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00:00:005.28 (s)or twenty six forty seven the national defense authorization act twenty two
00:00:061.86 (s)if you do the change in administration
00:00:085.20 (s)department event did not include any budget request plants out you karen
00:00:144.72 (s)it's understandable that any new administration you sound to organize in the future policy decisions
00:00:209.90 (s)in fact it administrations that a full budget request sooner than the last time presence they change of course by the budget request an executive branch this also be viewed
00:00:302.48 (s)by congress jetsons out direction
00:00:3312.54 (s)prostitution united states gives clear authority to the congress provided maintained regardless of a recommendation of the administration this subcommittee working in a traditional bipartisan fashion
00:00:464.50 (s)details clear vision construction capability of the nations of the navy of our nation
00:00:518.80 (s)propl offer us a total of forty four billion dollars in procurement accounts increase the fifty seven million about the presence budget request
00:01:019.20 (s)more would also authorize eighteen point nine billion dollars in research and development in increasing four hundred and five million dollars above the budget request
00:01:117.40 (s)key issues addressed in this could enable strike fighter capacity and see fleet force structure
00:01:203.60 (s)spark recognizes even if the secretary of defense is not
00:01:246.34 (s)that's the navy is facing acute storage strike fighters to feel the air wings are carriers in the coming decade
00:01:3113.14 (s)this more for the alleviate the shortage by granting motel your procurement authority in funding to contract for more f. n. eighteen f. supports the eighteen g. grouse in the current program of record
00:01:461.56 (s)if an aging aircraft
00:01:482.40 (s)all the a strike fighters in the world today
00:01:511.58 (s)for only have twenty fifth
00:01:543.72 (s)hopefully our navy and air force one i assume go to battle with each other
00:01:584.86 (s)which means that the have day eighteen is superior to any other strike fighter in the world
00:02:048.96 (s)the more clearly indicates that the navy should build more these planes instead of trying to extend the life of older unless people s. they eighteen eight two d.
00:02:143.02 (s)it makes absolutely no sense to any of this
00:02:184.88 (s)that we should pay twenty six million dollars to extend the flying life of an older plane
00:02:234.36 (s)just to get fifteen hundred hours went for five on i'm sorry for fifty million
00:02:284.80 (s)they can buy a brand new or capable plane that will be good for eight thousand dollars
00:02:335.98 (s)the more also supports the procurement if they have thirty five b. f. thirty five c. joint strike fighter
00:02:404.92 (s)which would be the aircraft carries naval forces deep into the middle distance
00:02:464.14 (s)however this more along with the recommendation of their land force subcommittee
00:02:514.68 (s)continue to this that the department defense develop an alternative engine for these aircraft
00:02:565.28 (s)the alternative engine program is the only way to ensure quality product at a competitive price
00:03:032.60 (s)the more funds the construction of it initiates
00:03:061.38 (s)virginia class summary
00:03:089.32 (s)he d. d. g. fifty one class store three patrol combat ships to t. a. k. e. cargo ships and one joint high street
00:03:184.08 (s)the mark is just funding for the third and last of the d. g. one house
00:03:221.94 (s)and they can't l. p. d. seventeen
00:03:255.48 (s)it in the more provides funding for long lead material for the construction of seven additional this
00:03:3111.60 (s)because the backbone of united states we have the capability the distorted force this mark will grant the navy more tell your procurement already to restart the line for d. d. g. fifty one destroys
00:03:4313.80 (s)there's no reason to pay a premium for vessels that we know our nation is going to buy it motel your procurement save the taxpayers money about purchasing and wanting lousy industry to make investment capital improvements
00:03:574.82 (s)also tells on navy training base where trained soldiers and sailors for the future
00:04:033.28 (s)the more clearly that sub committees vision for the future
00:04:076.72 (s)and i vision is a fleet of at least three hundred thirteen ships if we want to have a high low mix
00:04:143.74 (s)with with our aircraft carriers nuclear group clues on the high end
00:04:199.20 (s)and over ninety d. d. g. fifty one to stores at least forty eight virginia class submarines and at least fifty five with all combat ships
00:04:2911.28 (s)in addition if we want to the capabilities can doug amphibious operations all and humanitarian operations from these days without the need for foreign nation to allow staging basing rights
00:04:416.52 (s)that capability will be comprised before so not few fewer and thirty three vessels in in theory is all force
00:04:484.04 (s)composed of helping d.'s l. a. j.'s and a l. h. p.
