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GeoVRML 1.1 Specification

D. Acknowledgements

Many people have contributed to the development of GeoVRML. The original discussions and developments were conducted largely on the mailing list of the GeoVRML working group. The members of that group have contributed greatly to the development of GeoVRML and to its subsequent formulation in this document. In particular, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the following people for their particular contributions to the GeoVRML recommended practice document and the open source sample implementation. The list is presented in alphabetically order.

The GeoVRML work performed at SRI International was partially funded under internal research and development funds in addition to funding under the following DARPA programs: MAGIC II, subcontract 12165SRI of contract F19628-95-C-0215; Battle Assessment and Data Dissemination, contract MDA972-97C-0037, and Creating and Visualizing the Digital Earth, contract MDA972-99-C-0011.


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