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Current Version: 1.5 - (See Development History for version information).

The GeoTransform classes and source code are provided openly and freely under the terms of the GeoTransform License Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this license, then do not download or use this software.

The following archive files are available for the GeoTransform package:

Run-time: geotransform.jar
This jar file contains only the pre-compiled classes for the GeoTransform package. This is all that you need if you want to use the package. You should download this jar file to your system and update your CLASSPATH environment variable to include the full pathname of this jar file, e.g. under MS-DOS you would something like:

Java Sources:
GeoTransform is one component of the GeoVRML 1.0 distribution. This archive contains the entire GeoVRML distribution, including Java source code, examples, and these web pages. Generally, you will not need this file. You only need it if you want to consult, modify, or augment the sources for this package, or for GeoVRML.

C++ Conversion:
Dr Malcolm Corbin of Future Systems Technology rewrote the GeoTransform package in C++ and has kindly made this code available. This version only support WGS84. The code is provided as-is, and is not part of the SEDRIS project, nor has it been certified or tested for correctness by NIMA.