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00:00:521.12 (s)well good morning
00:00:568.30 (s)i don't think we've quite a ride a quorum number yet but if the members agree we can get started we won't take any enables without
00:01:061.18 (s)quorum but uh
00:01:071.60 (s)any objection to getting started
00:01:153.58 (s)well this subcommittee on and land then we'll we'll come to order
00:01:191.46 (s)they settle on to everyone
00:01:221.42 (s)delighted to be here with you
00:01:240.72 (s)this morning
00:01:255.68 (s)we need to markup h. r. twenty six forty seven national defense authorization
00:01:322.44 (s)bill for fiscal year two thousand and ten
00:01:361.14 (s)i want to thank
00:01:381.68 (s)and more than just think but
00:01:401.88 (s)express my deep gratitude
00:01:432.50 (s)two are my ranking member rascal bartlett
00:01:461.68 (s)forced friendship is council
00:01:482.40 (s)uh is on on failing desire to
00:01:524.18 (s)work not just with me but with all the members on behalf of the
00:01:561.54 (s)defense of the united states
00:01:592.80 (s)there uh i'm sure there are
00:02:032.12 (s)members in the congress equal to
00:02:063.72 (s)to uh mr. bartlett in terms of this commitment and dedication but
00:02:104.50 (s)i really can't conceive of anybody more dedicated more persevering
00:02:155.72 (s)and it's public duties then uh rascal bartlett i think him and i think the entire staff
00:02:215.62 (s)for those who may be uh new in the audience i noticed there are folks here we are visiting
00:02:282.60 (s)the staff of the armed forces committee as a whole
00:02:313.94 (s)and the staff serving this this subcommittee on and land
00:02:363.52 (s)our complete professionals they do not have an idea logical
00:02:4017.62 (s)bias or base they serve the members and by extension serve the people of the united states enacted professional capacity we do not differentiate on this committee between republicans democrats independents or any other ideological or party persuasion
00:02:584.10 (s)uh we work together and take some a measure of pride
00:03:034.16 (s)uh in the fact that when it comes to the defense of the united states well we may have
00:03:084.50 (s)difference is uh in judgement as to what the best course or direction is
00:03:134.14 (s)we nonetheless all have uh as our principal focus
00:03:183.46 (s)our main focus of the defense of the united states
00:03:224.12 (s)uh so i think all uh i'm not on that basis
00:03:272.04 (s)for helping us to put this mark together
00:03:3014.02 (s)uh i will say as as well everyone on this subcommittee i can assure you is treated with respect uh again parties makes no difference whatsoever with regard to taking into account everybody's judgment
00:03:444.08 (s)and uh in the end we submit that judgment to to the whole
00:03:490.84 (s)and uh
00:03:509.64 (s)go forward uh knowing that we've given our best efforts and our best judgments and uh hope that uh strategic interests of the united states are advance
00:04:012.98 (s)this proposed marcus first priority for readiness
00:04:0514.70 (s)uh that obviously then uh having said that provides the opportunity for having arguments about what constitutes readiness and to the degree or extent we may have some differences of opinion or judgment there that will become a pair
00:04:205.42 (s)readiness uh includes providing equipment needed to support our forces in iraq and afghanistan
00:04:260.72 (s)and uh
00:04:276.82 (s)uh providing a response capability to meet uh natural disasters as well as those we create for ourselves
00:04:3511.24 (s)uh crisis response both at home and abroad and to address the most urgent need of the services in this instance the the air force is in uh uh army forces of the united states
00:04:4911.70 (s)i think that we can maybe best move forward from here uh rather than a along opening statement from me um moving to a statement from uh mr. bartlett
00:05:0126.76 (s)in this regard i think i've stayed the philosophy of the committee and what we'll do uh after mr. bartlett statement uh and any other in any statement city members would like to make at this stage will then refer directly to mister roach and uh uh we'll go from there uh with regard to staff being able to be available uh across the board for a presentation of the mark
00:05:303.94 (s)with that i will turn to mr bartlett and ask for his opening remarks
00:05:363.88 (s)thank you mr chairman i'd like to thank you very much for your friendship
00:05:413.84 (s)or you're really committed leadership of this committee into your
00:05:452.98 (s)really fair treatment of everybody on the committee
00:05:491.10 (s)i'd like to thank the
00:05:511.12 (s)committee staff
00:05:532.28 (s)are they really hard work and professionalism
00:05:571.76 (s)second place behind the scenes too
