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This page contains links to various software packages and libraries that support the use of 3D geographic visualizations using VRML or GeoVRML. Please e-mail the maintainers (below) if you know of a entry that should be included in this list.

GeoVRML 1.0 Sample Implementation:
The GeoVRML 1.0 sample implementation includes a number of new nodes for VRML that are implemented in Java. These nodes are all described in the GeoVRML 1.0 Recommended Practice document.
Run-Time: http://www.geovrml.org/1.0/download/
Source Code: http://www.geovrml.org/1.0/source/

ShapeViz and Coordinate Converter:
ShapeViz is an application that can take ArcView Shape files, view them, and convert them into VRML and GeoVRML. It runs under Windows 98 and NT. Conversion Tool is based on the SEDRIS conversion libraries and lets you convert coordinates between latitude/longitude and Universal Transverse Mercator.

Collects links to free GIS tools and geographic data. This essentially means that the packages must at least have a license which is conform with the Open Source Definition (OSD).

SRI's GeoTransform Package:
GeoTransform is a Java package offering efficient and accurate conversion between a number of geographic coordinate systems. This enables the generation of custom VRML nodes that support the specification of points using geographic coordinate systems such as lat/long or UTM. Full source code is available free of charge, in addition to a zip file containing the .class file hierarchy.

SRI's tsmApi library:
The tsmApi (Tile Set Manager API) library provides support for generating large, rich, multi-resolution, tiled terrain data in VRML97. Full source code is available free of charge, in addition to precompiled distributions for Irix, Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Chris Thorne's "elgrd" Tiling Tools:
Two utilities for generating level of detail elevation grids in VRML: GridToLOD splits an ElevationGrid into one or more subgrids, and ImageSlicer (by Cameron Gillies) segments large JFIF/JPEG files into 256x256 pixel tiles. Java source code and classes are available under the GNU copyleft license.

The TerraVision terrain visualization system from SRI lets you browse large terrain models over the web. It supports the use of VRML and GeoVRML for building or other models that can be overlayed on the terrain.

Rhumb Line Calculations:
Equations for doing various rhumb line navigation calculations, submitted by John F Richardson. For example, calculating the range and bearing between two lat/long points. The second URL below contains navigation information such as great circle formulae, rhumb line navigation, wind triangles, etc.

Bob Crispen's dem2wrl:
Takes a USGS DEM and converts this to a single ElevationGrid. You can specify the number of rows and columns to skip, or you could use Chris Thorne's elgrd tools above to split the grid into more manageable chunks.

GeoTIFF Library:
This library, a companion to the TIFF library, is a portable C implementation of an API for managing the GeoTIFF tags in general TIFF files. It should be considered as a starting point for our Working Groups consideration of georeferencing standards in VRML.
TIFF: ftp://ftp.sgi.com/graphics/tiff
GeoTIFF: ftp://ftpmcmc.cr.usgs.gov/release/geotiff/jpl_mirror/code

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson


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