A Wide Web of Worlds

Scientific American, October 2001

TerraVision is presented as a program that can handle large-scale 3D terrains over the web. "TerraVision, developed by SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., can integrate digital topographic databases, satellite and aerial photographs, and 3-D models of buildings. The TerraVision server software sends the composite images over the Internet to a 3-D browser program (offered free at www.tvgeo.com)."

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High-tech Originators Unveil New Creations

Cable News Network, CNNDotCom, June 16, 2001

TerraVision and GeoWeb were shown on CNN during a section on SRI's 55th Anniversary event. You can see flythrough's on a large projection screen system, as well as a TerraVision flythrough of the SRI campus on a laptop. From the article below, click "Play video" to see the clip.

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Download 3-D TerraVision Movies

TechTV Cable TV Channel, June 8, 2001

Get your head spinning by viewing these incredible 3D movies of SRI's TerraVision terrrain rendering system in action. [...] SRI's TerraVision renders 3D landscapes based on actual terrain, and lets you move about these landscapes in real time. It can handle terrain datasets that measure in the terabytes and can utilize distributed computing (browsing through terrain datasets on multiple servers on the Web.)

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New Rules for Net Searches: Location, Location, Location

New York Times, April 5, 2001

SRI International, a nonprofit company in Menlo Park, Calif., [] is looking to reorganize some Web sites according to geography. The company (which has wholly owned commercial subsidiaries and would charge a fee for .geo registrations) has devised a new top-level domain, called .geo, and a corresponding system for classifying sites based on information having to do with neighborhoods, businesses and travel destinations.

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Innovation: Where in the World?

Technology Review, Jan/Feb 2001

What if [...] there was a consistent way for all Internet-navigation tools to keep track of businesses' and organizations' real-world locations, as well as their Internet addresses? That's just what a new Internet architecture proposed by Menlo Park, Calif.'s SRI International aims to do.

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Agency to Vote on Web Domain Names

New York Times, November 16, 2000

The only domain hailed by the advising team as "interesting and innovative" was .geo, proposed by Stanford Research International. The domain would give companies domain names based on their geographic location.

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TerraVision demoed at SIGGRAPH 2000 Web3D Roundup

Web3D Roundup, July 26 2000

The TerraVision system was demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH 2000 Web3D Roundup event to an audience of around 2,500. We demonstrated the ActiveX component version of TerraVision embedded within a PowerPoint presentation and showed the system flying down from the outer space to 15 cm resolution aerial imagery with embedded GeoVRML building models.

Web3D RoundUp Web Page

Photos of the event from About.com


SRI International Introduces GeoVRML

SRI International Press Release, June 5 2000

Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a leading independent technology innovator, today announced GeoVRML 1.0, a new standard in web-based three-dimensional viewing technology. GeoVRML 1.0 is an extension of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) that allows for accurate rendering of geographic data, giving Internet users the ability to integrate all forms of 3-D content into real world scenes. GeoVRML 1.0 gives users an unprecedented perspective on the physical world in which they live.

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Business at Warp Speed

PC Computing, December 1999

"Some of the best applications are still under wraps, but a few NGI projects are already available: real-time VRML (virtual-reality markup language) terrain mapper TerravisionTM II makes Quake III look like Pac-Man."

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Internet 2 holds promise of technological leap

CNN, February 24 1999

TerraVisionTM was one of five applications used to demonstrate the utility of the Internet2's Abilene network at its launch in Washington, DC. CNN covered this event and showed demonstrations of TerraVisionTM in action.

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Think Globally, Act Digitally

Technology Review, March/April 1999

This article describes the TerraVisionTM II system and its goal of producing a Digital Earth where users can explore the world from their computer terminal.

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SuperNet Aims To Solve The Need For Speed

TechWeek, January 25 1999

TerraVisionTM has featured as an example application that could benefit from the development of a Next Generation Internet (NGI).

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SRI International Awarded .6 Million for Development of 3-D Visualization System

SRI International Press Release, February 6 1997

This is the initial press release announcing the funding of the TerraVisionTM II system, as part of the DARPA-funded MAGIC II project.

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Research Dream Job: Blast the Bandwidth

Wired News, February 26 1997

TerraVisionTM must really be pretty cool! The initial job posting, seeking for an engineer to work on the TerraVisionTM II system, was advertized by Wired News as a "dream job".

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