00:04:534.60 (s)the subcommittee will consist savings will consist of role on the law ships
00:04:583.02 (s)reposition container ships in landing or
00:05:022.86 (s)landing platform chip what m. l. p.
00:05:068.14 (s)which is a key there so for the movement supplies sure today is more contains the funding for the research and development procurement of all the ships
00:05:155.88 (s)their concerns that you building program and i've got to express my concerns with the mall program
00:05:211.08 (s)secretary exactly
00:05:256.38 (s)secretary exactly as inform the committee that he thinks this the way for future aircraft carriers to launch lines
00:05:328.52 (s)i'm in agreement with this assessment but i think the subcommittee should know that we are casting eighty seven billion dollar bet on that stuff
00:05:417.50 (s)if this fails to be delivered on time i get the unintended consequences of having monday nation go down to nine or fewer characters
00:05:495.14 (s)it could also take we should be a seven billion dollar craft area in turn it into a seven billion dollar
00:05:550.84 (s)okay okay
00:05:561.66 (s)allow that to happen
00:05:595.28 (s)because of the gravity of this because we've had problems with p. l. c. s. program because we have problems
00:06:0512.78 (s)and the coast guard with the one since last one twenty threes because of the problems with the d. g. one thousand i think a big part of that problem is that the office is in charge of been passing the baton on an annual basis
00:06:187.78 (s)and there's no one in effect is held accountable for for bad decisions that are made for things that are to delivered on time and have proper matter
00:06:267.02 (s)because of that we are going to direct the secretary two point one officer take this program from now testing
00:06:347.68 (s)it's takes take about three years another officer to take a program from testing through the delivery of of the best
00:06:423.18 (s)and we want to make it perfectly clear that office was career
00:06:4613.78 (s)is based on been delivered on time and on budget i'm sure that the navy is full of capable officers we would welcome the chance to make she's to be the seven billion dollar mantra united states navy make sure that for class carriers delivered on time and on budget
00:07:013.16 (s)i'm also concerned about the uh progress to work on that ship
00:07:045.76 (s)should be no secret anyone in this town that we are disappointed former chairman bartlett or not
00:07:1116.16 (s)on a regular basis we're told for years of the program was on time on budget only to be told in november of oh six so we have a terrible problem the main reduction gear was cut backwards literally got to go back in the shipping on do a number of things that start put it back together
00:07:284.92 (s)no one should be happy that one version is three hundred billion overbudget i'm sorry three hundred million over budget
00:07:336.00 (s)second version is close to four hundred million overbudget in both or at least eighteen months later on delivery
00:07:411.62 (s)is that the navy to issue
00:07:439.58 (s)the navy is counting on fifty five ships to be a part of three hundred thirteen cheerfully in because as see you know once we are going to try to work with indices it is delivered
00:07:545.10 (s)but out of concern for the free and for the taxpayers to pay for the fleet we're going to make some changes
00:08:004.02 (s)we in issues usability all files four hundred and sixty million dollars
00:08:041.76 (s)for the construction of each of those that's
00:08:074.38 (s)we are going to include in that take it or leave it language to the contractors
00:08:120.98 (s)but you accept this
00:08:136.54 (s)contract with one and sixty million for fixed price if you choose not to accept that
00:08:209.38 (s)and the secretaries all for us to take eighty million of the funds that were not appropriated for the ship would not stay on the ship to details that are drawings that could be put out
00:08:305.16 (s)forbid for someone who will take because i think that is a more than fair prices as you
00:08:3614.40 (s)and that given the fact that we're going to be building a lot of it in given the fact that the oil patch in i'm by the second maritime his way down i've got to believe there are a lot of people who would jump at the chance to build that ship to present vendors do not
00:08:521.46 (s)um
00:08:563.18 (s)so we're going to we will have to take into believing language in here
00:09:006.74 (s)the more call also us funding for the national defense of the responsibilities of maritime administration
00:09:071.42 (s)of the department transportation
00:09:096.68 (s)the market authorize a total of hundred one million dollars which includes sixty million dollars the maritime loan guarantee program
