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GeoVRML 1.1 Specification

4. Definitions

4.1 Spatial Reference Frame Definitions

The following table defines all of the spatial reference frames that are supported by GeoVRML 1.1. Only the GD, GC, and UTM spatial reference frames are supported for encoding coordinates (i.e. in a geoSystem string of a GeoVRML node); the others may be specified within a GeoMetadata node. The codes for each coordinate system are taken from the evolving ISO Spatial Reference Model (SRM) [SRM].

Code Name
GD Geodetic
GC Geocentric, Earth-centered, Earth-fixed
GEI Geocentric, Equatorial Inertial
GSE Geocentric, Solar Ecliptic
GSM Geocentric, Solar Magnetospheric
SM Solar Magnetic
PS Polar Stereographic
UPS Universal Polar Stereographic
LCC Lambert Conformal Conic
TM Transverse Mercator
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
LSR Local Space Rectangular

4.2 Ellipsoid Definitions

The following table defines all of the ellipsoid definitions that are supported by GeoVRML 1.1. The codes for each ellipsoid are taken from the SEDRIS SRM. These codes may be used within the geoSystem string for various GeoVRML nodes. The WGS84 geoid (mean sea level) can be specified by extending the ellipsoid code with WGS84. See [NIMA90] for details on ellipsoids and other related issues.

Code Ellipsoid Name Semi-Major Axis
Inv. Flattening
AA Airy 1830 6377563.396 299.3249646
AM Modified Airy 6377340.189 299.3249646
AN Australian National 6378160 298.25
BN Bessel 1841 (Namibia) 6377483.865 299.1528128
BR Bessel 1841 (Ethiopia Indonesia...) 6377397.155 299.1528128
CC Clarke 1866 6378206.4 294.9786982
CD Clarke 1880 6378249.145 293.465
EA Everest (India 1830) 6377276.345 300.8017
EB Everest (Sabah & Sarawak) 6377298.556 300.8017
EC Everest (India 1956) 6377301.243 300.8017
ED Everest (W. Malaysia 1969) 6377295.664 300.8017
EE Everest (W. Malaysia & Singapore 1948) 6377304.063 300.8017
EF Everest (Pakistan) 6377309.613 300.8017
FA Modified Fischer 1960 6378155 298.3
HE Helmert 1906 6378200 298.3
HO Hough 1960 6378270 297
ID Indonesian 1974 6378160 298.247
IN International 1924 6378388 297
KA Krassovsky 1940 6378245 298.3
RF Geodetic Reference System 1980 (GRS 80) 6378137 298.257222101
SA South American 1969 6378160 298.25
WD WGS 72 6378135 298.26
WE WGS 84 6378137 298.257223563

4.3 Datum Definitions

The following table defines all of the geodetic datums that can be used to define a spatial reference frame with GeoVRML 1.1. GeoVRML 1.1 does not support the use of these in the geoSystem fields of GeoVRML nodes. Only the reference ellipsoids listed above are currently supported. However, the following datum codes may be specified within a GeoMetadata node to document the data. These code are taken from the evolving ISO Spatial Reference Model [SRM].

