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00:00:002.48 (s)this year will come to order but before we do that
00:00:043.92 (s)i talked to some members and i thought that it would be appropriate to have a moment of silence
00:00:093.16 (s)for those are very should not french french flight
00:00:121.24 (s)from uh brazil
00:00:152.66 (s)going to paris and if we could just take a moment
00:00:181.04 (s)finding prior
00:00:206.20 (s)all right all those and remember and also very difficult problem i can couple who are not like that we just take a moment so
00:00:514.96 (s)i uh thank our distinguished witnesses for appearing before the subcommittee today
00:00:575.90 (s)uh they the writing the subcommittee would here about our military construction and brock programs
00:01:033.18 (s)uh in general i am pleased with a bunch of request this year
00:01:075.54 (s)i think it does a good job of advancing a number of important initiatives including
00:01:133.28 (s)for funding the bright two thousand and five process
00:01:172.92 (s)and providing infrastructure to support our growing force
00:01:212.70 (s)and we would like to see on an agent infrastructure
00:01:253.26 (s)i'm also concerned about the friends that i see within the form
00:01:290.70 (s)first of all
00:01:305.34 (s)in the brackets thousand five process are at the apparent cost escalation over the past few years
00:01:375.14 (s)the department submitted the first what request equipment the findings of rack two thousand five commission
00:01:445.40 (s)the cost to implement this program that almost double the thirty four billion dollar
00:01:513.34 (s)one all right of reasons have been attributed to this girl
00:01:554.22 (s)i believe there are some purchase underlined two thousand five rack recommendations workflow
00:02:006.30 (s)the department indicated that it's analysis of the rack recommendation were based on consistent planning assumptions
00:02:070.92 (s)unfortunately
00:02:092.44 (s)both training assumptions were completely inadequate
00:02:121.24 (s)this type of that cost
00:02:151.74 (s)it's just like that decisions
00:02:175.30 (s)i'm also concerned about whether we could meet the statutory completion date of september twenty eleven
00:02:232.52 (s)i am concerned about the truck might be taken
00:02:272.92 (s)and monday may be wasted in that that to me that that
00:02:3112.72 (s)it is important that department take a critical look at this program and review the implementation find nice to make sure that government waste it should eliminated and artificial acceleration in the or a boy
00:02:466.98 (s)we all the men and women of our armed services and the taxpayers of this nation the very best rack implementation plan
00:02:543.16 (s)that's mostly relocate forces in strict compliance
00:02:571.76 (s)with the right decisions
00:03:000.96 (s)on another subject
00:03:013.72 (s)i wanted to discuss preppack to realignment the united states forces in the pacific
00:03:064.78 (s)the most pressing it just relates relates the marine corps realignment from walking about what one
00:03:125.16 (s)well malone we we're expecting more than ten billion dollars in construction in the next few years
00:03:181.14 (s)it is four
00:03:202.70 (s)note that one is not the only expending location
00:03:240.76 (s)it
00:03:256.10 (s)in this realignment is the expected or forces if they might replace the so that they can swap you know okinawa not
00:03:322.90 (s)i believe it is port to get both of these decisions right
00:03:364.04 (s)and to make sure our long term relation with our pacific partners remained vibrant
00:03:412.42 (s)and viable for the foreseeable future
00:03:443.22 (s)let me turn attention to another equally important subject
00:03:481.96 (s)the basic of aviation assets
00:03:513.66 (s)i understand the department facing a number of basic decisions this year
00:03:553.88 (s)the most expensive expensive involved joint strike fighter
00:04:003.40 (s)the air force alone is to determine the location of for operational
00:04:044.48 (s)j. s. f. basis and one additional picked up by the training center
00:04:105.10 (s)the problem is that the joint strike fighter is much louder on the fifteen
00:04:153.34 (s)sixteen and eighteen aircraft
00:04:207.08 (s)in the basic the future aviation assets department is that they great caution in balancing the needs of the armed forces
00:04:271.58 (s)would be competing requirements
00:04:292.02 (s)up expanding local communities
00:04:3210.22 (s)a long term outlook needs to be taken into account to ensure that the nakedness of viable on uncovered aviation infrastructure that fully supports the submissions of the armed forces
00:04:435.28 (s)finally i remain concerned about the continue on the funding of this statement of our military infrastructure
00:04:494.48 (s)funding only ninety percent of the main just to make this requirement
00:04:543.50 (s)is shortsighted and all your races cost over the long term
00:04:593.60 (s)this chronic under funding infrastructure would remain a critical issue
00:05:031.54 (s)of interest for this subcommittee
00:05:060.76 (s)we can do better
00:05:073.62 (s)and i look forward to working with the department on making this a reality
00:05:125.94 (s)get them and i think that we have a lot to discuss today and i look forward to hearing regret you address to support issues
00:05:185.72 (s)the share recognizes my good friend distinguish them from virginia mr for free remarked that he would like to like this for
00:05:2511.14 (s)thank you mr chairman and i just again appreciate your leadership and holding this hearing and i also want to thank the witnesses appreciate um each of them being here uh today to discuss building and
00:05:3728.08 (s)maintain the best possible facilities for troops whether time what their families and i want to just pause a moment and sincerely thank you for what you have done uh you made enormous strides and uh oftentimes worse it's focus in the limit the amount of time that we have one we're we're going to mar that we really don't step back and just say how much we appreciate that what you've done and uh how you got to this point so so i want to make sure i'm i'm thank you for that
00:06:0515.96 (s)but i've been the chairman i am a bit frustrated with the budget the department has submitted and well we need a whole this here in preparation for a subcommittee markup next week we've been given incomplete information that while it's not the fault of any of our witnesses and transparency
00:06:2217.72 (s)a server not an adjective describing this budget uh processing we can and must be better it's difficult enough to properly consider a complex military construction budget under our compressed schedule worse we have this feature years defense planner that up to help us understand featuring ten
00:06:4011.20 (s)i mean most disturbing major defense department decisions announced after the budget was locked will require budget adjustments in detail these adjustments is still not available is not available to us
00:06:517.04 (s)well understandable to some degree in the new administration any large decisions at that pushed to the progress the defense review p. r.
00:06:594.02 (s)leaving us in a quandary about what is real and what is changed the budget request
00:07:046.58 (s)for example the sector defenses recent decision to limit the armies p. c. secret with that rather than forty eight great
00:07:112.62 (s)also the question armies military construction right
00:07:1410.08 (s)even that the army family again if at the brigade that will be lost the ultimate b. c. t. footprint is still on determine in e. q. d. r. you re station t. b. c. teach from your
00:07:257.18 (s)the reality is it cannot articulate with any precision houses this twenty ten budget request should be adjust
00:07:3229.82 (s)in addition the deputy sector sense delayed navy's earlier recent decision in work a nuclear aircraft carrier mayport florida pending the outcome of the q. d. r. blah support department review the decision maybe still is requested funding that could be used for arts of making mayport eight carrier in fort difficult for me to support a legitimate request to have another these guys were storm when i it it could be used as a down payment for the unnecessary expensive making make would clear carrier on
00:08:0311.58 (s)they're equally exacting unresolved issues involved facing the joint strike fighter squadrons around the united states do any environmental reviews the brain court realignment but not want
00:08:153.50 (s)and department apprenticeship completing is a number site
00:08:193.32 (s)this budget also the first number of land acquisition challenges
00:08:2315.34 (s)even without a five that we know that the navy much an outline outline landing field for a shannon based aircraft log the army wants to acquire more training in colorado in the marine corps tends to acquire a large tracts stations the twenty nine palms marine base in california
00:08:397.50 (s)each of these actions is important for the readiness of the army navy marine corps units each comes with considerable public strong opposition
00:08:4711.46 (s)all these acquisition basing issues are sensitive national security but matters requiring the considered judgment on person possession of all the facts but we don't have to faction order we have transparent
00:08:594.80 (s)instead we are asked to approve the budget funding decisions that will be resisted during the q. d. r.