00:06:000.92 (s)get this smart
00:06:027.92 (s)as i said during our oversight hearings there is no doubt that this budget and the decision to come along with it will fundamentally change the united states air force and army
00:06:115.62 (s)during our full committee subcommittee hearings a consistent theme carried scary here today
00:06:176.62 (s)i feel that there has been an absence of but will be a discussion and analysis due to the lack of information from the department
00:06:241.56 (s)to support this budget require
00:06:260.86 (s)i think two probably
00:06:287.32 (s)first the budget should not drive the strategy the strategy should be set the depending requirements are laid out in the budget that follows
00:06:363.54 (s)it appears to me that in many cases funding limitations in the
00:06:404.96 (s)have like twenty ten budget top like this the driver in major policy decision
00:06:461.32 (s)second problem i see is that
00:06:4813.24 (s)instead of openly engaging the legislative branch in policy matters proposed for spark your changes in the shipping of requirements for major weapons platforms executive branches chosen to lock us out of those debates entire i
00:07:024.66 (s)mailing sweeping policy changes buried under the guise of budget require
00:07:081.94 (s)case in point is the joint cargo aircraft
00:07:103.68 (s)i best witnesses in the army the air force it always be like this train
00:07:151.40 (s)well i think it should be
00:07:177.72 (s)out of the army and solely over to the airports but not four months ago we received quite ready roles and missions review report that stated and i quote
00:07:253.30 (s)the option to provide most value to the joint forces was to assign
00:07:292.84 (s)the twenty seven j. two the air force and army
00:07:3315.68 (s)that that was able answer the question but all of them stated that there was no new study or analysis conducted that counted the existing plan to reduce the j. rock approve requirement for seventy eight joint cargo aircraft that was arnie only that did not include the aircraft that the
00:07:490.90 (s)air force meeting
00:07:519.62 (s)what has happened as a result of all this is that the congress is not left to be that puts it takes in the budget but there has been no padding of the underlying threat assumptions policy or strategy
00:08:025.26 (s)this body not the executive branch is charged with a constitutional mandate to right to support armies and they
00:08:081.16 (s)and extremely trouble that
00:08:096.34 (s)these decisions at been negative back even appear at least on the surface to be informed but nothing other than top line budget pressure
00:08:174.24 (s)it's a german i would be very clear the like perspiration is with the department not this
00:08:226.24 (s)in fact it littler information we have received i believe you are members on both sides the island staff it's done an amazing job
00:08:293.48 (s)i said on many occasions the subcommittee of it long tradition
00:08:334.58 (s)focusing on those issues that most impacted ballpark pregnant women and you europe
00:08:383.62 (s)i know that jim is extremely committed to make taking care of our military
00:08:431.58 (s)and he takes it very seriously
00:08:454.34 (s)that's a good examples include your continued support increasing the national guard equipment account
00:08:509.60 (s)the services on but the priority list of the changes the chairman smart makes regards the body armor is long overdue and will no doubt help artwork fighters tremendously for years to come
00:09:003.56 (s)one thing i would like to briefly comment on the on the future combat system
00:09:055.44 (s)as we all know the security defense announces decisions restructure the program and terminate them and ground here
00:09:1111.32 (s)as the chairman of the subcommittee had been asking the hard questions regard the future combat system since two thousand and four with consistently had concerns in regard to the survive ability demand ground vehicle
00:09:230.68 (s)uh but we
00:09:247.60 (s)have never questioned the validity of the need for the army to modernize and replace the combat vehicle believe it is in excess of thirty years old
00:09:334.94 (s)the problem i have is that there is still information we need from the office of the secretary of defense
00:09:387.74 (s)so that we can make informed decisions yeah here we are today two months that the secretary announcement and we still do not have a signed acquisition decision
00:09:472.88 (s)spelled out the top level plan for the respective program
00:09:507.54 (s)as a result we are forced to make some very difficult decisions that i would prefer it we not have to make i recall in two thousand and six with the subcommittee
00:10:013.70 (s)introduce the congressional mandate mandated go no go review the f. s.
