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With the presence of a massive, global index of geographically-coded data, users have the powerful ability to search for information in a certain locale. For example, find the nearest French restaurant to my current location, or tell me all of the tourist attractions in Edinburgh. There are many ways in which a GeoWeb client could be implemented, including a simple text-based interface like current search technologies. Here we present a couple of GeoWeb clients that we are developing.

Geoster Geoster - Photo Sharing

The popularity of file sharing protocols and applications has been amply demonstrated with the enormous usage of services like Napster and Gnutella. We are developing a file sharing application along the lines of Napster, but using the GeoWeb as the underlying indexing and search infrastructure. Geoster (pronounced jester) is an application built for sharing photos over the web using the GeoWeb. It lets anyone to index their photos from around the world and to share these with the rest of the world. This would allow you to do searches such as, show me all photos that have been taken of the Great Wall of China.


TerraVision TerraVision - 3D Interface

An alternative and compelling interface for geographic search is to be able to fly to the location you are interested in and have all of the relevant data stream automatically to your display. We are realizing this goal using our TerraVision 3D terrain browser that is enabled as a GeoWeb client. This can be thought of as another, more visually intuitive, way to navigate the web: instead of looking at pages of text and manually clicking on hyperlinks, you can use TerraVision to fly to the place you are interested in and see all information about that place pop into view.



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