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CALO Express (CE, also referred to as CALO within the application) is a lightweight personal desktop assistant designed to simplify and expedite finding information within a user's desktop environment. Key to CE's success is the use of learning technology to build, over time, increasingly refined models of user preferences, which lead to more accurate and personalized search results. To maintain user privacy, CE stores all data on the personal desktop.
About Calo
CALO Express provides the following four forms of search-related functionality:
Personalized Desktop Search
CALO Express provides personalized desktop search across files, contacts, appointments, and emails. CE desktop search enables both finding files and other items on the desktop and finding similar versions of these items with a "More like this" capability. CE supports both standard keyword searches and restricted natural language queries. CE personalizes searches by learning the kinds of results that the user wants and then prioritizing those results at the top of the results list. The system learns from implicit feedback based on the active use of the result, such as opening a document, or from explicit feedback based on the user's assessment of the results. This learning is used to rank results in future searches.
Accelerated Presentation Development (Presentation Assistant)
The Presentation Assistant component helps the user prepare presentations by finding slides that match a descriptive phrase as well as suggesting slides that are similar to a given example. Unlike other search systems, CE searches for individual slides.
Prepare an information package (PrepPak)
The PrepPak component helps prepare for common office tasks such as attending a meeting, writing a proposal or paper, or preparing a document by automatically gathering relevant information such as documents, emails, email attachments, and contacts. For a meeting, a user might want a PrepPak of an email invitation, pre-meeting discussions of the topic, and presentations to be given. After the meeting, the user might keep the PrepPak and add notes, minutes, or follow-up emails. User refinement of the resulting documents provides feedback to improve future suggestions.
CALO Express tagging offer shortcuts to quickly organize and retrieve files, email, and other items.
Software and hardware requirements to run CALO Express:
  • Windows XP
  • 1GB RAM, 500 MHz, 1.5 GB disk space