SRI International's DARPA-sponsored Digital Earth project incorporates a connected suite of technologies with the vision of enabling a massive, scalable, and open model of the planet where millions of users can interact with vast quantities of geographically referenced (georeferenced) data over the Web.

Our goal is to create an open infrastructure that allows anyone around the globe to publish or to search for data based upon a specific location; something which is not possible on the Web today.

As part of this goal, SRI is building the following components to make this vision a reality.

  1. GeoWeb - a completely scalable infrastructure for indexing and searching for all georeferenced data on the Internet using the existing Domain Name System (DNS).

  2. TerraVisionTM - a freely-available 3D browser for navigating the contents of .geo. Available for SGI and Windows platforms, and as a Netscape plugin and ActiveX component.

  3. GeoVRML - SRI is a proponent of the GeoVRML file format as an open format for representing standards-based 3D geospatial data over the Web.

  4. Content Tools - we are building a number of tools to help create and maintain all aspects of the Digital Earth, including managing .geo, modeling tools, and conversion utilities.

  5. Educational Outreach - we are working with Yosemite National Park service to produce a Virtual Yosemite Community where users can use Digital Earth to interact and learn about the park.



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