00:09:054.14 (s)chairman i think it's fair to expect that we will make modifications to this request
00:09:093.46 (s)unless today's witnesses up their results some of the questions that uh
00:09:134.52 (s)our constituents right we expect us to understand the consequences the we prove
00:09:1815.58 (s)and i don't believe we have what we need to prove this request the once again to all of our witnesses we recognize the great job you've done up to this we thank you so much for that is chairman um once again i just thank you for your leadership in your direction and i you'll back now
00:09:367.74 (s)thank you that they uh we have a a panel of distinguished witnesses representing the department and again thank you so much for your service
00:09:445.44 (s)uh our witnesses include mister wayne arnie deputy undersecretary for installations and environment
00:09:505.82 (s)department of defense uh mister joseph counteract it's just a sector of the army installations and hosting
00:09:573.54 (s)and the honorable b. j. kind i suspect there then they'd installation environment
00:10:013.54 (s)and if fast and ferguson that i guess the second air force installations
00:10:055.80 (s)we thank you for being with us today and without objection that would just prepared statements that would be a step for the record
00:10:121.96 (s)secretary so what to see again sir
00:10:161.54 (s)it look like a young pilot
00:10:182.88 (s)not anymore
00:10:210.68 (s)oh yeah
00:10:223.90 (s)without objection of course we know we began and secondarily welcome
00:10:272.94 (s)you can get used to estimate of the testimony whenever you're right
00:10:300.60 (s)i guess or
00:10:314.04 (s)i guess chairman uh of forms distinguished members of the subcommittee
00:10:364.56 (s)i'm honored appear before you today and what information also that the whole state of the right
00:10:418.52 (s)the last ten years the department is come a long way in improving the facilities an infrastructure which are military and civilian workforce and families working with
00:10:507.28 (s)we could not have progressed as far as we have with that continue to support of congress and in particular the support this up
00:10:598.68 (s)today we manage over five hundred thousand facilities worth over seven hundred billion dollars located in practically twenty nine million acres of land around the world
00:11:0810.98 (s)in comparison about ten years ago we had a hundred and fifteen thousand more facilities our inventory which is in part of testimony targeting of continuing efforts to right size apartment infrastructure
00:11:2111.98 (s)propl program is help this balance the infrastructures the brackets already in using that we've been able to close over a hundred twenty one major installations reliance seventy nine major bases around uh after five rounds
00:11:3311.20 (s)the two thousand five decisions well the fact over eight hundred locations and include twenty four major closures twenty four major realignment and seven hundred sixty five lesser actions
00:11:4711.42 (s)however it's not just enough to close bases move functions the same time we tried to focus on how we conduct our business so is to become more efficient caretakers of the taxpayers money
00:12:003.76 (s)an excellent example of our efforts towards efficiency is joint basis
00:12:047.56 (s)as part of rack two thousand five we required to form of twelve new joint bases from twenty six existing locations
00:12:127.70 (s)so the installation management functions will be provided by one composite not two or three as it is currently
00:12:2115.90 (s)the joint basing implementation process is complicated and almost fifty different areas of responsibilities on these bases have been identified for consolidation including food services environmental management child youth programs facility maintenance and many more
00:12:374.02 (s)but i can report to use that is well on the way to achieving success
00:12:435.80 (s)january two thousand eight we began issuing a series of joint basing implementation guidance documents
00:12:498.18 (s)and for the first time establish a set of common definitions and standards for installation support to be provided by each joint space
00:12:584.98 (s)we established the schedule to divide the twelve plan joint spaces into two implementation phase
00:13:038.62 (s)five joint bases involving eleven installations replacing the phase one was in october two thousand nine milestone for full implementation
00:13:135.48 (s)which includes the transfer of personnel and funds to the uh to the joint based command
00:13:1910.60 (s)the remaining seven days is involving fifteen installations replacing the phase two was in october two thousand ten four uh for limitation and that is on track
00:13:304.38 (s)and this is just a beginning of where i see the department in abilene application
00:13:357.10 (s)a common output levels of service to provide consistent answer for support or service members at every installation
00:13:448.88 (s)as for housing and accurate a decade ago we were maintaining over three hundred thousand family housing and it's two thirds of which were deemed to be inadequate by the military department
00:13:536.92 (s)with your help in vision we put housing privatization in place in the private sector responded by delivering modern affordable housing
00:14:016.84 (s)with this year's a request over ninety eight percent of deities housing inventory in united states would be funded for privatization
00:14:0911.10 (s)the military services have leverage deity housing dollars by ten to one with two and a half billion dollars in federal investment generating twenty five billion in housing development privatized installation
00:14:2110.68 (s)with regards to barracks was about seventeen years ago that the military departments began an ambitious modernization program to increase the privacy amenities in permanent party bachelor housing
00:14:321.92 (s)using the military construction funding
00:14:358.06 (s)and the traditional government on business model much progress has been made but there still is a need for almost fifteen billion to complete the permanent party by
00:14:4616.28 (s)privatized housing has unique this uh one of the ways of looking at this is to privatizing bachelor housing which is unique challenges compared to family housing but if we start viewing these buildings more as on basement apartments instead of unique military training or operating facilities private sector we'll see
00:15:034.90 (s)potential for a new economic niche in which both they and the department can come out with
00:15:0915.24 (s)we seen reason innovative concept for the army has added bachelor officer quarters and senior enlisted bachelor quarters to its existing family housing privatization projects fort bragg fort stewart fort drum four or one and if if is plan for for what
00:15:2516.56 (s)in contrast the army the navy is mainly focusing a sonic coming housing privatization to bring ship for junior enlisted sailors ashore using a special pilot authority the first time the housing privatization pilot project was awarded in december two thousand six san diego the second
00:15:425.08 (s)in two thousand seven hampton roads and the third is under consideration for mayport injection
00:15:4814.70 (s)both of the awarded pilot projects and maybe demonstrated that with the authority to pay junior enlisted members less than full housing allowance privatization of single junior enlisted personnel is less costly on a lifecycle basis than the traditional government on model
00:16:039.38 (s)i do this is just a starting point and ask the subcommittee support in the department's continued product progress shifting uh towards this way i think
00:16:149.84 (s)this year's budget signals yet another banner year for installations was that twenty three billion in military construction in about eight billion in facilities sustaining restoration and modernization
00:16:248.42 (s)at twenty three billion military construction program is very robust especially compared to the eight to nine billion levels weaver's we were receiving ten years ago
00:16:335.96 (s)similar to sustain the budget is also more rest we're more robust as compared to ten years ago
00:16:4110.90 (s)recapitalization has been more of a challenge we removed from believing a single recap great expressed in years applied across myriad category sources to provide funding level that was rational or different
00:16:5415.80 (s)well when i was maybe secretary that person observe the in accuracy the recap rate as hurricane ivan in pensacola the sudden infusion of restoration funds skewed the recap raid for maybe two or lower number than the target sixty seven years yet can the condition of the rest of the navy
00:17:102.32 (s)uh facilities across the board did not improve
00:17:1314.66 (s)i was dissatisfied with that sixty seven your mastery going to ask my staff to go back to the basics open a dialogue on the facility condition indices that are already mandated for is being real property records these quality ratings are q. ratings
00:17:2824.62 (s)represent the health of our facilities and i believe they've been long ignore this summer my staff were be working closely with the military departments of defense agencies to setup program lot guidelines producer determining which facilities require priority for funding re assessing have q. ratings are conducted and they're frequency and most importantly reestablishing have a department using uses master planning at the installation level
00:17:545.40 (s)also in more and equally important in cooperation with our policy secretary
00:18:009.30 (s)the joint staff to combat command and the services we hope to initiate joint installation master plans at each overseas combat command uh
00:18:090.92 (s)uh reason
00:18:115.78 (s)because mr chairman i sincerely thank you was opportunity i like our management of insulation s. it's like
00:18:181.92 (s)thank you so much us to counter
00:18:231.56 (s)morning
00:18:256.30 (s)and so forth members of the committee i to a moderate to be here today to present details on r. f. y. ten budget
00:18:333.68 (s)we continue on in the largest transformation an army history
00:18:3712.28 (s)the the have like ten budget does represent for us the second half of the the home stretch to complete or transformation under base realignment closure military construction or the army
00:18:501.52 (s)and the army modular force
00:18:5316.34 (s)know understand is a challenging for all of us the dynamics with the budget schedule and new asked us to address in detail the impact from recent for structure decisions uh we are playing some more to have a detailed session with
00:19:099.66 (s)uh committee staff to go line item by line item project let me just briefly cover for you the top lying story in my opening remarks
00:19:206.02 (s)we have about one point four billion in the program ties to the grow the army initiative
00:19:267.60 (s)as you know yesterday we we publicly disclose our uh decisions on how we were going to apply the changes to the budget
00:19:3515.52 (s)what you know was not a simple process we've worked diligently and deliberately over the last several weeks to make sure that every nickel was it looked at from both an investment any capabilities perspective we're confident
00:19:516.04 (s)that this solution will propose is exactly what is right for the army a right for the nation as a whole
00:19:5810.38 (s)other one point four billion that's in the grow the only way jenny have like ten pride program approximately half of it is not tied to the brigade configuration
00:20:091.04 (s)it's tight to
00:20:112.80 (s)combat support and compact services support
00:20:152.10 (s)of the remaining half of that wage
00:20:173.28 (s)uh that half of that is tied to reserve
00:20:214.60 (s)and helping i gang not connected to the grocery are we to say