Datum Code Datum Name Reference Ellipsoid Applicable Extent
ADI-A Adindan CD Ethiopia
ADI-B Adindan CD Sudan
ADI-C Adindan CD Mali
ADI-D Adindan CD Senegal
ADI-E Adindan CD Burkina Faso
ADI-F Adindan CD Cameroon
ADI-M Adindan CD MEAN FOR Ethiopia, Sudan
AFG Afgooye KA Somalia
AIA Antigua Island Astro 1943 CD Antigua (Leeward Islands)
AIN-A Ainel Abd 1970 IN Bahrain
AIN-B Ainel Abd 1970 IN Saudi Arabia
ANO Anna1 Astro 1965 AN Cocos Islands
ARF-A Arc 1950 CD Botswana
ARF-B Arc 1950 CD Lesotho
ARF-C Arc 1950 CD Malawi
ARF-D Arc 1950 CD Swaziland
ARF-E Arc 1950 CD Zaire
ARF-F Arc 1950 CD Zambia
ARF-G Arc 1950 CD Zimbabwe
ARF-H Arc 1950 CD Burundi
ARF-M Arc 1950 CD MEAN FOR Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Zaire Zambia, Zimbabwe
ARS Arc 1960 CD MEAN FOR Kenya, Tanzania
ASC Ascension Island 1958 IN Ascension Island
ASM Montserrat Island Astro 1958 CD Montserrat (Leeward Islands)
ASQ Astronomical Station 1952 IN Marcus Island
ATF Astro Beacon E 1945 IN Iwo Jima
AUA Australian Geodetic 1966 AN Australia & Tasmania
AUG Australian Geodetic 1984 AN Australia & Tasmania
BAT Djakarta (Batavia) BR Indonesia (Sumatra)
BER Bermuda 1957 CC Bermuda
BID Bissau IN Guinea-Bissau
BOO Bogota Observatory IN Colombia
BUR Bukit Rimpah BR Indonesia (Bangka Belitung Islands)
CAC Cape Canaveral CC Bahamas, Florida
CAI Campo Inchauspe IN Argentina
CAO Canton Astro 1966 IN Phoenix Islands
CAP Cape CD South Africa
CAZ Camp Area Astro IN Antarctica (McMurdo Camp Area)
CGE Carthage CD Tunisia
CHI Chatham Island Astro 1971 IN New Zealand (Chatham Island)
CHU Chua Astro IN Paraguay
COA Corrego Alegre IN Brazil
DAL Dabola CD Guinea
DOB GUX1 Astro IN Guadalcanal Island
EAS Easter Island 1967 IN Easter Island
ENW Wake-Eniwetok1960 HO Marshall Islands
EUR-A European 1950 IN MEAN FOR Austria, Denmark, France, West Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
EUR-B European 1950 IN Greece
EUR-C European 1950 IN Finland, Norway
EUR-D European 1950 IN Portugal, Spain
EUR-E European 1950 IN Cyprus
EUR-F European 1950 IN Egypt
EUR-G European 1950 IN England, Channel Islands, Scotland, Shetland Islands
EUR-H European 1950 IN Iran
EUR-I European 1950 IN Italy (Sardinia)
EUR-J European 1950 IN Italy (Sicily)
EUR-K European 1950 IN England, Ireland, Scotland, Shetland Islands
EUR-L European 1950 IN Malta
EUR-M European 1950 IN MEAN FOR Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, West Germany, Gibralter, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
EUR-S European 1950 IN MEAN FOR Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria
EUS European 1979 IN MEAN FOR Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
FAH Oman CD Oman
FLO Observatorio Meteorologico 1939 IN Azores (Corvo FloresIslands)
FOT Fort Thomas 1955 CD Nevis, St.Kitts (Leeward Islands)
GAA Gan 1970 IN Republic of Maldives
GEO Geodetic Datum 1949 IN New Zealand
GIZ DOS 1968 IN New Georgia Islands (Gizo Island)
GRA Graciosa Base SW 1948 IN Azores (Faial, Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge, Terceira)
GSE GunungSegara BR Indonesia (Kalimantan)
GUA Guam 1963 CC Guam
HEN Herat North IN Afghanistan
HIT Provisional South Chilean 1963 IN South Chile (Near 53 0 S) (HitoXVIII)
HJO Hjorsey 1955 IN Iceland
HKD HongKong 1963 IN Hong Kong
HTN Hu-Tzu-Shan IN Taiwan
IBE Bellevue (IGN) IN Efate & Erromango Islands
IND-B Indian EA Bangladesh
IND-I Indian EC India, Nepal
INF-A Indian 1954 EA Thailand, Vietnam
INH-A Indian 1975 EA Thailand
IRL Ireland 1965 AM Ireland
ISG ISTS061 Astro 1968 IN South Georgia Islands
IST ISTS073 Astro 1969 IN Diego Garcia
JOH Johnston Island 1961 IN Johnston Island
KAN Kandawala EA Sri Lanka
KEA Kertau 1948 EE West Malaysia & Singapore
KEG KerguelenIsland 1949 IN Kerguelen Island
KUS Kusaie Astro 1951 IN Caroline Islands
LCF L.C.5 Astro 1961 CC Cayman Brac Island
LEH Leigon CD Ghana
LIB Liberia 1964 CD Liberia
LUZ-A Luzon CC Philippines (Excluding Mindanao)
LUZ-B Luzon CC Philippines (Mindanao)
MAS Massawa BR Ethiopia (Eritrea)
MER Merchich CD Morocco
MID Midway Astro 1961 IN Midway Islands
MIK Mahe 1971 CD Mahe Island
MIN-A Minna CD Cameroon
MIN-B Minna CD Nigeria
MOD Rome 1940 IN Italy (Sardinia)
MPO M'Poraloko CD Gabon
MVS Viti Levu 1916 CD Fiji (Viti Levu Island)
NAH-A Nahrwan CD Oman (Masirah Island)
NAH-B Nahrwan CD United Arab Emirates
NAH-C Nahrwan CD Saudi Arabia
NAP Naparima BWI IN Trinidad & Tobago
NAR-A North American 1983 RF Alaska
NAR-B North American 1983 RF Canada
NAR-C North American 1983 RF CONUS
NAR-D North American 1983 RF Mexico, Central America