00:10:0510.70 (s)uh c. f. c. s. program which is supposed to take place this summer as i recall part of the rationale for that provision was to get always be another office to provide adult supervision of the program
00:10:161.28 (s)it appears that was be
00:10:1819.44 (s)is now very involved with the program is to german my point is that it is not be aren't baseball that we don't have all the information we need to make people fully informed decision i hope is that when we're making up this bill next year that we will be complementing the i mean was the for putting together a robust program with supporting rationale so that we can say we support the program
00:10:388.38 (s)hopefully funded for the president's budget request in order to do that we would need a lot more information and will need to not only hold omni accountable but must
00:10:471.48 (s)also
00:10:4913.72 (s)mr chairman i look forward to moving ahead on these issues with you and the members of the subcommittee we have our work cut out for us we all understand the responsibility we have to ensure that the minimum of our armed forces or precursors very fast and equipment resources and the
00:11:032.24 (s)spark takes important steps toward that goal
00:11:063.86 (s)i ask all members for their support the language before thank you this true
00:11:102.64 (s)thank you very much mr bartlett uh
00:11:143.68 (s)if uh any other member wish to make a statement of this at this point
00:11:1912.64 (s)uh then if any member has a statement they wish to submit to the record uh i have a of a longer statement uh obviously uh to submit and without objection i will i will do so
00:11:320.98 (s)for the record
00:11:364.48 (s)uh say at this point and to two members that
00:11:410.56 (s)uh
00:11:436.14 (s)statement i'm submitting is not different in any respect from the discussions that we've had to this point
00:11:491.04 (s)well with regard
00:11:511.08 (s)uh to the mark
00:11:557.36 (s)we have as uh this department indicated done some reallocation of of phones within thee uh
00:12:034.44 (s)uh the numbers that we are uh started with in terms of the submission
00:12:081.98 (s)uh by uh by the president
00:12:123.16 (s)uh as a result there may be some discussion
00:12:1622.06 (s)uh it's not necessarily a subcommittee level of the full committee level with regard to the efficacy of those uh allocation's a reallocation so i should say and um i hope that if it does have uh if you do have a possible amendments in mind and it does have committee wide implications if we take it up there where uh
00:12:405.32 (s)we're more able than to deal with the money implications uh if there is uh
00:12:468.88 (s)uh a discussion to take place in a bowl to take place with regard to to uh where sums might come in conjunction with policies that members want to pursue
00:12:587.62 (s)i do want to emphasize again for the audience uh may not be uh as familiar with the with the deep content of the uh
00:13:0713.50 (s)of the mark that's before the members that we uh are emphasizing in the readiness context that i outlined uh national guard uh preparedness terms particular in terms of equipment
00:13:213.98 (s)uh on funded priority submitted to us by d.
00:13:252.54 (s)air force and the uh and the army
00:13:290.56 (s)uh
00:13:3060.00 (s)of funding for uh the future combat system at least so far as we know the future combat system still exists as mr. bartlett indicated uh there's some we have some difficulty and discerning as of now as of today as of this minute precisely what the department has in mind so there's a bit of the difficulty in trying to determine precisely where we should direct funds um uh i do want to emphasize the re emphasize what mr. bartlett said that uh there's not a question about and i i don't believe in any of the members mine's with regard to the modernization of the army particularly in the context uh uh of the discussions over over time about the future combat system but be uh this discussion continues as to did did did direction the direction of the future combat system and be uh requisite funding to uh aid in assist that modernization process so that that um discussion remains
00:14:309.10 (s)on the table and uh hopefully by the time we get to the full committee markup will have a much more clear picture
00:14:4020.40 (s)uh and uh i certainly request at this point uh that the the secretary make more explicitly clear uh his uh desires and then the congress can come to a conclusion as to whether or not we want to support those recommendations that includes a whole spectrum of activity within the future combat system uh
00:15:020.80 (s)uh program
00:15:0511.46 (s)we also address obviously the joint strike fighter and uh and other issues associated c. seventeen c. five and so on uh and i think that has been pretty thoroughly distrust as well
00:15:181.40 (s)so at this juncture
00:15:233.74 (s)absent any further discussion or opening remarks
00:15:280.56 (s)uh
00:15:291.48 (s)this term i will first yes
00:15:330.98 (s)uhuh mister marshall
00:15:351.34 (s)i think in in korea
00:15:372.80 (s)as i look the materials before us there uh
00:15:402.64 (s)there's no directive report language included
00:15:441.44 (s)concerning the c. twenty seven
00:15:461.00 (s)oh j. c. a.
