This page contains links to various examples of using VRML for geographic visualization. Some of these use GeoVRML and some use plain old VRML. Please e-mail the maintainers (below) if you know of any work that should be included in this list.

GeoVRML 1.0 Examples
This web page contains a collection of example content that uses the GeoVRML 1.0 nodes, such as GeoElevationGrid, GeoViewpoint, GeoLOD, etc.

The Great VRML Model
Peter Graf of Blaxxun has put together a VRML model of the planet earth using the USGS GTOPO30 DEM (30 arc second resolution) and overlaying data from the Digital Chart of the World dataset. This currently requires the Blaxxun VRML browser.
Interactive 3D airspace models for several of the busiest terminal areas in the US using VRML.

COAST VRML Bathymetry Modeler
This web page lets you create bathymetric models for any region of the planet. It is produced by COAST, the Consortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers. You can specify parameters such as model extent, coordinate system, scale, sampling interval, inclusion of sea level, etc. The model is be output in VRML format.

USGS Virtual Earth Science VRML Models
The Virtual Earth Science web site at the US Geological Survey features visualizations that use VRML to create and model 3-D information. You can explore and interact with models that depict a wide range of earth science topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Examples include Recent Earthquake Epicenters, Mt St Helens Before and After, Mt Rainer, Kamchatka Earthquakes, and many more.

NPS Monterey Bay Sanctuary in VRML
The VRML terrain model of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is the result of the collaborative efforts of Greg Leaver and Don Brutzman of the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey and Ray McClain of Moss Landing Marine Labs - all in California. The project is documented in a thesis advised by Don and authored by Greg. The terrain model consists of numerous terrain tiles, terrain trees, and jpg images to support three levels of topographic resolution (2000m, 1000m, and 500m). The model uses an earler prototype of the GeoVRML 1.0 GeoLOD node which was called QuadLOD.

SRI's VRML TileSets
This page contains links to a number of large, multi-resolution terrain databases that have been generated in VRML97 format. These have been created as part of the terrain visualization work being performed at the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jeff de La Beaujardiere has been experimenting with VRML representations of the earth. This web page includes the Earth Today Exhibition, the Global Vegetation Index, and the Hurrican Linda visualization.

The University of California Santa Cruz PET Slug meteorology station data visualization. Produces VRML models for the earth with weather data from around the Santa Cruz and Monterey area.

3D Croatia
A project of the Image Processing Group at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. It consists of tiled satellite imagery draped over a terrain elevation map.

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson

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