00:20:2613.70 (s)so we're basically talking about twenty five percent of the one point seven four billion that is in that budget roll out that needed to be looked at for uh reinvest in use
00:20:413.16 (s)our plan is to take those dollars and by down
00:20:452.54 (s)capacity shortages that we had
00:20:483.92 (s)from the other brigade that we built in the forty five total
00:20:533.48 (s)we also plan to buy out of relocated bowls sooner
00:20:572.80 (s)because you've been telling us that is the right thing to do
00:21:013.18 (s)so that is essentially the impacts of
00:21:056.56 (s)d. c. t. decisions on a macro level tomorrow will crosswalk one by one through them
00:21:126.96 (s)we think it's the right thing to do to get our capacity back to get out of relocated balls quicker the business case for that
00:21:201.40 (s)the rest of the budget holes
00:21:232.12 (s)otherwise i look forward to your questions thank you
00:21:288.28 (s)and good to see you again or whenever you're ready for your testimony go answer i guess or coming out these board members of the committee
00:21:375.24 (s)suppose to come before you today to discuss the probably the navy's installation efforts
00:21:434.04 (s)i would like to touch on a few highlight the department overall facilities budget request
00:21:483.34 (s)a very healthy fourteen point four billion dollars
00:21:523.70 (s)or nine point two percent of the departments or
00:21:578.24 (s)in milk on this figure your money and continue the marine corps report initiative within one point nine billion dollar investment
00:22:054.92 (s)targeted primarily at infrastructure and unit specific construction
00:22:112.84 (s)required to move remains from facilities
00:22:142.44 (s)that provide was always for new and
00:22:186.24 (s)the fiscal year one ten milk on budget also provides funds for the first five construction projects
00:22:254.00 (s)to support the relocation marines from open hour long
00:22:292.60 (s)in the amount of three hundred seventy eight million dollars
00:22:342.04 (s)our fiscal year twenty ten budget request
00:22:369.00 (s)complies with the o. m. b. policy and the deal would be financial management regulation that establishes criteria for the use of incremental one
00:22:464.62 (s)the use of the remote funding in this budget has been restricted to the continuation of project
00:22:512.50 (s)that have been implemented in prior years
00:22:552.56 (s)otherwise on your project purply funded
00:22:582.00 (s)or are complete and
00:23:011.22 (s)usable basis
00:23:041.14 (s)and family housing
00:23:0612.48 (s)r but the request to five hundred and fifty million dollars reflect the continuation of investment funding for locations what we still own and operate military family housing and we're digital privatization is plan
00:23:198.20 (s)prior request reflect informative program to address additional helping requirements associated with the rink or force structure initiative
00:23:294.40 (s)the navy and marine corps have privatized virtually all family housing
00:23:351.38 (s)located in the united states
00:23:3811.20 (s)what we can condone housing at overseas in one locations we are investing in a steady state recapitalization dipper to replace are going to be helping where needed
00:23:5011.02 (s)our request also includes when necessary to operate maintained at least housing to support navy and marine corps families located around the world
00:24:031.66 (s)regarding legacy rack
00:24:068.38 (s)we continue our request for appropriated buttons and the amount of one hundred sixty million dollars and we thought that all where until revenue
00:24:152.20 (s)we the most of my three percent
00:24:171.40 (s)of the prior rack property
00:24:191.60 (s)so there is little that is still
00:24:213.70 (s)in the real estate market is not as lucrative as it was several years ago
00:24:267.50 (s)we expect only limited revenue from this the sales of roosevelt roads in puerto rico and other small parcel
00:24:352.40 (s)with respect to the two thousand five program
00:24:382.60 (s)our but the request to five or ninety two million dollars
00:24:415.42 (s)represent the shipping emphasis for construction outputting another over m. call
00:24:485.76 (s)one success story i'd like the highlight comes from new orleans which those problems recover from the aftermath of grouping between them
00:24:557.36 (s)we entered into a seventy five year v. c. raymond agreement with the out eaters development district in september two thousand eight
00:25:034.26 (s)in exchange for one hundred forty nine acres email support activity our one
00:25:085.60 (s)the headquarters marine forces were were received approximately one hundred fifty million dollars
00:25:141.06 (s)and you facilities
00:25:163.38 (s)demolition begin recently and we've established separate quarters
00:25:208.82 (s)well the commissary so the military personnel retirees and their families still have access to the quality of life servers the reconstruction
00:25:305.26 (s)we need to work with out here is the boba district with your this partnerships successful outcome
00:25:372.90 (s)what we've been able to hold down our cost increases
00:25:403.14 (s)two a modest two percent or the implementation period
00:25:441.54 (s)okay so you're two thousand six
00:25:462.20 (s)group is year two thousand eleven
00:25:505.74 (s)we have made significant progress in the past your body for the real reason number means mocha not want
00:25:577.72 (s)environmental impact statement performance underweight with the parker record of decision in time for construction in fiscal year twenty two
00:26:065.32 (s)the government and ratified the international agreement on thirteen maybe two thousand mine
00:26:122.74 (s)appropriated three hundred and thirty six million dollars
00:26:151.96 (s)if we year two thousand and equipment dollars
00:26:180.80 (s)to complement
00:26:192.20 (s)our own investment of
00:26:212.50 (s)a purpose year two hundred point in
00:26:254.36 (s)we expect to see japan's contribution deposited in our treasury by july
00:26:313.10 (s)well i mean it has been an honor improvements which serve this great nation
00:26:342.10 (s)and the and women minimum number navy marine corps team
00:26:382.66 (s)the military going personnel and their families
00:26:422.24 (s)thank you this committee in the support
00:26:452.24 (s)and the opportunity that before you today
00:26:494.72 (s)think you a check very effective ferguson is good to see you and you can begin with testimony
00:26:543.48 (s)for
00:27:026.60 (s)like for continued part of your hair airforce
00:27:1112.54 (s)more than twenty seven currently ongoing operations in iraq afghanistan anyway important part of china kind of operation
00:27:2513.90 (s)and the secretariat for installation environment which is next week probably appreciate impact i have for of pretty the topic air force fighting work
00:27:405.70 (s)no installation structure
00:27:4710.08 (s)art installation there but the primary platforms we can power for any cleaner twenty i know where
00:27:587.48 (s)i think air force infrastructure program
00:28:063.92 (s)to four
00:28:118.44 (s)action from to five point two billion dollars
00:28:206.80 (s)in fact like for action housing presentation
00:28:272.32 (s)practice
00:28:316.20 (s)second limited resources i'm not critical
00:28:455.36 (s)to improve quality of life are our
00:28:596.40 (s)completely new construction university
00:29:067.00 (s)three thousand units and construction
00:29:146.56 (s)i have a five hundred million dollars
00:29:216.28 (s)air force three class for how ever seen him
00:29:287.74 (s)operations
00:29:383.78 (s)i'd like to african point eight
00:29:423.90 (s)five and twenty air force information
00:29:4713.08 (s)i'm not invite practice eighty two percent implementation actions are acting air force impact two thousand five seventy percent implementation actions affect our national guard in year four street there
00:30:017.44 (s)fact air force of and when four hundred and seventy million dollars some time air force retire rack no on project
00:30:096.22 (s)air force total crap i can't approximately three twenty million dollars and which therefore the following funding
00:30:169.18 (s)i i fly twenty two thousand five back class it approximately four hundred eighteen million dollars
00:30:275.50 (s)air force
00:30:335.66 (s)air force continue directly part airforce hangar
00:30:396.66 (s)in comparatively i leverage technology
00:30:4615.12 (s)near continue pretty sufficient support for park reservoir reduce the cost of information i understand free resources in a week application ever changing airforce
00:31:028.40 (s)one part nineteen contestants reflect entire i can their family intact parent com
00:31:118.18 (s)informs that concludes my remarks continue part of our fourteen class
00:31:231.80 (s)thank you so much i yeah
00:31:253.20 (s)i see that we have a tremendous turnout of member this morning
00:31:302.04 (s)we see that things are going so well
00:31:323.82 (s)or maybe they're not and i'm pretty sure that they might have a lot of questions
00:31:378.18 (s)i'm going to be brief someone ask one question and then allow and i uh one to allow the members of this committee i want given the chance
00:31:467.92 (s)i know that met with some of the freshman members of drawing on it takes a long time before you get down to the front for them to ask a question but
00:31:553.16 (s)i want the rest secretary span and ferguson uh
00:31:597.54 (s)i know you'll be starting the the process to determine the location of a variety of aviation assets including the joint strike fighter
00:32:084.30 (s)and so you're where the joint strike fighter he's pretty pretty loud
00:32:143.06 (s)and there's people like the sound of freedom
00:32:182.74 (s)this other people who are not happy with a loud noise
00:32:215.56 (s)um could you explain how the noise associated with the joint strike fighter would influence basing decisions
00:32:272.22 (s)for these communities have been contacted
00:32:303.86 (s)also can you explain how this committee joystick strike fighter basing criteria
00:32:351.70 (s)included in the house report
00:32:371.14 (s)the two thousand eight
00:32:394.26 (s)if authorization bill would be incorporated into those space decisions uh
00:32:455.70 (s)stanford goes on our parents whichever is ready uh would give you the opportunity to respond to that question
00:32:5225.24 (s)i can i close the here and um based in part with what we noise and she said air force and secretary a lot um wide locks across the united states air force
00:33:1823.84 (s)foray we accomplished rapid where we lost internally turning air force need to e. couple results came one of which air force
00:33:4215.22 (s)cannot enter therefore senior and we have cross functional representation crap oversee to process of strategic wow
00:34:0012.88 (s)one secretary air force planning to fundable repeatable transparent process his work through p. air force
00:34:1419.04 (s)where we are right now specifically that can't path in fact tomorrow morning i have recently a i contact proposed criteria to we break the we briefed purpose criterion team
00:34:335.54 (s)terrible be inventory
00:34:394.54 (s)as part of that criteria we expect there will be some consideration for now
00:34:5411.06 (s)secretary found that there we've been working closely with the airport there are meeting the uh the noise analysis porous and then the facilities that we're looking at are worth putting that for in the navy
00:35:060.86 (s)are those that
00:35:080.84 (s)oh really
00:35:101.50 (s)not a populated area
00:35:120.50 (s)um
00:35:135.82 (s)they're really quite isolated one thinking that's going to be be good we've looked at the noise from day one
00:35:203.78 (s)uh and it's very difficult to the noise specifications on the aircraft
00:35:252.30 (s)it is closer uh it is
00:35:283.62 (s)a lot more noise than the tactical aircraft the own and i used to