00:15:4812.16 (s)uh we we worked out language okay miguel bartlett my myself and staff uh and some of it really is directed constructs i mean airports to enter into a particular bring in particular metrics
00:16:015.48 (s)it also instruct the secretary to come up with some sort of rigorous study
00:16:075.28 (s)uh that would support this notion that we should reduce the the eventual total you're correct
00:16:132.48 (s)um we're going to do with the full committee
00:16:172.20 (s)it'll be submitted and and at full committee
00:16:2215.06 (s)i'll make that mr. roach take i might be able to help just a little bit uh upon looking at it more detail uh last evening mr marshall determine a really crosses jurisdictions it's ready to saying right so it was determined yeah
00:16:3712.52 (s)unchanged it will be addressed in the full committee more everything is then discussed point i assure you will be in full committee because i didn't want to get into difficulty with with uh mister t.
00:16:500.76 (s)i can him
00:16:528.14 (s)yeah difficulty i meant that that i want to make sure we got all the i's and cross the keys in terms of committee jurisdiction and courtesy
00:17:052.12 (s)and some whatever subjects the um
00:17:0733.08 (s)the number in the absentee blinded that it is dealing with the stealth bomber yes the the numbers on that because a lot of it's classified it's been a little slow forced to get a very definitive answer from the air force i'm thinking we're going to get that at ten o'clock this morning i hope that you work with this it and get the committee level if we do need to adjust that number chris b. to make sure they're forced knows exactly what the big means that we want to keep too strong competitors in that race what the gentleman is referring to is uh uh number associated with critical technologies
00:17:4133.16 (s)in turn associated with what's called the next generation bomber that involves both on classified and highly classified activity we will be putting forward a number that becomes the basis for discussion as we move forward with the mark on the bill that that number could change my my premise is is it if you put a number down then you've established to be ed and then after that the discussion will take place is to where goal i i think that's a wise approach just what just want to highlight make sure that your to work with this on it though
00:18:141.56 (s)yes the entities yes thank you
00:18:1914.30 (s)i just like to know that the intent of this is simply to maintain and an industrial base that will be adequate when we finally start with this next generation bomber i would caution that this is a can we've been taking down the road now for a number of years
00:18:340.84 (s)it's something that
00:18:368.26 (s)it's argue could put off till next year so we're putting off the next year if we can be are going to have deep strike bombers the ones we're having our getting old old
00:18:456.02 (s)we got to start you know i would hope that next year mark will include some meaningful money to get started on this program
00:18:541.86 (s)anything else at this juncture
00:18:570.88 (s)comments are
00:19:004.60 (s)thank you will now proceed then with the markup of about twenty six forty seven
00:19:0511.76 (s)the national defense authorization act for fiscal year two thousand and ten the members have before them copies of the subcommittee smart and the directive report language
00:19:188.72 (s)without objection i be first reading of the bill is dispensed with and is there any discussion then at this point uh on the mark before
00:19:321.48 (s)anyone wish to discuss it
00:19:370.50 (s)thank you
00:19:3915.46 (s)if there's no further discussion that is to say no discussion at all at this point other than the commentary that's been raised i lay before the members the text of the mark for consideration and without objection now the is open to amendment at any point
00:19:561.42 (s)are there any amendments
00:20:016.44 (s)again i want to emphasize that this does not preclude any member from offering amendments at full committee
00:20:2911.14 (s)absent any offering of amendments done i want to move to the passage of our mark the question occurs on the adoption of the mark so many as are in favor will say i
00:20:421.14 (s)those opposed no
00:20:452.92 (s)the i haven't the mark is adopted
00:20:491.94 (s)is a request for a roll call vote
00:20:533.28 (s)there is not sufficient uh support for roll call vote
00:20:570.90 (s)therefore
00:20:592.18 (s)the question is um the motion
00:21:020.86 (s)uh
00:21:044.34 (s)perhaps it was a gentleman from texas offers to them them uh motion
00:21:115.36 (s)uh yes yes they will lose gemini move that the subcommittee report the marked as a into
00:21:172.42 (s)uh favorably to the full committee
00:21:212.74 (s)thank you very much deserved sufficient for them
00:21:2510.20 (s)sufficient form exists um the motions then um moved in second it to move the mark to the full committee all those in favor say aye
00:21:360.58 (s)pose
00:21:401.16 (s)you guys have it
00:21:4126.38 (s)without objection uh uh uh as as let me save rather form being present you guys have it uh the markers adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table with without objection members have five legislative days with with which to submit written statement to the record and that is ordered i ask unanimous consent the staff be authorized to make necessary conforming technical and clerical changes
00:22:087.00 (s)without objection that is ordered and if there's no further legislative business before this subcommittee the meeting is adjourned