NAS-A North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR CONUS (East of Mississippi River) including Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota
NAS-B North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR CONUS (West of Mississippi River) excluding Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota
NAS-C North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR CONUS
NAS-D North American 1927 CC Alaska
NAS-E North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR Canada
NAS-F North American 1927 CC Canada (Alberta, British Columbia)
NAS-G North American 1927 CC Canada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec)
NAS-H North American 1927 CC Canada (Manitoba, Ontario)
NAS-I North American 1927 CC Canada (Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan)
NAS-J North American 1927 CC Canada (Yukon)
NAS-L North American 1927 CC Mexico
NAS-N North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR Belize, CostaRica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
NAS-O North American 1927 CC Canal Zone
NAS-P North American 1927 CC MEAN FOR Antigua, Barbados, Barbuda, Caicos Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Turks Islands
NAS-Q North American 1927 CC Bahamas (Except San Salvador Island)
NAS-R North American 1927 CC Bahamas (San Salvador Island)
NAS-T North American 1927 CC Cuba
NAS-U North American 1927 CC Greenland (Hayes Peninsula)
OEG Old Egyptian 1907 HE Egypt
OGB-A Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 AA England
OGB-B Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 AA England Isle of Man, Wales
OGB-C Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 AA Scotland, Shetland, Islands
OGB-D Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 AA Wales
OGB-M Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 AA MEAN FOR England, Isle of Man, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Wales
OHA-A Old Hawaiian CC Hawaii
OHA-B Old Hawaiian CC Kauai
OHA-C Old Hawaiian CC Maui
OHA-D Old Hawaiian CC Oahu
OHA-M Old Hawaiian CC MEAN FOR Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Oahu
PHA Ayabelle Lighthouse CD Djibouti
PIT Pitcairn Astro 1967 IN Pitcairn Island
PLN Picodelas Nieves IN Canary Islands
POS PortoSanto1936 IN Porto Santo, Madeira Islands
PRP-A Provisional South American 1956 IN Bolivia
PRP-B Provisional South American 1956 IN Northern Chile (Near 19 0 S)
PRP-C Provisional South American 1956 IN Southern Chile (Near 43 0 S)
PRP-D Provisional South American 1956 IN Colombia
PRP-E Provisional South American 1956 IN Ecuador
PRP-F Provisional South American 1956 IN Guyana
PRP-G Provisional South American 1956 IN Peru
PRP-H Provisional South American 1956 IN Venezuela
PRP-M Provisional South American 1956 IN MEAN FOR Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela
PTB Point 58 CD MEAN FOR Burkina Faso & Niger
PTN Pointe Noire 1948 CD Congo
PUR Puerto Rico CC PuertoRico VirginIslands
QAT Qatar National IN Qatar
QUO Qornoq IN Greenland(South)
REU Reunion IN Mascarene Islands
SAE Santo (DOS) 1965 IN Espirito Santo Island
SAN-A South American 1969 SA Argentina
SAN-B South American 1969 SA Bolivia
SAN-C South American 1969 SA Brazil
SAN-D South American 1969 SA Chile
SAN-E South American 1969 SA Colombia
SAN-F South American 1969 SA Ecuador (excluding Galapagos Islands)
SAN-G South American 1969 SA Guyana
SAN-H South American 1969 SA Paraguay
SAN-I South American 1969 SA Peru
SAN-J South American 1969 SA Ecuador (Baltra, Galapagos Islands)
SAN-K South American 1969 SA Trinidad &Tobago
SAN-L South American 1969 SA Venezuela
SAN-M South American 1969 SA MEAN FOR Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad &Tobago, Venezuela
SAO Sao Braz IN Azores (Sao Miguel, Santa Maria Islands)
SAP Sapper Hill 1943 IN East Falkland Island
SCK Schwarzeck BN Namibia
SGM Selvagem Grande 1938 IN Salvage Islands
SHB Astro DOS 71/4 IN St. Helena Island
SOA South Asia FA Singapore
TAN Tananarive Observatory 1925 IN Madagascar
TDC Tristan Astro 1968 IN Tristanda Cunha
TIL Timbalai 1948 EB Brunei, East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak)
TOY-A Tokyo BR Japan
TOY-B Tokyo BR Korea
TOY-C Tokyo BR Okinawa
TOY-M Tokyo BR MEAN FOR Japan, Korea, Okinawa
TRN Astro Tern Island (FRIG) 1961 IN Tern Island
W72 WGS 1972 WD Global Definition
W84 WGS 1984 WE Global Definition
WAK Wake Island Astro 1952 IN Wake Atoll
YAC Yacare IN Uruguay
ZAN Zanderij IN Suriname


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