00:35:335.92 (s)but we're working so that we will not be in printing which try not to infringe on the areas around the basis
00:35:412.82 (s)thank you are now i yield to my good friends before
00:35:444.78 (s)i would like to see all the members are here with us today be able to ask questions this morning
00:35:5026.28 (s)thanks chairman i'm feedback questions uh relatively brief to again thank you all for what you've done for being here today and i'm address uh these uh questions to he missed and then um i want to perhaps the best thing mind sector gates was here uh he indicated that um we could ask for everybody's personal opinion saying and we didn't have to just get department opinions or what was there so i want
00:36:1616.98 (s)to uh address nine and they have got that i would like to your personal things on this issue because we respect the um to out the evidence and experience each of you bring to the table but um the navy f. black an unfunded requirements list includes the shortfall
00:36:344.38 (s)of three hundred ninety five million dollars for aviation shit he the next
00:36:3928.86 (s)yeah we for a lot of people say that that shortfall it's it's much greater than that odd the aviation shortfall is bouncing all of the place depending on which day p. c. it's either hundred twenty planes next day it may be um uh more than doubled that uh second thing ship keep the maintenance last year but at maybe a hundred twenty million this year we're talking about upwards of hundred million but whatever the official this is printer ninety five million for uh aviation ship the email
00:37:091.26 (s)in light of
00:37:112.40 (s)such critical maintenance requirements
00:37:1414.32 (s)do you think it is justified to put seventy six million dollars of fourth of of the total amount that we have in there one infrastructure improvements uh for mayport uh one project
00:37:291.90 (s)we've been told hasn't been approved
00:37:370.40 (s)um
00:37:395.16 (s)yes i do pursue the the milk on project we have for me this spurt project
00:37:450.40 (s)uh
00:37:461.28 (s)you're probably one
00:37:4714.12 (s)well we put the small boys uh is deteriorating i what i with a maple a couple weeks ago and at this time we cannot drive a truck up with ship that that birth probably one also vote supplies because the peers
00:38:039.34 (s)it thing code and everything else at this time we have to park the be able what we believe the boys uh on the ships it's only one about fifty feet away
00:38:132.04 (s)claim them across to the ship
00:38:171.74 (s)because they can be with is a real
00:38:191.78 (s)it's a real hardship whatever everyone concern
00:38:212.82 (s)uh i is that there are two project secondly
00:38:2712.00 (s)regards the outcome on the q. d. r. on the carrier we need to be able to transmit we need to put carrier intimate portrait spreadsheet we're not looking at the home porting knowing we get the message no important the carrier and mayport
00:38:397.22 (s)but if you put a carrier in the mayport we have to address it uh the nuclear carriers they don't have different requirements different depth
00:38:471.80 (s)uh and and that's what we're striving for
00:38:535.28 (s)i concur with that and uh i was stationed on a conventional carrier out of uh mayport in
00:38:596.50 (s)uh do maintenance actions uh some more minutes people's installed pump backwards to the ship sank at the pier
00:39:061.36 (s)and didn't go down very far
00:39:083.56 (s)so uh to bring nuclear carries and have the right safety uh
00:39:132.26 (s)forces supplier we supply
00:39:161.48 (s)uh you need to have
00:39:180.92 (s)the dredging done
00:39:202.54 (s)understands right appear peril is falling down
00:39:232.16 (s)what you station care there or not
00:39:251.54 (s)or whether you just for
00:39:284.56 (s)uh that's more of a maintenance of the facility rather than for specific ship
00:39:337.82 (s)um it when you time at the seventy six million dollars that has been allocated in that would be fair to say that most of that dredging project in your work
00:39:414.26 (s)would only be needed large portion of that if you were trying to put a nuclear
00:39:461.30 (s)here and there's not not correct
00:39:474.18 (s)not for the peer works or how much would appear work themes uh
00:39:5332.60 (s)if if if the fair work a thirty million thirty may if they're and what's the remaining forty six million with that need to dig a ditch that yeah third of for the digits well the reason i ask that is because um you know basically we know that there are som of the aviation needs we this hundred percent need that we have there we know that there's a hundred percent um need for it the uh deepen anything but that you would agree on that last question not just ask you this um most of the concern that's been expressed
00:40:267.40 (s)uh about needing to uh do that dredging and get the nuclear carrier in that ports was based on the fact that
00:40:3423.46 (s)um the uh we only have we've only have one naval base capable time porting new click here that has access to deal annotations and any natural disaster terrorist attacks shut down in norfolk naval facility answer the question i would ask you is what risk assessment has been given you into is given it to you uh that outlines the risk that such an attack would take place
00:40:5810.12 (s)um and um if you could just contrast that with the fact that we know we've got a hundred percent need the aviation shortfall and a hundred percent need to update date that make sure
00:41:086.96 (s)in other words have you ever asked what that risk assessment is ten percent risk five percent risk twenty percent risk
00:41:161.46 (s)okay the risk assessment
00:41:185.82 (s)there i think it's very difficult to quantify airbus with that assessment either man made or natural
00:41:251.16 (s)did you ever ask for
00:41:271.20 (s)i haven't i
00:41:297.52 (s)i've got my own step board i haven't gone to the navy and ask the operators before he did you ask the admiral the did these strategic dispersal plan
00:41:382.78 (s)the one that we base the need to move the carrier
00:41:414.12 (s)i haven't had sex i did not know are you know the anyone in the department they did
00:41:506.58 (s)you have to get back to on that i do not know that if if i tell you that the apple said that no one has ever asked him for that risk assessment
00:41:573.06 (s)would that be contrary any evidence that you have to
00:42:005.84 (s)two but but i'll have to get back to you on that because he has a large step working for him and you know sometimes people with them
00:42:071.98 (s)be able to get responses
00:42:104.14 (s)uhhuh but normally he would know with that question has been asked to staff stafford him with
00:42:1512.70 (s)not necessarily don't necessarily okay um then trying need you know the anyone who's ever ask that question no i do not and how just five finally ascii did you think it would help to the past
00:42:2813.80 (s)what the risk assessment was another which we might have a meteor that falls on this scam more but we are putting money in the budget to cover that because we don't think the risk is very hot and i'm just say you that when i ask him if anyone ever asking that question is answered and he was no
00:42:434.10 (s)um and secondly when i asked him if he could quantify that risk
00:42:479.80 (s)he said it would be very very small less than ten percent and so my just comment to you is that when we're looking at situations where budget seem to be driving actifed strategy
00:42:577.68 (s)um and then we can argue whether that's true or not um it just doesn't make much sense and they were taking twenty five percent of the cost
00:43:0619.26 (s)that we basically know we need for aviation shortfall instigate the main it and we're putting it to a situation where the animal that writes rights strategic dispersal plan will tell us that it is less than ten percent chance uh that we would ever need that but if you would go back and check with him and see if anyone ask that question
00:43:2512.12 (s)and um if you could respond to this on the record as to whether or not that questions ever been asked and what i was like what kinds of days or a the only problem and i think you'll agree the a care about acceptable
00:43:3817.86 (s)oh i i don't think anybody disagrees with that but but the shortfall in plain designs an acceptable to shortfall in in depot maintenance and we have ships that are failing their insert inspections that's not acceptable uh to decide there and terminate so i slipped a piece of paper do you want to get that the record go ahead
00:43:571.46 (s)also the uh again
00:43:590.52 (s)the
00:44:003.54 (s)i didn't question because i i do believe that dredging is needed
00:44:042.64 (s)what do you hope or to carry they're not because
00:44:072.40 (s)we have we consciously bringing
00:44:104.10 (s)even we had a convention there would bring in nuclear terrorism we've got a like modem
00:44:1512.22 (s)uh to get in a got to come in at high tide it was a tremendous restrictions are we needed in my opinion we needed to dredge that out what you home ported nuclear care there were because you're going to bring them in
00:44:282.84 (s)it's not you may not know we're never going to bring them in and out
00:44:3114.68 (s)uh as part of your uh annual operations cannot time's up so i'll i'll go back down so much and but if you would get back to me on that risk assessment question whether not anybody's ever ask it and any if you could give it to us what the record would appreciate thank you
00:44:477.26 (s)get them from the shipping container which chairman with your permission i'm going to you about um this is to kiss will take is
00:44:550.64 (s)is
00:44:570.44 (s)okay so
00:44:597.78 (s)uh thank you mr table for you and your time i just wish you give me your questions because they were always ask the best questions
00:45:083.30 (s)uh well i'll try to make do with uh a couple of came up with
00:45:127.28 (s)uh calc alcart and and i notice unless i miss rate the number of the army national guard construction money
00:45:199.82 (s)uh is down four hundred and sixty uh million dollars from on him and in the two thousand ten request from what was actually proven two thousand and nine
00:45:308.08 (s)and four or army our families uh construction housing construction down a hundred and eighty million dollars from what was um
00:45:384.24 (s)oh requested versus what was approved so this morning with was thinking is behind that
00:45:4412.84 (s)they want the army helping side most of those dollars are tied to capital investments into the r. c. i. program in as we continue to build out the r. c. i. we're at ninety eight percent uh
00:45:587.30 (s)level we don't require as much capital investment from the military construction account for those projects to keep going
00:46:077.74 (s)on the on the card side the numbers are down i think if you compare requests versus requests from last year
00:46:1515.66 (s)and you look at some of the facilities that we're buying through the base closure on the reserve side uh we're actually bringing more capabilities to the guard uh then was requested glacier here i mean by that is if you look at uh
00:46:312.56 (s)about three hundred million dollars worth of the
00:46:354.96 (s)army uh reserve projects about half of those are shared with regard
00:46:416.26 (s)so if you have those two numbers together and you compare that to lay sure request for within about ten to fifteen percent
00:46:480.82 (s)on the numbers
00:46:4932.28 (s)and uh secretary for in in a previous here and it was indicated uh and i can't give you real specifics on this was there was just an indication that users through um uh uh not having the fighter planes available for our uh air force uh regard the air guard uh was somehow word do you emphasizing the air guard just wondering if you could give me some reassurance we don't have is good are training and and uh and and planes it and we need him that there going to be there
