This page contains a list of conference, journal, or technical articles that pertain to the use of VRML for geographic visualization over the web. Please e-mail the maintainers (below) if you have a reference that should be included in this list.

  • M. Reddy, L. Iverson, and Y. G. Leclerc (2000). "Under the Hood of GeoVRML 1.0". In Proceedings of The Fifth Web3D/VRML Symposium. Monterey, California. February 21-24, 2000. [PDF]

  • M. Reddy, L. Iverson, Y. G. Leclerc (1999). "Enabling Geographic Support in Virtual Reality Modeling with GeoVRML", Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 26(3):180. [PDF]

  • Dykes, J. A., Moore, K. M. and Fairbairn, D. (1999). "From Chernoff to Imhof and Beyond: VRML & Cartography". In Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Paderborn, Germany. pp. 99-104. [HTML]

  • M. Reddy, Y. G. Leclerc, L. Iverson, and N. Bletter (1999). "TerraVision II: Visualizing Massive Terrain Databases in VRML". IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Special Issue on VRML), 19(2): 30-38. [PDF]

  • Abernathy, M. and Shaw, S. (1998). "Integrating Geographic Information in VRML Models". In Proceedings of the Third Symposium on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Monterey, CA. February 16-19, pp. 107-114. [HTML]

  • TR80-003 (1998). "Geodesy for the Layman". US National Imagert and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Technical Report TR80-003. [HTML]

  • A. Gore (1998). "The Digital Earth: Understanding our planer in the 21st Century". Speech given at the California Science Center, Los Angeles, California. January, 31. [HTML]

  • Rhyne, T. M. (1997). "Going Virtual with Geographic Information and Scientific Visualization". Computers and Geosciences, 23(4): 489-491.

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson

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