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The Proposed .geo
Top-Level Domain Name

.geo Top Level Domain Name Proposal

Table of Contents (MS Word)

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Module A: Sponsored TLD Application Transmittal Form

     A1-16. Application Transmittal Form

Module C: Sponsoring Organization's Proposal

     Opening quotations

     Executive Summary

     C. Sponsoring Organization's Proposal

     Articles of Incorporation

     Bylaws of SRI International

     Authorization Letter for Richard Cramer

     SRI International Consolidated Financials

     Proposed Terms for a Contract between SRI, NeuStar, and Melbourne IT

     Appendix 1. Registry Functions

Module D: Registry Operator's Proposal

     D1-11. General Information *

     D13. Business Capabilities and Plan **

         D13.1. Overview of Registry Operator's Capabilities *

         D13.2. Business Plan for the Proposed Registry Operations *

             D13.2.1. Services to be Provided *

             D13.2.2. Revenue Model

             D13.2.3-4. Market Analysis & Marketing Plan

             D13.2.5. Estimated demand for the registry services in the new TLD

             D13.2.6. Resources Needed to Meet Demand *

             D13.2.7-9. Plans for Acquiring Necessary Systems and Facilities *

             D13.2.10. Term of Registry Agreement *

             D13.2.13. Capital Requirements *

             D13.2.14. Business Risks and Opportunities *

             D13.2.15. Registry Failure Provisions *

         D13.3. Pro-forma Financial Projections

             D13.4.1. Registry Operator's Organizational Documents *

             D13.4.2. References *

             D13.4.3. Annual Report *

             D13.4.4. Proof of Capital *

             Neustar Consolidated Financials *

     D15. Technical Capabilities Plan *

         D15.1. Registry Operator's Technical Capabilities *

         D15.2. Technical Plan for the Proposed Registry Operations **

             D15.2.1-6. General Description of Proposed Facilities and Systems **

             D15.2.7-14. Data Escrow and Backup to Technical and Other Support *

         D15.3. Subcontractors *

     Appendix 1. Resumes *

Module E: Description of TLD Policies

     E. Description of TLD Policies

*     These sections were written and provided by JVTeam.
**     These sections were co-authored by SRI and JVTeam.
    (All other sections were written by SRI International.)

Zipped Word documents. You can download the entire Microsoft Word document set for the .geo top-level domain name proposal from here. This contains roughly a quarter of a million lines of text with over one hundred thousand words and twenty-seven images.

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