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ICANN's Report on the .geo TLD


This page provides a link to ICANN's Report on New TLD Applications, released on 10 November 2000. We also include below a number of quotes which the reviewers made on the .geo top-level domain name application. The .geo application was classed under section III.B.3 (New Services TLDs) and in that section we received arguably the most favorable recommendation.

ICANN's Report on New TLDs   |   ICANN's 2nd Public Comment Forum


Proof of Concept (III.B.3)
Generally, .geo is an entirely different way of using names in the Internet. Its success or failure might demonstrate the likelihood of success of other revolutionary naming schemes.

Protection of the Rights of Others (III.B.3)
The format of basic .geo names makes trademark and other intellectual property issues unlikely to arise for the basic names in SRI's proposal.

Recommendations (III.B.3)
The SRI .geo proposal is an interesting and innovative expansion of the functionality of DNS. The technical, business, and legal details provided suggest that the service can be successful, and might revolutionize use of the Internet.

Advancing the State of the Art (B.geo)
This is a revolutionary proposal that suggests an entirely new style of usage for the Internet and its naming system. The use of the name system to point to locations where data is stored based on geographical information is extremely novel. This proposal has very strong potential to change how the Internet is used, if it is successful at all.

Other Comments (B.geo)
The novelty of the proposal makes it stand out from the vast majority of all other proposals.

ICANN's Evaluation (B.geo)
Overall, this application could lead to a successful new TLD given the above factors.

Support for the Application (B.geo)
.geo proposal will help to "humanize the web."

Substantive Comments and/or Questions (B.geo)
The .geo proposal offers a novel and efficient use of the DNS for indexing and searching all data on the Web based upon a physical geospatial coordinate.

Support for the Application (B.geo)

  • ".geo TLD will provide simple access to geospatial data."
  • The proposal would serve the purpose of "integrating location data into the substance of the Web."
  • The proposal would provide significant benefits to travelers and researchers.
  • The proposal would be "a vast improvement over present methods for searching for geographic content on the Internet"
  • The proposal would allow for more direct links between final tourism consumers and hotel and tour operators, which would promote a more equitable distribution of gains from trade and tourism.
  • 3D images and virtual reality on the web will benefit from .geo.

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