00:47:2534.14 (s)air force um what card in here for three tires are multiplier fan air force and applied alon hijacking team members interface time on my um meeting indication from the air force so the emphasis is going to be there is we have seen it uh in terms of the the equipment they can train own and and the uh budgeting process so that they can continue to be there finally
00:47:5939.02 (s)and uh and secretary already one one question and i hope this is not to uh uh too much time cooking i'm from north carolina in my district goes right to the edge of fort bragg and we have most of the military reservation but none of the buttons uh a tremendous job rack changes in fort bragg from in this dog uh income mean uh uh commands and were very very to prove that and there's going to be old uh i think the move stuff flag officers outside of the could have gone well before brackman all is that done but it's been mentioned to me it off we're not going to have uh an air force officer off flag right own the bayes
00:48:3925.76 (s)uh but there's there will be a significant amount of air force presents then there's some concern that if we don't have an all or bog equal uh uh right that that there might be some in going back and forth in terms of communication getting things done it was suggested that might be a possibility abbreviated and additional uh ranking officer and staff this one if you know we on that
00:49:051.80 (s)no so that subject and come up uh
00:49:083.44 (s)as a former for myself i don't see where that would be a problem
00:49:123.30 (s)um i would defer to my air force army colleagues so
00:49:161.00 (s)all the specifics of
00:49:1815.32 (s)do you all have any knowledge of the discussions on this and i'm once again of getting them did you but this is uh pretty big operation and what we are largest army base the if if you all could get back to me on that i would appreciate that thank you thank you mr chairman segments of that
00:49:385.16 (s)recognize my good friend the chairman of the intelligence committee from the fossil texas
00:49:475.22 (s)like you german german and i think all the sectors uh moving here with us this morning
00:49:533.86 (s)i i just wanted to start out by taking a few moments to talk about uh
00:49:570.92 (s)what uh
00:49:595.18 (s)uh is from my perspective something very frustrating and that's the overseas we based
00:50:050.94 (s)decisions and
00:50:071.92 (s)actually in decisions is a better word
00:50:102.96 (s)i think this morning i am frustrated beyond words uh
00:50:130.50 (s)uh
00:50:142.16 (s)with the latest city that has come down
00:50:172.52 (s)that going know we studied the solution
00:50:2011.22 (s)um i think determine this this is an issue has that has been studied and we studied uh was studied by the we basing overseas basin commission by the bright commission
00:50:325.54 (s)i think we thought that this these decisions were made and had already been modified
00:50:385.92 (s)only to find out that we are in the process of delaying the move of our troops back to us
00:50:454.02 (s)uh which in my opinion is a great waste of time and money
00:50:498.26 (s)and a disservice because most importantly in these soldiers and their families in old facilities sub standard facilities
00:50:588.98 (s)uh and it also forces uh our troops that are primarily going to uh keep point to places like iraq and against and
00:51:073.12 (s)to train in ranges that don't look anything like
00:51:111.30 (s)uh the
00:51:133.18 (s)be uh areas that they're going to go into combat
00:51:170.58 (s)uh
00:51:180.52 (s)i think
00:51:194.08 (s)uh as a as a committee can we need to really uh
00:51:254.88 (s)sense from this the other thing that frustrates me is the fact that
00:51:302.14 (s)we seem to be rewarding the very
00:51:332.20 (s)countries that are reluctant
00:51:363.20 (s)to keep their part of the bargain in places like afghanistan
00:51:401.68 (s)uh they're refusing to
00:51:420.56 (s)uh
00:51:430.98 (s)add additional
00:51:451.60 (s)resources and troops
00:51:472.22 (s)uh to help us out and understand which
00:51:492.00 (s)what's the further burden on our true
00:51:529.88 (s)i think we ought to uh take the stand that if you're not going to help us in these areas of the world that are critical not just us but to the whole world
00:52:020.44 (s)then
00:52:033.34 (s)then we stick with the original strategy and bring them
00:52:096.88 (s)i guess my question this morning i i i would like to ask the secretary our new or secretary don't care
00:52:170.52 (s)uh
00:52:185.28 (s)the fact that the sector defense recently announced that he planned to stop
00:52:2413.64 (s)the growth of one of the army brigade combat team set forty five that means uh not creating the forty six forty seven ten forty eight uh brigades as had been announced planned uh know under the the army
00:52:381.04 (s)uh concept
00:52:401.76 (s)uh and he also said that
00:52:434.90 (s)well he's stopping those three brigades he's going to uh continue
00:52:481.50 (s)uh with the same
00:52:503.72 (s)uh levels that have been approved by congress
00:52:550.74 (s)part of the
00:52:563.40 (s)the issue for me uh is uh
00:53:010.52 (s)that
00:53:022.50 (s)the secretary said that uh
00:53:055.10 (s)uh he and his words he was going to sink in the forest and then doing in doing so
00:53:102.62 (s)help to decrease the real time between the point
00:53:146.62 (s)which i think all of us agree we uh fundamentally need to address my question is this
00:53:210.50 (s)um
00:53:234.98 (s)where does the department when to base u. over ten thousand soldiers slated to serve
00:53:292.26 (s)in the now cancelled three d. c. t.'s
00:53:323.42 (s)uh i assume that we have a detailed plan
00:53:363.10 (s)uh and detailed plan has been discussed has been presented
00:53:392.78 (s)uh before the decision was made by
00:53:422.80 (s)uh secretary uh to cancel out the
00:53:462.04 (s)of those three brigades so
00:53:482.10 (s)can you tell this committee what that
00:53:513.50 (s)what the plan is how we're going to comedy just ten thousand two
00:53:5720.60 (s)so the answers out probably more detailed that we could get into today uh we've essentially look at those population spreads and where they are across the army and there are incremental adjustments at certain locations i guess what i'm saying in in in the short answer is we've identified place carson and still were
00:54:180.74 (s)as
00:54:2010.24 (s)getting one last brigade because of the announcement theory there is a thirty five hundred person population delta at each of those locations
00:54:315.60 (s)not exactly working out that way in some places we had p. c. t. so we're not at full strength
00:54:379.16 (s)so they will be getting some of those people at four at fort bliss for carson in fort stewart we didn't have people at full strength they will be getting some people
00:54:477.36 (s)so i i don't have uh uh display for you available today going base by base where those numbers are spray
00:54:547.08 (s)five p. the answer is wherever we had shortages in in combat teams in combat configurations across the army
00:55:0212.90 (s)we will that be available and determine if we can get that information uh i would appreciate it and we will not be i mean what we're we're having a working session tomorrow with day after we will try to provide that information tomorrow
00:55:161.22 (s)can we get that
00:55:196.92 (s)sure we we can get that and i think that the gentleman uh s. has raised some very important questions that uh hopefully
00:55:260.62 (s)uh
00:55:276.46 (s)we can get to the bottom of it i know that we do have a lot of soldiers were injured and uh incapacitated
00:55:343.10 (s)and even though they would like to do they can go back uh
00:55:384.30 (s)for complicated but you raise a very interesting questions and i think we need to follow
00:55:430.68 (s)thank sure
00:55:450.64 (s)this problem
00:55:493.24 (s)questions that
00:55:5313.16 (s)partners in on the house to make this tremendous progress and working with private sector to create better living conditions for our soldiers set thank you so much again and
00:56:077.52 (s)seems plans to prime time helps have in the family house each party time
00:56:1510.92 (s)may have in mind twenty can empty my day facilities and we can't have it private partnership stand in
00:56:262.92 (s)they
00:56:3012.28 (s)that one ask a couple question is indicated that thirty six percent and the where it privatization projects will have occupancy rate here below the expectations and i think that branch
00:56:432.36 (s)and i i guess the question is what challenges
00:56:460.86 (s)well that
00:56:473.20 (s)first and to address
00:56:515.30 (s)h. to ensure that we can increase as occupancy rate yeah
00:56:573.38 (s)optimize the facilities and make sure that we are
00:57:032.38 (s)oh yes maam we did you show that uh
00:57:073.78 (s)we've seen some of those reports are working with j. lo and uh
00:57:1111.96 (s)they had one instead of thirty six percent of the actions arrays for boy expectation in a more recent they said it was twenty ninth are indicated our data shows ten percent we think are including
00:57:241.92 (s)if the house is occupied
00:57:271.80 (s)we have what we call waterfall effect
00:57:302.30 (s)uh the houses available for
00:57:331.06 (s)right uh range
00:57:341.62 (s)two an active duty member
00:57:3612.56 (s)if no active duty member once the house that we go down for waterfall reserve members civilians living on the bayes so you eventually get to uh you can have civilians from the outside come in with the proper clearances
00:57:514.36 (s)early on we saw rates that were lower the expected because the
00:57:564.12 (s)management on the basis didn't quite understand how to work that change
00:58:038.54 (s)what we've seen our occupancy rates of ninety percent or greater within the maybe we were looking at occupancy rates of like ninety five percent
00:58:127.50 (s)so again we have a disconnected jail with that we're trying to figure out where they're getting the numbers from if they're not including some of these people's houses occupied
00:58:2013.00 (s)by an active duty member or uh duty civilian it's still occupied now the difference between everybody other than active duty military is that they can only do a one year lease
00:58:341.20 (s)and active duty
00:58:354.22 (s)um military person has at least for as long as they're stationed there
00:58:408.24 (s)so uh the waterfall fact still protect well it protects our occupancy we we think we balanced it to protect our service them
00:58:5412.18 (s)housing market in the united day and foreclosure rate around on the marketplace need credit that's available to build facility
00:59:0610.04 (s)well the financial markets the capability for the it be able to get the credit they need to be able to build in it and and will be
00:59:173.18 (s)plus right they they can come right the fact
00:59:211.40 (s)i guess theocracy
00:59:240.56 (s)um
00:59:254.94 (s)we are seeing in fact most of our uh most of our housing projects were done
00:59:317.90 (s)prior to or the uh suitable majority were done prior to the market changing and we've seen some debt servicing issues we don't have any
00:59:390.72 (s)uh
00:59:416.34 (s)we're still considered a good rest but we are seeing the fact that our rates aren't quite as good that we can get
00:59:483.90 (s)so essentially what we're having to do is length them
00:59:525.46 (s)the development uh we're lengthening the development time in order to accommodate that
01:00:006.42 (s)we believe we have enough flexibility and it's not perfect we like it women the market was great but we're combination
01:00:072.02 (s)okay great
01:00:131.94 (s)all right i have no objection to it
