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Version 1.5
Includes a bug fix for the transforms.Gcc_To_Gdc_Converter source code from Dr. Paul Williams.

Version 1.4
This version includes significant updates from Jesus Diaz Centeno. Specifically, support for the Lambert Conformal Conic, Mercator, and Ordinance Survey Great Britain coordinate systems, as well as a large collection of datums.

Version 1.3
Includes the datum classes and test program provided by Jesus Diaz.

Version 1.2
With version 1.2, the GeoVRML classes have been removed from the GeoTransform directories. GeoTransform is now a subcomponent of the larger GeoVRML distribution. This release returns the GeoTransform package to essentially the same form as the 1.0 release.

Version 1.1.1
This is a minor update to version 1.1. There are no changes to the core geographic transforms. The GeoVRML utility class has been updated to provide more functionality and fix a small bug.

Version 1.1
This version includes the geotransform.utils.GeoVRML class. This class contains a number of generally useful functions for parsing and transforming geographic coordinates in the new geographic VRML nodes that are being produced by the GeoVRML Working Group.

Version 1.0
The initial release.