00:09:162.66 (s)often referred to as the time eleven program
00:09:207.78 (s)this loan guarantees are vital to the maintenance of the domestically build u. s. and maintaining robust domestic industrial base ship them
00:09:2812.52 (s)just this morning i spoke to sector transportation neighborhood you shared me that he is very much on the dot eleven program that has is full support and i'm looking forward to working with him at all if speech with this program success
00:09:419.86 (s)again i want to thank all of you for the server on the subcommittee i think we are extremely fortunate to have to retired marines and they've retired navy captain retired admiral
00:09:5220.18 (s)couple of shows i think all of you bring a lot nuclear physicist i can have think i cannot think of a if your group of people way a subcommittee you all i brought a great deal to this committee um a welcome your input now turn to the ranking member my friend from missouri for his frazier more
00:10:1258.86 (s)well for second lieutenant i feel kind of put down here are a little bit good morning first i'd like to thank chairman tailor for extending the welcoming had me and is ever worked closely with the mark uh genes cooperation that especially rewarding since this is my first markup is ranking member of the subcommittee overall this is an excellent market largely reflects the presence budget request for shipbuilding well addressing some industrial base concerns by providing additional advance perk your but funding for two platforms the l. p. d. twenty seven the mobile landing platform m. l. p. i agree with the direction the chairman is provided on the electromagnetic one system which is critical to the on time delivery of gerald ford c. v. n. seventy aircraft carrier the children's more will ensure the navy keeps one person in charge of that system into it till it gets delivered to the carrier um that certainly is uh learning from past experiences i appreciate that
00:11:1146.82 (s)consistency of leadership with respect aviation more generally preserves services joint strike fighter program but mitigate problem wrote a program risk by funding the app one thirty six competitive engine program but also mitigated to restore bayesian posed by significant gap and maybe strike fighters but authorizing another multi year procurement for the only hot production line we have for these aircraft in providing sufficient long lead funding to enable the navy execute such a contract i believe this is a quickly important step especially as it eighty continues to find more areas of concern on the legacy flea that may make a challenging to extend the service life of these aircraft i also believe this committee should continue to take a look at the help of the military aviation industrial base
00:11:5942.02 (s)with respect to the marine corps the marker takes a balanced approach with regard to the expedition are fighting vehicle program we have them well the marines to proceed with the eap program of record fully funded the marine corps really does need this platform in order provide a higher performing safer replacement uh to the decades old a. d. at the same time we insist that brings look at engineering and force protection changes they could make to future spirals to keep pace with the threats we know that are out there i can give you have some concerns about the l. c. s. program and the changes being made to the cost cap of this mark the program has made great strides i believe that eventually can be highly successful
00:12:4152.14 (s)i don't know where there yet want to support the program or making sure we're not sending the signal that we're using up the pressure on industry in the navy control cost besides in response to a question from senator levin about whether there is a realistic prospect the navy is going to be able to meet the goal the cost cap secretary made this told the senate armed services committee last week there was a realistic processes prospect that we could drive toward that goal he went on to say that he would let congress no later this year whether he could keep within the cat my instinct would be to allow the navy to do further operational assessment on the first two before building more uh if there are uh going to cost the taxpayer any more than four hundred sixty million after all as one senior navy official told me this week with respect to the l. c. s. program we need to get through the next year or two