01:00:1611.78 (s)uh thank you chairman and uh thank you to the general idea for yielding um my question i have a very specific question uh to mr calc error
01:00:284.26 (s)um my district this two weeks and it is counter six like
01:00:334.24 (s)to the rest of the country we have two large basis for still in fort polk
01:00:381.42 (s)and both of them are growing
01:00:405.90 (s)uh rather than the client and we're real happy about that of course we do have a problem in fort polk
01:00:470.54 (s)um
01:00:497.24 (s)it's doubling in size taking acreage in the same time uh building about the right brigade strange
01:00:573.40 (s)and it's surrounded by a rural area so we have a housing for
01:01:025.70 (s)and uh so i'd like to ask you if you know specifically what your plans are to help solve there
01:01:084.34 (s)and if not generally uh how how we're going to attack that from
01:01:149.54 (s)yes we are looking at for that we have been uh it's not a simple answer from a privatization perspective the cost of the market issue there
01:01:246.52 (s)uh one of the things that we have to look at is the ability to work within the authorities limits on cash investment
01:01:311.68 (s)as well and uh
01:01:334.68 (s)priority or prefer returns that the private sector is now requiring inequity
01:01:393.22 (s)when we originally started this program payout in that
01:01:4315.58 (s)range we're in the five to ten percent we're now looking at equity premiums in the sixteen to twenty range so as we start paying more for private financing and interest rates create higher for the long bond grows in spread against the wall about grow
01:01:593.64 (s)uh our ability to make privatization work there is a limit
01:02:039.82 (s)uh but we we think that is the the best solution uh we just think that i mean to do that right now is is probably problem at
01:02:144.72 (s)but we're not ready to to to give up yet we are looking at it and we will continue to
01:02:192.82 (s)to try to find a solution for that for the housing from
01:02:241.12 (s)like mr reyes
01:02:261.58 (s)i mean recognition
01:02:295.42 (s)i think mr chairman you actually may have read my mind because i can bring up what the races already spoken about
01:02:350.40 (s)um
01:02:363.64 (s)it it's terribly important for readiness purposes mr chairman
01:02:414.02 (s)that we have the active cooperation
01:02:453.04 (s)of the community surrounding our installations
01:02:496.46 (s)as we tend to grow those installations for example uh the local community has to make certain investments in order to meet
01:02:563.92 (s)the needs of the population it's going to be brought in uh and
01:03:006.96 (s)that's particularly true of parts of our country which are more rural and off a lot of our installations are located more rural areas
01:03:083.16 (s)if you're going to increase the size of the force
01:03:127.38 (s)by three or four thousand people that effectively means five to ten thousand people are coming into this world community
01:03:204.24 (s)if the rural community does not prepare for that at our request
01:03:242.40 (s)then when those new troops arrive
01:03:275.26 (s)the facilities simply aren't there to meet their needs needs their families needs that you're out of their children
01:03:336.38 (s)uh the decision to reduce from forty eight to forty five days cost causes a real problem
01:03:402.60 (s)for the communities it's around fort stewart ga
01:03:441.76 (s)this is a rural part of the country
01:03:462.48 (s)those communities are smaller communities
01:03:4911.66 (s)they don't simply have excess capacity available to meet the needs of three to to to ten thousand people being brought in by the okay so at d. o. d. is requested armies request
01:04:024.82 (s)those communities invested north of four hundred and fifty million dollars
01:04:072.36 (s)getting ready to receive a new per day
01:04:109.40 (s)and uh and and and that money uh is uh at the sort of investment that we ask our partner communities to make routinely
01:04:2010.82 (s)i think ready this in the future suffers if we don't live up to our into the parking if we don't live up to our to our work to our commitment to these communities the cost is under reasonably relied our request
01:04:327.22 (s)and uh and i think we need to seriously look at the decision to reduce the case encouraging army beauty generally to figure out
01:04:400.58 (s)uh what
01:04:411.16 (s)compensating
01:04:433.52 (s)decisions can be made in order to mitigate the negative impact
01:04:474.34 (s)of a decision like this let's assume that in fact we're not going to have the additional brigades
01:04:513.12 (s)uh the army nevertheless is not shrinking it's growing
01:04:553.48 (s)i certainly we can put warm bodies in the fort stewart
01:04:595.90 (s)uh to you know basically meet the obligation we have those communities that have relied upon us
01:05:0618.22 (s)uh in going ahead meeting army uh to uh to bring the troops and and was german and i think maybe we need to have some committee report at the very least uh that uh directs that something along these lines be done and uh with that this german i'd like to yield the balance of my time if there's no objections to credible from now on
01:05:2525.28 (s)sure no objection it what what's great thank you very much and thank you for you and uh i was recently uh at fort meade maryland and towards two or the um insulation there and went to somebody housing the privatized housing which was very impressive um begin this wonderful headed a community great community room there was certainly other uh very nice amenities to it
01:05:5115.14 (s)um i noticed so that the occupancy rate rates that a lot of these um you know and a lot of the relationships that we have in in housing privatized housing arrangements are not where they should be or at least where it was expected
01:06:063.22 (s)um one is that true and to
01:06:107.50 (s)uh why is that and what can we do to change that and if we don't change our these or these private part is going to be able to
01:06:182.72 (s)uh continue their investment in the long term
01:06:249.74 (s)sort of the uh we don't see the same uh low rates a matter of fact we have people say why my son just moved in area and there's a line for uh for about four
01:06:342.96 (s)so he rather than the private sector and again
01:06:375.68 (s)d. o. d. y. only twenty five percent of our people are living on base and seventy five with learning outside
01:06:441.10 (s)we believe there enough
01:06:453.88 (s)first of all we don't have the evidence to show that i mean are while
01:06:5015.54 (s)if they are low then the private sector partner is allowed to rent to other than active duty military people you can resent uh rent to reserve is to government civilians and eventually going to read to uh private citizens
01:07:060.56 (s)so
01:07:073.00 (s)if there's a low occupancy rate which we will take a look at it
01:07:101.96 (s)but each there shouldn't be one
01:07:1614.00 (s)from air force perspective what we found air force thing initial development comparing occupancy rates allowing month and topic house the house and
01:07:3142.36 (s)well for our last quarter air force have rowlett's ninety percent which with our high next week continually x. p. continually pick pound cake topic think airplane if we continue to product task i mean we haven't air force inventory to private time we're going down calendar flower numbers and my we think we need mentality that higher of marking tearing apart cap fine eight air force earlier project okay so are you also you all go ahead and compare occupancy rate and a private dies with our own occupancy rate in the old days because in the old days if the house was taken after maintenance it wasn't how the
01:08:141.32 (s)as being occupied
01:08:1616.54 (s)work with the private sector guy be as an empty house was down for maintenance or it's have a it's and you out so is numbers will be different okay thank you i was also reading in a hospital in um hartford counting just outside of of uh aberdeen
01:08:3319.24 (s)and the hospital was saying that you know there's course and a lot of discussion in terms of infrastructure related to road surrounding installations and and preparing for this growth of course we're very happy to have uh in maryland but they were saying that in terms of they're very concerned about infrastructure in terms of health care
01:08:533.92 (s)oh to prepare for these folks coming are you hearing similar concerns
01:08:582.68 (s)at all in terms of the communities where you're going
01:09:035.44 (s)it it depends on which community but i haven't heard the health care issue other than uh
01:09:094.16 (s)i've heard some of the road issues especially around the more urban
01:09:134.86 (s)locations it worked out of but not around right but is that an issue that
01:09:1911.18 (s)we considered in terms of looking at the growth um it's going to occur um with the changes with bracket and the consequences of that on the surrounding communities will determine you
01:09:329.48 (s)this he he you were given time from another member so we business chairman but but i have no time to heal back and please don't blame me
01:09:435.38 (s)we'll see if we can have a a a second run but i want to go back to some of the questions that were asked
01:09:4910.16 (s)you know i've been here that and i've gone through i think five base closures this last sure i was able to see for the base closure commission thank you d. r. commission
01:09:592.46 (s)they were never able to synchronize with one another
01:10:028.72 (s)and i think this is one of the reasons for we haven't a problem that we're having today and this is one of the one of the reasons why the local committees reports of what we're going now
01:10:1225.60 (s)we make some horrible mistakes at the expense of local communities but now i'd like to yield to me for dollar from the lady from well thank you very much but you can't is very important hearing for me and my constituents and to lot of to thank you very much like to carry i mean secretary can most important things you to you because you had a real uh leading role in one military build that
01:10:383.90 (s)secretary and
01:10:435.24 (s)i also want to express my general support seven hundred eighty seven million dollars
01:10:4810.22 (s)in total military construction finding in fiscal year two thousand can budget for all of one's military installations including the national guard
01:11:0024.74 (s)you know i'm april ninth g. will report call got more senior level of involvement from the dealer would be to make sure that one's local infrastructure issues were given more consideration in the federal budget process three point cost for a meeting of the economic i guess we could maybe bring level coordination with other federal agency
01:11:258.30 (s)we expect easy to begin meeting and how little ones local infrastructure concerns be addressed
01:11:352.20 (s)uh yes on the of of the uh
01:11:3818.10 (s)the economic adjustment kid committee we're working to set up a meeting uh i don't have a data this time but uh it may not be with with the agencies not having their political appointees in place you may not occur for another uh couple of months
01:11:591.66 (s)all right i seriously
01:12:011.20 (s)you navigate you
01:12:0412.14 (s)i from four hundred and twelve million dollars week like it the marine corps construction is well as two hundred and fifty nine million dollars the new hospital and one
01:12:1711.44 (s)obviously one of the impediments to it executing each fine and i'm confident this congress will ought to write an appropriate for if the completion of the draft record decision
01:12:2928.70 (s)so along these lines i'm also interested in learning more about hopping department plans n. using mitigation finding it if congress authorized in section three can we expect nothing nine percent each meal kahn project mitigation efforts if it's something that we can comment from d. o. d.
