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00:00:001.48 (s)maybe will come to order
00:00:0511.02 (s)morning uh uh meet day terrorism unconventional but keep the subcommittee um to consider are portion of the fiscal year twenty ten national set up right station
00:00:1760.00 (s)proportional legislation focuses on several issue one we are primarily concerned uh with counter terrorism activities in particular activity or special operations command uh giving them support in finding out another pilot extremist groups also focus on technology um in developing uh the weapons and technologies of the future that will be necessary to help our work fighters protect our national security in a wide variety of areas um and lastly will focus on unconventional threats to our country focusing on cyber security chemical and biological attacks i'm making sure we funding agencies that are primarily tasks with protecting us from those threats um has always i am very very pleased cooperation receive them all committee members uh we are very happy to have the level bipartisan support i want to specifically thank mr miller um and uh staff on both sides of the readership helpful in this mark together
00:01:1722.02 (s)uh for all of the issues that we hear about the press where we have you know constant partisan fights i've never seen one uh on the subcommittee because we are united in our belief um special operations command needs this full support eight hour full support uh infighting countered infighting the kind of terrorism five i really appreciate that work uh in particular uh staff on both sides pulling this together as well
00:01:3960.00 (s)two right at the top list a we do focus on so com um we uh on them anti we use the levels eight point six five billion which is an increase from last year uh and most importantly the subcommittee uh has managed to find the money to fully fund all of the unfunded requirements um that will put in for so com um variety of different issues there i would want to try to give them the tools and equipment they need not to be able to do what we ask them to do um we also have tried a variety of ways to uh further empower so com on personnel matters uh in to help take the we don't irregular warfare so we're very happy fully fund that and provide them with the on funded requirements piece um on technology one of our you know main focus is is cyber security and i will say that i believe this is something that our government collectively need to do more work on i deal with it in this comedian when we deal with in in in intelligence committee as well there are several members this up many who serve on that as well
00:02:3931.86 (s)all um there's a lot going on it needs to be better coordinating better focused um we try to focus that focus on that issue in this mark on by directing agencies to take those steps that are necessary um i think we've got a lot of good ideas and a lot of good people would just need to pull it together and and be more effective on that particular piece so that is the bulk of what is in an hour mark i guess the the the final thing i want to say is that in doing counter terrorism we're very focused on inter-agency cooperation
00:03:1260.00 (s)you know we have specific jurisdiction of the special operations command that has was mentioned um we are part of a larger counter terrorism counter insurgency fight and so or a lot of different agencies um in particular the state department the intel community indio d. have to work closely together in cooperative wait uh to best due to counter insurgency in counter terrorism fight in some places that's working well um i picked which it might have to adam olsen um in general crystal when he was the head of j. stock for their efforts to reach out and work in an inter-agency cooperate way to pull other groups in that are necessary um to fight the fight in iraq and afghanistan um but as we continue to uh look at this battle as it spreads beyond iraq and afghanistan and africa southeast asian other places cooperation between the state department the intel community in d. o. d. are going to be absolutely critical um to properly prosecuting this fight i guess is one more issue one want to talk about on the we are very
00:04:1260.46 (s)oh post on in that h. t. t. p. communications on which is fancy sounding word that basically means the the illogical fight we focus a lot this committee on disrupting existing terrorist networks in that will always be a critical part of the counter terrorism fight um in again i chase stock and so collab done a fabulous job on that identifying the top leadership enough now another terrorist networks that threaten us uh and disrupting them in a variety of ways has been very successful um but is everyone will admit you will not be sufficient to win the fight against al qaeda another bile extremist groups we have to win the battle for hearts and minds we have to communicate a message it stops the radicalize playstation uh so much of the muslim youth across the world and that is a matter of strategic communications messaging so we are focused on that working with um various different agencies to trying to make sure we better communicate our message and with that that concludes my opening statement i will recognize uh the ranking member mr. miller for any statement that he might
00:05:1460.00 (s)like with german appreciate so the opportunity uh i do have an opening statement uh i would like entered into the record i'd like you know since it's a revised it's been without objection why we're doing that i i have and everything and i should submit for the record as well um without objection uh although the staff has asked the that i do uh have one uh part that i read this just says of the staff to deserves our perk appreciation for their diligence professionalism and hard work all of which are very thus greatly in the preparation of this more uh i i would take notes though that uh this this is uh uh a great bipartisan effort i thank you mr chairman i would say that our effort has been made somewhat more difficult because of the late release of the budget uh the gag order uh that most of us are aware of that was placed on uh by the circuit here defense uh so we could work through those issues uh and and i think you put a uh a great mark together uh one of the great causes steps that i have try to focus on his uh the
00:06:1420.92 (s)the department's uh effort to expand late so uh and or special operations capability uh the coalition forces as we all know play important role uh in afghanistan uh and it's our responsibility to help continue that help make to become more engaged in more effective uh so what that uh mature german you back so we can begin
00:06:3620.64 (s)thank you very much when i've seen the markup h. r. twenty six forty seven the national defense authorization act for fiscal year twenty and uh member should have copies before them of the market directed report language that action first reading bills that's what if there are any discussions were questions on the more members which make comments
00:06:599.90 (s)if there's no further discussion surely for the members the text of mark for consideration and that objection the markets open to him in at any point are there any mean
00:07:122.62 (s)moving right along um
00:07:177.32 (s)question our current on the option on the mark as amended so many as are in favor will say i
00:07:261.12 (s)pose no
00:07:291.96 (s)uh i haven't it
00:07:374.82 (s)and the chair now recognizes general from north german north carolina's macintyre for the purpose of emotion
00:07:4311.52 (s)like he was chairman thank you for your excellent leadership and work on those those places serve with you and with our fellow subcommittee members of mr chairman i move to the subcommittee report to mark favorably to the full committee
00:07:575.42 (s)question on the motion determines what carolyn macintyre so many as are in favor will say i uh
00:08:041.36 (s)i haven't
00:08:079.78 (s)and the mark is adopted without objection sri considers laid upon the table uh without objection members have five what's the days within which to submit written statement into the record
00:08:197.86 (s)i also ask unanimous consent that staff got threats make necessary conforming technical in clerical change this about direction so ordered
00:08:284.88 (s)anybody else have anything else things thank you very much um
00:08:3444.96 (s)if we could make the full committee mark goes this quickly next week we would all well in particular i think the staff would be particularly is so why again thank the members and the staff are making this with process i i guess the only the only thing i want to say before we go is that um this process the public process always make this work so much easier than it actually it's i think in the last several months and mr miller's point about how late the budget arrive in all the work that had to be done the staff to pull this together um right up to the point of very early morning hours today uh to make this work to get the language in to get the budget numbers right um it's a lot harder than it works was just with that why i really appreciate all the work of support the other made it happened uh in with that uh we are here