Instrumentation and Automation Example



To build this example, you will need java and ant configured on your system:

Building the Example

To compile the code, simply run ant from the command line: "ant build" to compile and "ant clean" to clean.

Installing Plug-Ins

Before you run the example, you will need to install the Mozilla plug-ins for Thunderbird and Firefox.
For Thunderbird, select the Tools->Add-ons menu item and click the install button and then navigate to plugins/thunderbird/iris.xpi.
For Firefox, simply drag the plug-in from plugins/firefox/iris.xpi to the main browser window.

Running the Example

To run the intstrumentation example, execute the run_inst.bat script:

The output will be a list of events from the instrumented applications.
For example:

[jcarpenter@jcarpenter-lt /Projects/InstrumentationExample]$ ./run_inst.bat
Starting WebServer on port 33804
Got harvest message of type tasks:OpenUrl
        Web Page: Google
Got harvest message of type tasks:OpenEmailWindow
        Email Subject: PAL Framework component update
To run the automation example, execute the run_auto.bat script:

You should see a simple gui with a url bar and a "Go" button.