01:13:015.72 (s)memory we hope to get the um well matched find now so we can do the construction we want to start this within
01:13:072.34 (s)uh but that's circle and
01:13:114.86 (s)we're at this time but he i guess working eighty six different studies
01:13:161.40 (s)to make sure we do guam
01:13:180.62 (s)right
01:13:194.78 (s)okay and and for same the mitigation before we compute the studies
01:13:2418.92 (s)would be very very difficult would not be good our part i know right we talked with the parker department of agriculture yesterday on things we can do as far as the mitigation measures are concerned uh uh i think we need to we need we need the analysis completed before we can do the mitigation that would be some that requires
01:13:442.78 (s)a more significant amount of funding than others
01:13:477.92 (s)uh but until we have that analysis the baseline i i don't think we can say what a specific person is would be poorly for the uh
01:13:560.98 (s)mitigation measures
01:13:584.40 (s)we are looking to mitigate all the areas that are impacted that will be done
01:14:054.80 (s)it's the right thing to do i mean the law requires about the right thing to do so we're not going to destroy anything
01:14:156.16 (s)uh no i know i'm not sure the uh the section referring to it i'd i'd like to get with your staff one
01:14:221.52 (s)figure that out good all right
01:14:2419.22 (s)about support meeting deal with be for locally and federal operating agencies n. i. s. in my understanding get some lawyers in the department can can be economic precludes the only from helping define cooperating agencies for the blind military buildup
01:14:4414.58 (s)i can be resolved especially for our local cooperating agencies do not have the funds to review the so how can we get it right and time you it would be not
01:14:593.56 (s)can you comment on this matter in
01:15:0320.14 (s)yes maam where we are point putting v. i. s. p. i. guess is the deal with responsibility and that's what we're doing we have brought all the local agencies in in back as the major uh e. p. is having a a meeting later this month on pipe and looking at all the marianna uh and i think mr and i both map e. p. a. region mine
01:15:247.44 (s)last month uh so that for the record will be fully funded exactly
01:15:321.64 (s)ahead
01:15:3415.88 (s)you may be referring to request from guam e. p. a. for funding for them to review you know we are not allowed to fund to guam e. p. a. to review our documents in this particular case this is not like uh uh we don't have a decent no uh
01:15:514.82 (s)to work that i can work with your staff or the details but i believe the government ones as they will
01:15:5625.50 (s)they will review the documents with the staff that they have all right mr chairman and then we just one question and then the second round for me you don't mind if it's make it shortly um thank you for year finding three d. i. s. r. in strange interest in year four space as you know from past correspondent i've been concerned about the air to enter interesting military construction need
01:16:2212.18 (s)we don't c. d.'s project to be overshadowed compromised due to increased navy and marine corps program in future years for interesting
01:16:3816.36 (s)you can tell from that can't i can't we have one project in here that supports it's lost three project comment on any project and we have um
01:16:5510.32 (s)thank you to you um we can we can get from north korea near plans to now launch long range missiles
01:17:0612.80 (s)we supposedly llamas one their tired it is our responsibility to provide security fifty um so july eric everyone to work you can't you can't use military movement right
01:17:191.70 (s)thank you so much uh
01:17:222.54 (s)now or uh you the mr fleming
01:17:268.90 (s)like in this chairman of the chairman uh and want the fact that i had my question answered i'm going to yield well so much time to you with texas come
01:17:357.02 (s)no objection mr connelly well they were sharing that which let me appreciate that that is being real quickly
01:17:435.90 (s)did you say that t. i. s. has been expanded on want to include all of the ranger user necessary to make this work
01:17:491.50 (s)no so i did not say that
01:17:520.60 (s)what did you say
01:17:538.28 (s)of the of the i think we're conducting eighty six for the current u. i. s. adjusted you bring somebody in a talk about very area
01:18:0313.78 (s)on pipe and i think it's already i am that's unrelated to the that were correct because of the okay right uh what we're talking about well um uh move it in the uh
01:18:185.14 (s)get a break or wave the flight safety issues at the replace with facilities as well
01:18:235.52 (s)no so that is not the intent there are we we we do not intended to well you agenda make the system work
01:18:305.44 (s)if it maybe if if it's how do i go use the facility to replace of fifty with so
01:18:362.66 (s)if you can't wait the flight safety issues that they yeah
01:18:4017.64 (s)uh uh and i i don't with specific might be a. fifty two to three both aircraft uh there are many many things you can do to mitigate everything from uh reducing the weight operating at different temperatures all the things are back to the other always done on a daily basis in the box i the pop accept this
01:18:5810.90 (s)before i would launch except in the carrier i would go through and check my outside air temperature well what you have and everything and that's what you mitigated you go down a thousand pounds and get within limits
01:19:109.72 (s)okay we do not intend we we're not going to violate safety what to operate out of the people okay this is like watching match with what what in your pocket
01:19:2017.94 (s)uh notes i don't think so but pacific pacific better i said with the length of the right away and the length of the over runs required that take any dollar operational requirements and the marine corps agreed with that okay so they will certify that is a safer place that that yes of what there are there may be some
01:19:3916.70 (s)uh need for waivers in terms of it with brightly every field we have okay in america has waivers but we will make sure they're mitigated or uh taken out or that we all agreed that there uh that the risk is minimal okay that we reduce the
01:19:563.48 (s)capacity what we're trying to do to together those guidelines okay
01:20:000.56 (s)um
01:20:020.58 (s)uh
01:20:031.54 (s)you know construction budgets
01:20:058.54 (s)fluctuate uh it a like a state personal i was actually pretty decision so going up and going down is not automatically up a flag
01:20:1415.34 (s)uh starting how you look at system wide uh structure here but some requests thing that is it is a better indicator versus just simply the the the budget ever changing the of has has a system look at system like construction these uh
01:20:302.08 (s)to say your percentage those basically
01:20:332.92 (s)funded rationally and it everybody look at your overall
01:20:364.54 (s)plan for deploying all these scarce resources i guess spec check of me
01:20:4213.66 (s)well ayse what mr doug are is referring to is that the guard budget in particular the congress is grateful and or we're grateful garvey usually add to that request so we measured from what we requested the year before not from work arbor's
01:20:565.40 (s)uh appropriate on the overall budget we do look at it from year to year and
01:21:0210.88 (s)we uh which is what the reason we're trying to go to q. ratings so that we have a measure of what buildings need to be replaced uh and when they need to be replaced uh
01:21:1313.36 (s)part of the budget is also for for uh new aircraft new ships two tanks and the facilities go with that and we rely on the services it always be reliance services to meet their operation need and then we overseas make sure it's there
01:21:2826.40 (s)did you just tell us that the you'd usually under budget because you know the congress is that money on top of it the other we we compare our budgets to what we requested published earlier this disregard it so the card part of it we compare our request for ten frames to our request for nine we believe that fills the needs of congress has things are that makes us that that makes those that guard budget uh puts in better shape
01:21:552.42 (s)we believe that the request will satisfy our needs
01:21:584.78 (s)okay but you can't on congress plus in that up browser or or i just make sure that misunderstood
01:22:042.24 (s)chuck or the uh uh
01:22:0711.12 (s)are we got five million acres shorter place to run takes and helicopters what kind of stuff you drop it to the request opinion you from four thousand a thousand what what's up how we going to keep trading
01:22:194.20 (s)uh that uh with the traffic because we need to train with that was cut short
01:22:249.24 (s)yes the the shortfall was there uh it is it is been validated through you know calo and how we talk for early uh uh computed
01:22:344.92 (s)in the short term our position is it's only acquire property in areas where
01:22:400.66 (s)uh
01:22:412.52 (s)the local delegation is is isn't supporting
01:22:468.62 (s)the case opinion canyon the mitigation to our on battle makes is on configurations on time follow
01:22:554.32 (s)we are still accomplishing a lot of training opinion okay
01:23:005.78 (s)the question is how efficient and effective could we get by acquiring more training
01:23:063.82 (s)uh has uh communication systems develop
01:23:107.18 (s)uh on main vehicles develop uh we we acquire more physical square footage to really
01:23:183.76 (s)truly test those those of types of equipment
01:23:237.70 (s)um we are compromising some of that obviously with the reduced footprint but we are still training there and there are work arounds uh
01:23:317.80 (s)just continue to work out if we think we have a plausible strategy for pinion canyon we had a a willing seller at one point two
01:23:392.22 (s)who um change course on us
01:23:431.66 (s)we're going to continue to work hard
01:23:450.96 (s)say for sure you're back
01:23:4823.02 (s)it's a lot like this like mr i'd like to thank all of you on they'll panel being here today for your service producers our country and i'm very glad and very relieved to see the three remaining rack two thousand five sites in iowa are in fact on the this budget request for two thousand town of those three of course or iowa national guard research centers in cedar rapids middletown down about team
01:24:1115.70 (s)uh those facilities were constructed in nineteen sixteen nineteen fifty in nineteen seventy three respectively the last and a half the current authorize size for such structures and improvements these buildings don't have training recruitment and retention i think in particular
01:24:272.38 (s)in light of uh be increased uh
01:24:306.48 (s)oh role that our national reserve components not playing overseas in our in our too complex and potentially in in
01:24:371.18 (s)conflicts timeline
01:24:3915.06 (s)i'm also very glad to see the funding is included for equipment infrastructure modernization of the iowa army ammunition plant uh that's their burlington iowa also the infrastructure that plan not for that plant uh is over sixty years old requires significant modernization
01:24:556.50 (s)in order to ensure the safety of our workers continuity of operations and timely delivery our service members
01:25:0216.88 (s)uh i just have two questions related to these two issues um i understand the funding for the most fifteen users center maybe moved up to two thousand nine decision maybe coming soon uh because either of you either uh satirical car or three arnie address yourself to that question
01:25:2123.88 (s)yes we we currently have must katyn tracking at about eight point eight billion dollars in total program we are experiencing some savings and projects as we are opening bids are intent would be you know once we think we've got past the lion's share of the program the try to pull some projects for uh i would tell you would probably be in the next thirty to forty five days we would make that decision
01:25:4521.48 (s)we would like to get that one in it nine million dollars if we could okay thank you and i'm not my site have still does not just the iowa army ammunition plant but plants like it uh in general other appears to be perhaps uh in attention to the deteriorating infrastructure army ammunition plants including the army ammunition plant in iowa
