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Download GeoVRML 1.0 Source Code

The full source code for the GeoVRML 1.0 sample implementation is provided to the community in the spirit of Open Source. You may freely down all the Java sources. If you make any useful additions, you are encouraged to submit these for inclusion in the next release of GeoVRML (send details to the geovrml mailing list).

The GeoVRML source distribution is provided as a ZIP file. In case your web browser does not download the file by default when you click over it, you should click the right mouse button and use the Save As option.

Click to download geovrml_src.zip file

There is a README file included in the distribution that gives an overview of the directory structure. General information about GeoVRML 1.0, including links to the Recommended Practice document and the pre-packed run-time archive, can be found from the following web page:


N.B. Part of the GeoVRML implementation is based upon the GeoTransform Java package. This was derived from the SEDRIS Conversions API and as such comes under the SEDRIS License. Essentially, the GeoTransform package is freely available and you can use it as a component of a product that you sell. However, you cannot sell the GeoTransform package itself, and all derivative works that you make on the package must be published openly under the terms of the original license. The rest of the GeoVRML source code is released under the Open Source Apache license.

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson


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