)the uh many of them will go into the military and have extraordinary externally fulfilling lots and folks like you uh for including you've jones program i would also note the discretionary authority to increase the size on but thirty thousand people in two thousand eleven for two thousand twelve so schools close with significantly improved illness ability to or bozeman units it's something that is no challenge well a large number of non deployable personal enormous roll uh for virtual to the process to account for prisoners of war and missing in action is reflected in your mark for the first time ever the form of defense we'll have just or amended to account for all the missing from world war two crew of the cold war a number of the persian gulf war and other conflicts designated the so it's true of defense for the more of the do the will be tested significantly increase the number of those occasions from the close of nuclear year two two hundred but twenty fifteen and subsequently three hundred fifty per year but twenty twenty
00:07:1223.88 (s)other and an issue so mentioned this but again if we should be included uh extending chiropractic healthcare to all active duty military um numbers extending try to care reserve selector so that our reserve were qualified foreign on regular time and but not yet it sixties otherwise known as close to greater retirees and
00:07:3610.32 (s)work or in the medical examination prior to the involuntary separation of service members would pose post traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury
00:07:4758.98 (s)with all of the good things in this mark i must communicate much disappointment that we were unable to adopt any provision containing mandatory spending i know the lack of also to force you to take at least three provisions of the mark i'm also versus one is is the budget committee filter the bug them and the choice of room for personal boneless proposal that we would have allowed military personnel retard with disabilities the so called chapter sixty one retirees to suit both their full military just really art put it and do disabilities but the budget committees so you too favorably respond to both of the presence request as well as the of the committee's since the wrong message toward is suitable military retirees displays my resolutions concern this is an excellent mark on intensive supported and i again want to thank you for your leadership i don't want to go to college further input
00:08:4720.22 (s)thank you mr wilson i appreciate the comments through an pretty markup h. r. twenty six forty seven the national defense authorization act for fiscal year two thousand and ten members should have before them copies of our technique marking directive report language without objection the first reading of the bill is dispensed with any is there any thoughts discussion of questions on that chairman smart
00:09:139.62 (s)no uh no discussion uh the chair then lays before the members detected the mark for consideration without objection the market open to at any point
00:09:251.50 (s)are there any amendments
00:09:327.72 (s)the question now it occurs on the adoption of the mark so many as are in favor say i those opposed no
00:09:422.82 (s)yeah i have it in the marks is adopted
00:09:477.28 (s)thank you and now i recognize the demo from arkansas got decided for the purpose of them up notion
00:09:554.14 (s)i'm sure i'm going to move this some the subcommittee report more favorably to the full committee
00:10:006.52 (s)the question is on the motion the gentleman from arkansas doctor snyder so many are our favorite will say i as opposed
00:10:086.10 (s)quarantine present that i have it in the market adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table
00:10:154.98 (s)without objection members have five legislative days and we should submit a written statement into the record
00:10:206.56 (s)so ordered i also ask unanimous consent that happy operates make necessary conforming technical spherical changes
00:10:297.20 (s)that objection so ordered there being no further legislative business before the subcommittee this meeting is or