01:26:0719.84 (s)can you highlight how this budget supports modernization of infrastructure at the facilities including security for example and also energy efficiency enhancements to the army or just deal be uh have a long term plan to address these issues on by the one to be able you to speak that issue
01:26:282.26 (s)over a long term basis we uh
01:26:316.56 (s)we used to look at sustained rates of seventy seventy five percent we're not ninety percent would like to go under the budget would allow
01:26:383.10 (s)we're also looking at uh developing is q. rating
01:26:410.66 (s)uh
01:26:433.02 (s)plan which will allow us to better measure
01:26:472.78 (s)condition of our facilities and then
01:26:515.64 (s)um then we'll be able to defend ourselves an email ilkar world it against the german folks to say look if you want
01:26:573.64 (s)you wanted a navy marine corps air force army that's
01:27:011.94 (s)uh capable you've got to
01:27:044.62 (s)extend this much money we're also uh we also beneficiaries
01:27:099.50 (s)this year of the stimulus files we got an additional seven point four billion and and also in the ten budget we were able to sustain
01:27:1911.74 (s)our arses daemon funding uh in in the latest budget around so we're doing much better and we have a better long term way to do it it's not there yet but it's much better we've done in the past ten fifteen years
01:27:333.12 (s)thank you very much i'll feel that back belts like time not secure
01:27:372.02 (s)get from mississippi state or
01:27:402.74 (s)like this german don't think up help for being here today
01:27:441.60 (s)the story in uh
01:27:462.08 (s)okay i'm concerned
01:27:495.42 (s)and i'm going to ask for your personal oversight on the transfer of property roosevelt roads
01:27:555.80 (s)i think that all of our defense support is a bad habit of buying high and selling low
01:28:021.98 (s)and i think it it again it's
01:28:047.36 (s)whether it's on thank you much ships or aircraft for taking things that are of substantial value is selling for less in the were
01:28:125.88 (s)we have got to do a better job i'm going to give you a for instance i still haven't had an adequate response
01:28:192.40 (s)in my congressional district gulfport mississippi
01:28:233.74 (s)maybe purchase it a retirement home purchase ten acres away
01:28:281.32 (s)with two homes on it
01:28:301.24 (s)one of the homes in a pool
01:28:324.18 (s)with prepare perry and it media access to build up here the gulf of mexico
01:28:372.72 (s)the purchase that can acres in two thousand and three
01:28:402.22 (s)four five point seven you
01:28:441.94 (s)in less than twelve months
01:28:464.64 (s)they sold off the two homes the swimming pool the repair area right
01:28:522.00 (s)um for one day bus and one
01:28:551.30 (s)that means you paid
01:28:573.48 (s)five hundred and seventy thousand dollars for acreage
01:29:000.46 (s)tim
01:29:011.92 (s)that you could not access from the road
01:29:042.46 (s)but you turned around and sold two homes
01:29:074.16 (s)uh in three point four acres for an average of two hundred eighty thousand eight
01:29:134.24 (s)that's a bad d. that's a terrible do for the taxpayer and quite frankly i i
01:29:181.38 (s)i believe something drop
01:29:202.50 (s)i think somebody in your system
01:29:246.50 (s)gateway public recent literally gateway public resource yeah the reason i say that is the one i went to look into
01:29:312.54 (s)that's amount congressional district i want to look into
01:29:343.88 (s)i don't want to see that happen i visited roseville rose on several occasions
01:29:382.46 (s)that is a phenomenal piece of property
01:29:424.40 (s)oh relies more could right now for real estate is at an all time low the first question is
01:29:4610.06 (s)do we want to be selling this for now hope property when the market is terrible what do we want to wait a few years and get actual value for the property when you got recall reasonably well
01:29:574.94 (s)is then would given any thought to that you know you have day for for example it i'll give is
01:30:022.28 (s)in our quest to balance the budget
01:30:062.16 (s)right in two thousand four two thousand five
01:30:090.76 (s)i'm i'm sorry
01:30:110.32 (s)yeah
01:30:145.94 (s)yeah of course about the budget during during the clinton years shortly after the ninety four election
01:30:214.72 (s)we sold off the old she'll reserve's when the price of oil was at eleven
01:30:282.22 (s)what be reached last summer almost a hundred fifty
01:30:317.40 (s)so so again it's it there is a pattern here would not being good stewards were we're in worse worst make issues books look good
01:30:391.98 (s)we do a very poor job long term
01:30:423.70 (s)i'm curious what is going to be doing to kind of change that out
01:30:463.44 (s)so we try to buy things for the best price and fails
01:30:501.48 (s)at the best price the text
01:30:530.70 (s)uh
01:30:541.96 (s)distiller i agree with you completely
01:30:572.36 (s)let me mention the mississippi situation
01:31:017.34 (s)year or so ago you raise is that i i put it in the system i don't believe that the home falls under d. o. d. anymore
01:31:0926.56 (s)uh and i not sure i was a navy for uh six years that never came under our for view i think it's a separate manager what i was it'll be in e. uh in the in the needed to eighties late eighties the the various homes homescan where separate agencies from the there are controlled by of delia story again at but and i and i fines collected from soldiers sailors airmen marines phone
01:31:362.30 (s)so i think it was very much to do with the index
01:31:393.68 (s)yes or okay and and again but it's not so is that
01:31:447.22 (s)it's a separate this little agency if i recall and i read the articles i i agree with you that that that should be investigated
01:31:516.44 (s)secondly on the on roosevelt roads if it were and and i did base closure from permissive then
01:31:5914.74 (s)yeah if you recall uh for five years ago we sold uh several bases in california and brought in over one point one uh billion dollars in revenue that then we used to moderate size clean up
01:32:145.82 (s)uh that's the position the departments prefer to be a where land has real value
01:32:2116.66 (s)we would like to have the flexibility to be able to sell what the community doesn't need in terms of direct economic development conventions however as you well know we are frequently pressured as we are as we're being again this year to give things away for nothing
01:32:3829.42 (s)so i would i i would argue that if if you leave is the services have now plenty of tools in they're toolbox to provide benefit to the communities and to provide value back to the taxpayer of the taxpayers of the country where land is valuable and they also have the ability to wait to sell if they're not pressured to change their uh their their uh rules now we'll get i i don't want to get it on your radar screen because i hope someone more
01:33:096.24 (s)before contractors that is going to look at that and say wait a minute is that a fair price for the taxpayers
01:33:157.06 (s)it shouldn't we just wait a little while to the market recall was use all the property in california when the market was red hot i was a smart move
01:33:2314.54 (s)but i'll always would certainly hope that someone is going to take it down to make sure that that that what we get should be so is it fair person's actually well there are measures in uh i'm told will be in your bill that will demand that we do know cost uh transfers
01:33:380.48 (s)pexa
01:33:416.26 (s)thank you and i apologize for going over my initial time i was so excited to be able to ask the question i can containment
01:33:4811.02 (s)so thank you um q. sort of a general question can can any of you discussed i guess this morning the uh progress in the realignment process of walter reed
01:34:009.42 (s)to uh enable to test a hospital yes right i can give you all the details but it is on track the constructions underway um of the
01:34:1012.50 (s)we believe you know we haven't planned this movement will be completed on time and uh and the facilities will be there so is as of right now is on track and we anticipate that will be completed as schedule is sort of like um
01:34:243.32 (s)for means uh we're transition unit right now
01:34:272.80 (s)is about my understanding is about a hundred and fifty
01:34:314.66 (s)my understanding is there hasn't been any decision as to whether or not
01:34:362.22 (s)uh that's going to be a prominent unit
01:34:397.52 (s)um apparently still pending the concern that i have is that they are that those numbers are continuing to grow
01:34:475.98 (s)and without a final determination the resources necessary to deal with that growth are not forthcoming
01:34:5413.12 (s)my question is assuming in and until that decision is made assuming um the beginning remains at that level work continues to grow can fort meade count on the resources necessary to deal with it
01:35:099.12 (s)we have warrior transition units all over the army and i think our strategy is to me surges and spikes where we have capabilities for
01:35:191.14 (s)uh care
01:35:211.98 (s)in the fourth meet situation uh
01:35:231.78 (s)we're monitoring it closely
01:35:2711.12 (s)et cetera what size based on the best information available the best i could say is i don't have any report that it's under sized or they're experiencing any difficulties at this time
01:35:382.58 (s)my understanding was the estimates were around me
01:35:4135.36 (s)and now it's about a hundred and fifty um and it's continuing the expectations are because i was just there uh are continuing to grow in again my concern is is at the same time we're having these units to provide obviously necessary resources we want him um we were going to cetera stuff up for failure if we don't have the resources and the places where we're sending soldiers so something on should keep an island particularly as it relates to for me we will it again we are applying an enterprise concept for wounded warrior units looking across the army bird capacity this thank you
01:36:170.78 (s)oh you're back
01:36:200.72 (s)schedule
01:36:233.26 (s)you know i uh going back to what uh
01:36:274.06 (s)the navy by themselves without having to mention in any service
01:36:320.46 (s)oh
01:36:333.28 (s)we had a piece of land in my district that uh
01:36:370.84 (s)they could have bought
01:36:381.88 (s)for about seven hundred thousand dollars
01:36:410.78 (s)if they waited
01:36:420.46 (s)wait to
01:36:430.52 (s)way to
01:36:450.98 (s)when they came back
01:36:472.30 (s)now that they if eleven twelve
01:36:500.98 (s)million dollars
01:36:536.68 (s)so this is for you uh some of the members or the star uh right so you know i mean to us
01:37:002.02 (s)taxpayers' money is very sacred
01:37:034.48 (s)and i don't have to make sure the ages just as they might some of you know what i'm talking about
01:37:0911.72 (s)but in a way we could have both in a few minutes with and have about five votes which means that it we don't finish our questioning you guys would have stayed here for the next forty five minutes to an hour and we're not going to punish you like that
01:37:223.12 (s)so i just have one last question from my good friend francetic there are
01:37:257.82 (s)this problem right what's the like any previous round and the implementation of the reclamation recommendations for complex
01:37:341.14 (s)and interrelated
01:37:363.22 (s)is the department going to complete all the realignment
01:37:403.38 (s)proposed by the reclamation by september twenty eleven
01:37:444.56 (s)if so what to make sure that with the department about the meet is that like maybe you can
01:37:494.96 (s)is uh are you going to be able to meet this deadline yes or we are going to meet that deadline
01:37:564.20 (s)and i yeah you know the uh in our hack no crime here hearing
01:38:023.18 (s)you know all the services agree we're all on track we're going to need it
01:38:063.54 (s)i'm going for a long time i trust you
01:38:119.90 (s)no further questions uh this has been a very good hearing you can understand the concerns of the comedians interested in uh ask why they have some of these questions but uh
01:38:217.22 (s)thank you so much for your services thank you so much for joining us today and uh you know for the question on this expensive