00:13:3456.26 (s)we might be a very different position than we are right now despite these concerns i absolutely agree with the direction chairman tailor is taken to allow the baby to develop a technical data package to compete these ships should they be unable to war them in the an f. y. i. ten due to the cost cap i know many members have been uneasy about the potential waiver to allow the navy to retire the aircraft carrier enterprise all of this issue will be handled in the full committee mark i think it's safe to say that we send a strong message to the department that we want the risks associated with this plan reassessed before twenty thirteen to make sure we are arming our national security my last comment is a bitch pictures concern we should be building more ships and we should be investing more in the future of navy and marine corps but the top line provided by the administration frankly by the congress is too all all we were shoveling money out the door in the so called
00:14:3143.00 (s)stimulus and all matter of bail outs we are tightening our belts on defense this makes no sense from either a job creation for national security perspective the german is done is that the best he could uh within the the fiscal constraints that we have thank you to all of our members whose contributions help to make others a strong product that it is i urge my colleagues to support the bark and uh once again thank you joe but the other particular for your open mindedness and and we'll willingness to work with is in a completely bipartisan way for for the good of the red white blue we appreciate that back the is see one l. c. d. markup h. r. twenty six forty seven the national defense authorization act fiscal year twenty can
00:15:149.04 (s)never should have for them copies our sub committees more directive report like jesus without objection the first meeting of the feel is essential
00:15:253.02 (s)is there any discussion or question of germs more
00:15:337.74 (s)i like your attitudes there is further discussion stairways before the members of the more for consideration
00:15:419.54 (s)the chairman memo that the subcommittee report the market cemented it just okay okay without objection the mark is open to him at any point
00:15:5613.44 (s)and then force chair i have minutes um on behalf of um itself and also a constant whitman i'm just not asian yeah the sectarian eighty is indigo check it it's indicated that he is
00:16:1051.26 (s)on to be news be uh c. d. v. n. simple year plans to five year plans this is which simply require report to be issued that february of but next year about sector eating navy um we're concerned because overall this um change could reduce the is carry carrier based and twenty forty uh from the statutory one of eleven and it just made with that any real strategic announcers it was just on with they comment that the potential right uh not that digital rights change but simply that u. s. is now in a position enabled dominance no question that changing it will i read these p. annual cost each year a we have had an analysis to show what the overall cost might be just basically over choirs on that look at that overall cost because you it's very construction also x. what we're doing stuff
00:17:019.34 (s)uh and all of our other shipbuilding programs stuff uh i'd like to for like that now healed uh some time to constant but many times acid like
00:17:128.60 (s)j. recognizes congressmen uh would like to go first thank you my guess is there i'm going to ask unanimous consent
00:17:214.40 (s)the subcommittee consider this and the other two amendments in block
00:17:260.48 (s)uh
00:17:283.32 (s)they've been examined by both myself and the ranking member
00:17:323.10 (s)the deplorable them at that time
00:17:369.14 (s)and then offered by mr forms of virginia stir what kind of virginia mr nine virginia or class carrier report and limitation on use on
00:17:463.00 (s)amendment offered by mister set second pennsylvania
00:17:493.58 (s)study on in liquid fuel reactors or naval forces
00:17:542.14 (s)and then offered by just recording in connecticut
00:17:562.74 (s)sense of congress concerning the disposition of r. one
00:18:013.86 (s)two now recognizes generally from virginia missed enough problems
00:18:0623.70 (s)i think mr for flight out yeah issue very very concise you just want to had a couple of words support that this amendment essentially i think we all understand very well the importance of the carrier to our to our naval fleet we're asking that decision uh potential decision about changing the number of cares in a sleepy taking in that uh more deliberate process and and a. t. r. and that we're asking the secretary just a report
00:18:301.46 (s)on um
00:18:3315.90 (s)some of the factors that go into the that decision looking at potential cost increases how would you training um any potential loss of expertise and pushing back that building schedule and other technical support issues that might come so since we were just ask you to take a careful look at this decision before we
