About GeoVRML

GeoVRML is an official Working Group of the Web3D Consortium. It was formed on 27 Feb 1998 with the goal of developing tools and recommended practice for the representation of geographical data using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). The desire is to enable geo-referenced data, such as maps and 3-D terrain models, to be viewed over the web by a user with a standard VRML plugin for their web browser.

The GeoVRML Working Group has a mailing list where discussions and developments are posted. Currently, this list consists of over 180 members drawn from a wide gamut of backgrounds and nationalities, including members from industry, government, and academia; geographers, geologists, computer graphics developers, and of course interested hobbyists.

The group has recently produced the GeoVRML 1.0 Recommended Practice document that details a number of new extensions to VRML for supporting geographic applications. There is also an accompanying Open Source Java sample implementation of these nodes. This work is now being added as an ammendment to the VRML ISO standard.

Working Group Information

An Emerald Coolsite
To develop tools and recommended practice for the representation of  geographical data in VRML.
Martin Reddy, <>
Lee Iverson, <>

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson

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