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Download GeoVRML 1.0 Run-Time

In order to view 3-D scenes that use the GeoVRML nodes, you will need to install the GeoVRML 1.0 run-time environment. If you are using a Windows machine then this is extremely easy to do. If you are on another platform (Mac/Unix) then you will have a little bit more to do.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

An InstallShield program is available for Windows users in order to perform all of the GeoVRML 1.0 install. This includes installing the Java classes, setting your CLASSPATH environment variable appropriately, installing local copies of the GeoVRML PROTOS, and a local copy of the GeoVRML specification. Download and run the following program:

Click to install GeoVRML for Windows

Once installed, you will find a "GeoVRML 1.0" folder in your "Start Menu/Programs" menu bar. This will give you access to the GeoVRML spec, examples, web page, and also let you uninstall the GeoVRML 1.0 package.

Mac/Unix/Other Platforms

A link to the geovrml.jar file is provided below. Download this file to your local system. N.B. in case your web browser does not download the file by default when you click over it, you should press the SHIFT button (or OPTION button if you're using a Mac) when you click the left mouse button or click the right mouse button and use the Save As option.

  SHIFT+Click (OPTION+Click for Mac) to download geovrml.jar file

Once you have downloaded the geovrml.jar file, you need to tell your system about it, i.e. you have to update your CLASSPATH environment variable to include the full path to the archive. For example, under csh on unix, edit your ~/.cshrc file to include the following line. In this example, we assume that you saved the GeoVRML run-time to the file /homedir/foo/geovrml.jar. Syntax for other Unix shells may differ. You should do a "source ~/.cshrc" and restart netscape.

setenv CLASSPATH $CLASSPATH":/homedir/foo/geovrml.jar"

Using a VRML Browser

GeoVRML is simply a set of new nodes for VRML97. As such, you will require a VRML97 browser in order to view scenes that use GeoVRML nodes. These are normally supplied as plug-ins for Internet browsers.

GeoVRML requires a VRML97 browser with support for Java in the Script node. We recommend the use of the Cosmo Player 2.x VRML97 browser along with the Netscape Communicator 4.x Internet browser or the Cortona browser with Internet Explorer.

Download Netscape : Download Netscape Communicator

Download Cortona : Download Cortona (ParallelGraphics site)

Download Cosmo Player : Download Cosmo Player 2.1.1 (Official site)

Download Cosmo Player : Download Cosmo Player 2.1.1 (Karmanaut mirror site)

Example GeoVRML Worlds

Now that you have installed the GeoVRML 1.0 run-time, you can take a look at a number of example worlds that use the GeoVRML nodes. The following link provides various example worlds for you to try out:

Martin Reddy / Lee Iverson


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