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This web page contains an archive of news items that have occurred on the front page of the www.dotgeo.org web site. These items are connected to the proposed top-level domain name, .geo.

16 Mar 2001: ICANN rejects SRI's Reconsideration Request

15 Dec 2000: SRI submits Reconsideration Request to ICANN

16 Nov 2000: ICANN selects 7 top-level domain names

10 Nov 2000: ICANN posts favorable review of .geo

5 Nov 2000: ICANN closes the first public commentary period

2 Nov 2000: .geo receives highest rating from IPC/DNSO

1 Nov 2000: .geo featured in GISCafé article

25 Oct 2000: Spatial News features article on .geo

24 Oct 2000: San Jose Mercury article on .geo

23 Oct 2000: SRI announces a .geo press release

15 Oct 2000: .geo application posted on ICANN web site

13 Oct 2000: .geo comment area created at icann.org

3 Oct 2000: .geo proposal published on dotgeo.org

2 Oct 2000: .geo proposal submitted to ICANN!

23 Sep 2000: dot-geo eGroups founded

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