00:18:494.00 (s)uh for them to uh to determine the outcome on it so i support the amendment
00:18:531.50 (s)i think mr force resolution
00:18:5552.24 (s)there's it but this the other general in one of the other gender from recognize it when i thank the chairman i mean very brief an echoing uh the uh that in essence four semester now i i'm in complete agreement with this i think the big thing we're we're asking the navy do with this is to make sure that we continue to evaluate the strategic needs this nation as we look at our carriers frank in the construction schedules and that is critical especially in today's dynamic environment especially challenges that we have in our should doing provenance we want to make sure and we are up to the moment and keeping everything in mind and see this nation strategic need and where we are shipping and i think this amendment accomplished on um corny do you wish to speak you and then i'm very briefly uh mister chairman uh by m. m. it's just a preserve unique part of america's naval history which is e. n. r. one uh
00:19:4829.82 (s)brainchild admiral work over over forty years ago to have nuclear power research vehicle the circle the globe forty years if he after knowledge of our planet as well as uh helped our national security uh it was t. commission i'm december in december oh wait be uh enable summary museum in connecticut is um very excited about the possibility preserving again this unique part of our history and this encourages to maybe will help uh system that effort and i thank the chairman strapped for their help in draft of this amendment
00:20:192.00 (s)thank you you remember
00:20:2146.84 (s)it's quick is german um i still think there's if i might at some question about the study the team will be here two years ago on anniec of their power uh for surface combatants insidious forces particularly the cost that was done for the summer cost of are already established logistical uh fuel bases out around although i task maybe three times for an answer to some questions here and haven't dot net um i think if we do then proceed out in the future into uranium days we might at least want to take a look at for based on one particular reason it appears as though this i think it needs to be as and it may have and with as little as one one thousand of the way
00:21:097.94 (s)we take that as compared to rename plant and particularly the closure of yucca mountain as and um
00:21:183.40 (s)talked about here by the administration um
00:21:2218.12 (s)if we do proceed down this path it might just be worth one look at this as a instantly so if we do go eat i think the reactors that at least we have a look at spike kind of your thanks jim questions on the adoption of the on block more amendments those in favor say aye i those those no
00:21:442.38 (s)of any further amendments germs more
00:21:583.08 (s)question else occurs on the adoption of the more as amended
00:22:014.56 (s)so many is is all in favor say aye aye those opposed opposing though
00:22:078.18 (s)appreciate that okay that they have it in the market adopted
00:22:219.90 (s)on the chair now recognizes the chairman of the red and this subcommittee very valued member of this committee agenda from texas the door to use for the purpose of emotion
00:22:326.28 (s)chairman uh the market demand that they would to the full committee
00:22:396.96 (s)question is on the motion of the general from texas authorities those in favor say uh uh those those no
00:22:4712.38 (s)guys have it and let me take this opportunity to thank all the people who work at all on the a subcommittee stand full committee staff and putting is still together captain will out
00:23:0031.08 (s)misty's even though and uh himself is retired aviators we uh again if they have done i think a great job of making the most of the resources that we made available to is i do believe that we're taking steps to gives back to three hundred thirteen ship navy we were taken steps to address fighters shortfall taking steps with the nuclear cruiser to work towards i untied nations energy independence a lot of good things in this bill and i appreciate the input of everyone if you and we look forward to having it uh part of the full committee mark actually thank you very much
00:23:324.32 (s)being present uh in the more
00:23:375.56 (s)quorum being present that have have it in the market adopted without objection in motion to reconsider sleep on the table
00:23:435.94 (s)without objection members way of five legislative days with within to submit written statements on the records or
00:23:507.10 (s)ask unanimous consent that the be authorized to make the necessary conforming technical clark changed without objection
00:23:574.54 (s)there being no further legislative business before the subcommittee this meeting is in there