Sample Code



This Java package was developed by Dan Toms <> at SRI International, with input from Yvan Leclerc, Martin Reddy, Nat Bletter, and Lee Iverson.

The algorithms used in this package were created by Ralph Toms.

The algorithms for the GCC <-> GDC, UTM <-> GDC, and UTM <-> GCC transforms first appeared as part of the SEDRIS Coordinate Transformation API and were subsequently modified for this package. Other conversion routines have been added through community involvement and are not based on the SEDRIS API. This package is not part of the SEDRIS project, and the Java code written for this package has not been certified or tested for correctness by NIMA.

Jesus Diaz contributed the datum classes and test program for verison 1.3. And produced support for the OSGB, LCC, and MER coordinate systems for version 1.4.

Paul Williams provided a bug fix for the GCC to GDC converter code.

The JavaDoc documentation was initially written by Martin Reddy.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this material please contact us at: <>